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I never look at Facebook – but glanced at a business post this week and noticed comments on the Facebook website are automatically set to display ‘Most Relevant’ – which meant comments were being censored. Even after clicking ‘View More Comments’ as many times as possible I was still only viewing a limited selection of comments. That’s censorship. Blatant. Only a hundred or so comments in total on that post – and ‘Most Relevant’ had nothing to do with most liked – it was a fabricated algorithmic selection – and incredibly biased. I personally preferred the comments that had been censored – they were more positive.

I didn’t notice the default ‘Most Relevant’ comment setting the first time I looked at the post – most wouldn’t – so I didn’t realise how censored the content I was looking at was. Using censorship of reasonable comments in a public forum to influence with bias.

‘Most Relevant’ doesn’t just order comments to show what might be most interesting first (that would be reasonable) it completely deletes from the expanded view comments that a Facebook algorithm deems ‘Not Relevant’. That’s just bad.

Irrelevant but (mostly copied off others innovations) fb is the most talentless deceitful ugliest form-field programming (style wise and use of) many of us have ever seen.

Deceitful, unethical and corrupt gates-funded-facebook is certainly not a people person – that rigged, sell the content of peoples conversations troll-platform has always been about something else (and not good)

[15 October 2021 –

Amongst many other things, take all the income off others work gates-funded-facebook is one of few platforms still making revenue off and propagating coal-lobby ads and people smuggling ads – indicator. Creepy corp troll platforms that bully fake/rig, take all the income off others work, sell people’s data, fudge stats, predatory conduct, badly bully censor on a whim, drab, deceitful stalkerverse gates-funded-facebook (a hangout for criminals and corrupt bureaucrats and not much else) badly managed mostly fudged form-field troll platforms are not awesome (gates-funded-fb-guys false excuse for his badly managed platform for a decade has been his awful statements well, thats human nature – nope – thats absolutely not human nature – nor is that ethical engineering nor ethical business conduct – but that is unfortunately the nature of constantly constantly fibbing ist thug gates-funded-fb-guy (someone who often fakes content himself and a (person?) with zero ability for original ideas – fb idea of a sellable db was copied off others with legal settlement) – amongst other things considering all income earned off others work on ist gates-funded-fb is (falsely) stated to be intended to be used to help ”cure disease” not a lot done – wow made some stickers that must have taken a team of fb employees months! – how many people died this (year) from advertising incredibly dangerous false remedies etc. It’s not complicated)

Am happily employed not in tech but was just reminded that at uni was using radio station satellite dishes and some computers to harmlessly hack satellites – what does constantly fibbing delusional talentless thug gates-funded-fb-guy come up with decades later copied off others, badly managed, predatory, sell peoples data, take all the income off others work, rigged/fudged everything, poorly engineered form field bully troll software – really not awesome. Absurdly not awesome actually.

Easily implemented interoperability is the engineering and regulatory solution to facilitate choice and better services for consumers. Unfortunately gates-funded-facebook has more ties to corrupt bureaucrats than any other platform – there is a difference between a real speech/debate/interview and paying someone to spend a few minutes tweaking fudged algorithms – corrupt bureaucrats seeding fake content or illegally monitoring (and worse) any person in any country on a whim is appalling. Taking all the income from others work is not ok – to protect people’s rights, telcos were regulated when much smaller than gates-funded-facebook – how is that rigged corrupt platform escaping regulation. Numerous whistleblowers, fudged stats, rigged everything, unethical, lazy and deceitful engineering conduct, lawsuits and complaints filed from parents, individuals, community groups, businesses – amongst other things a toggle trolls on off switch is easily implemented a decade ago – it has been well documented for more than a decade that stunningly ist deceitful troll-platform founders actively bully/harass/threaten (and worse) other platforms/people – like all criminals appallingly ist gates-funded-facebook have a faux sincere spiel and only when caught out – constantly fibbing evil gates-funded-facebook requires regulation. Not a lot of good for humans during the creepy corp (year)

As an aside every second of contact with creepy corps has been by miles the worst experience of my life – most good engineers and all co-founders leaving gates-funded-facebook indicates – am not forgetting creepy corps consistently bullying, deceitful conduct towards many all (year)

Another gates-funded-facebook ex exec this week described that gates-funded-facebook should be classified similar to child labour crimes (taking all the income off others work, deceitful, rigged etc) The only time gates-funded-fb-guy is ever sorry is when caught out – then is extremely apologetic – otherwise that troll is perfectly happy with bullying others.

Um – gates-funded-facebook accidentally leaks info about anorexia algorithms – really need to understand how deceitful, evil and not clever game playing, ist and talentless sociopath fb is]

Interoperability is the engineering and regulatory solution to provide choice to consumers, protect democracy, peoples rights, and better service.

Software is a service – humans do not serve software.