For you G and Bindi – Keep love in your heart and stay fierce

These guys deserve a healthy planet

I never feed wild critters.



Don’t get depressed about the climate emergency – take action.

Use products from companies that are committed to environmental sustainability. IBM excel at everything. Google Pixel, Samsung. Amazon. David Attenborough on BBC, RE:TV (Amazon Prime), National Geographic. Peugeot, Porsche Taycan, BMW, VW, Nissan, Range Rover, Mercedes, BYD, SAIC, GM, Ford, Kia. IKEA are about to start selling low cost reliable solar panels – very cool. (I work elsewhere and am not affiliated with the above)

When booking a holiday and filtering on property features – environmentally friendly is an option would be great to have available (organic food, renewable energy, no plastic coffee stirrers ever)

Sign petitions, write letters, take action – it feels good.

And sending thank you letters to the organisations and governments getting it right feels incredibly good.




One love (and many religions)