In memory of Giovanni Buttarelli

Amnesty International report on Google and Facebook surveillance.




Many people moving from twitter to mastodon in the last few weeks due to bad censorship and (trolls).

People being bullied off platforms by (trolls) is bad enough – to not be able to take the connections and content they have spent years creating seems wrong – interoperability protects humans.






Currently people can use their facebook credentials to post comments to other software platforms, to me interoperability just means reversing the process, and facebook authorising people that prefer to use another social media platform to be able to post comments. Not complicated. Two way door kind of thing.

Unlikely to take years to implement.

Interoperability facilitates freedom of choice and innovation (especially around privacy)





[twitter announced in December 2019 they are attempting to copy the mastodon architecture]

[Love and light : Neural Network Algorithmic Capabilities]