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Not Smart Use of Technology

I never look at Facebook – but glanced at a business post this week and noticed comments on the Facebook website are automatically set to display ‘Most Relevant’ – which meant comments were being censored. Even after clicking ‘View More Comments’ as many times as possible I was still only viewing a limited selection of comments. That’s censorship. Blatant. Only a hundred or so comments in total on that post – and ‘Most Relevant’ had nothing to do with most liked – it was a fabricated algorithmic selection – and incredibly biased. I personally preferred the comments that had been censored – they were more positive.

I didn’t notice the default ‘Most Relevant’ comment setting the first time I looked at the post – most wouldn’t – so I didn’t realise how censored the content I was looking at was. Using censorship of reasonable comments in a public forum to influence with bias.

‘Most Relevant’ doesn’t just order comments to show what might be most interesting first (that would be reasonable) it completely deletes from the expanded view comments that a Facebook algorithm deems ‘Not Relevant’. That’s just bad.