For you G and Bindi – Keep love in your heart and stay fierce

These guys deserve a healthy planet

I never feed wild critters.


Don’t get depressed about the climate emergency – take action.

Use products from companies that are committed to sustainability. Apple have used 100% renewable energy at their headquarters since April 2018. Real Innovators. Tesla. IBM excel at everything. Amazon. Peugeot, Porsche Taycan, BMW, VW, Nissan, Range Rover, Mercedes, SAIC, GM, Ford, Kia. (I work elsewhere and am not affiliated with the above)

When booking a holiday and filtering on property features – environmentally friendly is an option I would like to have available (organic food, renewable energy, no plastic coffee stirrers ever)

Sign petitions, write letters, take action – it feels good.

And sending thank you letters to the organisations and governments getting it right feels incredibly good.




One love (and many religions)