One of the best documentaries : The Great Hack

Data privacy is important in a democracy. People don’t write their names on ballot papers in the democracy I vote in for a reason. A social media corporation recording which political candidates posts people view and selling (or using) that data – chilling.

Agreeing to be part of a survey is one thing, it is the ‘covert’ nature of data gathering by some platforms and then using (selling) other peoples data for their gain. Someone told me privacy keeps power with the people – I think that is true.

Weaponised algorithms is an accurate description. With the flick of an input, on, off, on, off until it gets traction – no one will ever know. It’s about integrity.

‘Prevent Cross Site Tracking’ in Safari is intended to stop the ‘social media buttons’ you see on many websites from tracking which websites you view.

As well as the visible ‘social media buttons’, facebook Pixel may be (covertly) installed on third party websites and be reporting back to facebook everything users view and click on third party websites without any notification to users other than ‘cookies are used’ warnings. In some cases the only way to know facebook is being sent information about third party website traffic is by viewing the source code of the website.

Interoperability allows people to choose a social media platform that has better features and respects user privacy if they prefer.






Perhaps not useless piece of info – to the best of my knowledge alphabet are not freemasons. I cannot say the same about facebook. There is exactly one person in control of facebook make no mistake.

A telco with that monopolistic user base around the world would have been regulated long ago. That is a corporation operating without the normal checks and balances.

Does it matter if facebook are freemason members – not sure. Losing our democracy matters by what ever hand that is happening.

Bad conduct is all the corporations fault – America has some great corporations many of which are outspoken about the conduct of one or two perhaps not awesome ‘we sell peoples data’ tech corps.