Building Better Ships

Bad censorship is oppressive. Someone we know well has lived by the expression – a rising tide lifts all ships.

Badly censored on a whim and take all the income off others work twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-facebook are not lifting the tide – thus the problem.

Interoperability is easily implemented and has many advantages and safeguards, reducing the ability of a platform to act corruptly.

An example of good legislation

It’s the principle (we are not involved in politics)

Since alphabets new management youtube etc banning a bunch of things at request of government and/or on a whim, alphabet happened to have a copied off others youtube feature ready when Modi banned other apps etc – censorship is non ideal.

Creepy corps rig things often. 

Ouch Cambodian government is building a firewall

Shining light – bad censorship is harmful

Was reading something from those pesky civil libertarian types “The combination of [creepy corps] and pandemic have thrown the planet into a privacy nightmare” Uh huh.

Creepy corps are not great for the planet.

There are many advantages in requiring Instagram and gates-funded-facebook, google and youtube to become distinct corporations – huge privacy advantages and safeguards for people.