Facebook released their report on censored content today. Facebook fudges stats.

Bear in mind censored content includes harmless things such as pictures of long haired boys at the beach (short haired boys are ok) and so many other things.

People currently receiving genuinely harmful content is endemic on that platform and well documented by others.

Facebook has serious ‘ist’ issues internally (as publicly reported by workers) and externally as indicated by their bad censorship.

‘Look at all the stuff we’ve banned – aren’t we great?’ No Facebook.






Have noticed facebook like to try to impress people with numbers/volumes of posts – computers are pretty good at handling high volume. And one of the few corporations that feels the need to do this.

As an example of real complexity it has been reported that completing just one transaction using bitcoin (cryptocurrency) requires electricity usage equivalent to powering the average house for almost one month. One of the many reasons cryptocurrency may not be the best way forward.

Facebook have not published stats on the electricity/resource consumption of their algorithms but am guessing we are talking candlepower in complexity.





Please regulate facebook.

Facebook does not pay dividends to shareholders, nor give a percentage of advertising revenue to the people creating the content the ads are running on. Selling people’s data has so many negative impacts. Trust fund established in children’s name when facing the biggest class action lawsuit ever a few years ago.

Them’s the facts.

That’s about control, exploitation and spreading fear and little more.