Few things have ever made our hearts fly more than reading statements from several African political leaders over the last few weeks advocating “the call for Africa to develop our own pharmaceutical industry drawing from our competent scientists”

Africa has some of the best medical teams in the world – there is no doubt.

We would love to buy pharmaceuticals from Africa!

[4 March 2021 – South African scientists have reported that people recovered from the variant of COVID-19 that has been dominant in South Africa have developed antibodies that (could) prevent them from being infected with other variants – very very cool. We would love to buy antibody treatments from Africa!]    


[ignore this]

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine is (reportedly) not effective at preventing mild to moderate cases of the (South African) strain and yet ….

Feb 7 2021 – “South Africa will pay $5.25 per dose for 1.5 million shots of AstraZeneca from the Serum Institute of India (SII) …. more than some wealthier countries are paying.

The price is higher than the $2.5 euros per dose European Union countries have agreed to pay or $3 euros per dose when purchased via African Union” [via reuters]

As another example ”at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is billing African nation Uganda $7 euros a dose.

Licensing formulas and allowing people to make medications as required saves lives, has real societal and economic advantages, creates thousands of jobs and reduces environmental impact of shipping. 

It has been possible to manufacture medications locally for decades “at cost” Gates – that’s about ensuring funds keep funnelling towards creepy corps and trying to control nothing more. Not cool at all.

Lets not divert all the cash in the economy including tax payer funds to creepy corps – but heck. Not a great result for the planet all (year).


[ignore this]

Oh Dear

[others reported the South African trial had several thousand people all under thirty and with similar lack of efficacy – data is all over the place in many places and reported not peer reviewed – freemasons (AstraZeneca and elsewhere) are in criminal protect themselves mode so lots of mularky about]

[9 Feb 2021 the heavily funded by “at cost” Gates WHO (haven’t done a great job all year) attempting to put a positive spin on the above results today is non ideal. “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have announced their updated vaccine for the (South African) strain of virus will be ready by autumn (which means within three or nine months depending on which hemisphere they mean by autumn – no mention whether that is when R&D/trials will complete or how many doses available) People think it will be delivered in three months when really it is nine months etc, etc, blah The virus will most likely have mutated again in nine months – so it is an utterly meaningless announcement. “at cost” Gates got people to sign billions in non refundable payment in full contracts over seven months ago (if their vaccines don’t work they still get paid) no effective vaccines delivered as per scheduled contract yet – delivery almost always late when “at cost” Gates involved. Lets just lock every one up and maybe get vaccines in a few years is not even attempting to manage infectious disease – maps/tech/treatments etc are handy “at cost” Gates – blatant fibbing again and again from “(not) pandemic expert” “at cost” Gates – $2.7 trillion increase in market caps during 2020 for a few Silicon Valley firms including Microsoft – other sectors decimated.

Not producing medications locally (decades), not delivering on schedule and “at cost” Gates charging developing countries more on many continents is typically dishonest and unethical conduct.

Lets hope “at cost” Gates are not unethically trying to kill off competitors in pharm (go slow on treatments etc) like they did in tech for decades.

Cryptocurrency is neither an original nor a great idea. “at cost” Gates refuses to open source medication formulas but has been promoting his open source payments system all (year)]

“at cost” Gates are snake oil salespeople 



[Feb 16 2021 

Reportedly some hospitals in Europe have had a 25% incidence in young healthy adult staff requiring days off due to side effects of the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine and are now staggering their rollout to ensure all staff are not bedridden at the same time. In our opinion testing that vaccine on children as the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca announced today is unconscionable and purely profit motivated (that’s a vaccine with low efficacy and high side effects (have been being polite for months – announce testing that on children and alrighty), children have almost no incidence of serious effects from the virus and studies show low incidence of children transmitting to adults all (year), vaccinated people likely still transmit (no studies done) etc), that’s a (FUD/lets try to put a positive spin on this crap product/get more funding) “this can save children” spiel – kids are fine and almost completely unaffected) Beyond contempt “at cost” Gates the most deceitful (….). Basic math indicates a dual dose 10% effective vaccine at $7 euro a dose really costs developing countries $140 euro per effective treatment etc.

Licensing medication formulas locally (decades) reduces cost, funds flowing within the local economy, provides highly intelligent people in developing countries employment prospects etc – real positive advantages]

And no vaccines were delivered on schedule even at the discounted price.

And thank you so much AstraZeneca for reaffirming all (year) that freemasons are the most corrupt, deceitful and inept club on the planet. The ones remaining in that (pallid males without talent) silly club are almost without fail the least respected people on the planet (for decades) – oh there’s one – there’s another (bureaucrats and self-awarded not brilliant scientists mostly – stunningly delusional mindset and funnelling tax payer funds to each other is not cool) Maps/tech are incredibly handy etc

Not a great result for the planet all (year)

We are not blocking out the sun today “at cost” evil Gates – know anyone with mapping technology “pandemic expert”?


[1 March 2021 – “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca rumoured to be under investigation ….

”at cost” Gates AstraZeneca sell their 7.7% stake in “at cost” Gates Moderna for over $1billion – not many “at cost” Gates vaccines delivered as per schedule yet.

Getting people locked in has always been “at cost “ Gates goal.]


An economist mentioned a few days ago they had calculated the cost of lockdowns (and loss of life) to be 200 million years of human productivity lost – not awesome.


[5 March 2021 – ignore this]

The (typically deceitful, deluded and inept freemason) CEO of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca, he has been an Australian resident since 1990, stated today R&D for the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine was $500million **** and that his yearly salary at “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca was $27.5million – that’s one salary being over five percent of the R&D “cost” etc (there may be stock option bonuses for non delivery on schedule)

(**** what are the funeral costs for monkeys these days, “at cost” Gates goes through a few – no doubt – hideous fibbing creatures “at cost” Gates – truly) 

What metric is inept freemason CEO performance based on these days – over charging developing nations, sales (delivered on schedule doesn’t factor in), customer dissatisfaction, the amount funnelled to/from freemason buddies, the average number of days people spend bedridden with side effects of the product, the number of fibs per public statement, the number of non refundable contracts signed, ineffective low quality product, being very very pallid – I forget – which is it – or are these just the standards “at cost” Gates required it does seems typical of their projects.

And always with a fibbing “helpful” spiel – “at cost” Gates almost never deliver on schedule, with a financial incentive in their favour to not deliver (more people using tech) oh they will muck around – just another glitch, no delivery and already off to flog other “helpful and patented” copied off others products etc

“at cost” Gates funnel tax payer funds to themselves for over a decade and keep people on a needy drip feed for (only (we) have the patent) medications others form win-win partnerships to produce as much medication as required locally (few things feel better than that)


While sitting there sipping on a cup of tea without any “at cost” vaccines delivered on schedule please take a moment to reflect upon both the tea and the cup. Including a few million doses of an inactivated vaccine in the vaccines ordered around June last year would have been a lovely inclusive gesture, facilitated choice of medication and one that would have bought great results.

Healthcare is paramount in some cultures

Achieving positive results


(be aware that John Hopkins (not all, some) are freemasons that are heavily funded by “at cost” Gates etc Does it matter – this (year) it seems to, way too much mularky about)

It’s not really about that or that it’s really only about freemasons funnelling funds to and promoting each other – trying to use division and/or diversion and always deceit to protect themselves – they have some (babble) to make it seem lofty – promote the pallid unintelligent corrupt males is really the only intent.

Inept freemasons this (year) are inexplicably trying to use women (including myself) as a diversion for their appalling conduct – um – nope it’s not about women it’s about freemasons funnelling funds to themselves etc and trying to divert attention from their corruption. As an example, am certain lack of vaccine delivery and not sharing formulas is entirely the fault of freemasons and not at all the fault of the female politicians inexplicably attempting to be blamed by freemasons etc. To say freemasons are delusional is putting it mildly.

As an aside am incredibly certain nothing in my life has ever nor would ever involve an inept freemason – typically delusional and deceitful conduct on freemasons part.

Are these glitches pre-meditated (and for some time) by “at cost” Gates etc – in my opinion absolutely – “at cost” Gates are hideous fibbing trolls. Making profit by predatory copying others work whilst fibbing is not a skill.



From memory the great medical faculty at the university I attended created the first flu shots in the nineties – why on earth have coronavirus inactivated vaccines not been made in Australia – that feels funding frozen on purpose – not awesome.

A delusional, inept and corrupt coal-lobby freemason Australian bureaucrat inexplicably announced around mid last year that coronavirus flu shots wouldn’t be made here. The should be fired inept delusional freemason CEO of AstraZeneca is based in Australia – not awesome. What dodgy alley freemason deal just resulted in a new coal mine inexplicably being approved by UK freemason bureaucrats – got to be kidding. Not something I think about but oh freemasons are consistently gosh awful corrupt twits.

[8 March 2021 – Austria suspends use of a batch of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine while investigations of side-effects complete. And dozens of other instances worldwide. I don’t call people corrupt twits often or lightly. Please take care]

The planet is our starship in the universe. In my opinion inept freemasons are always in the red shirt.

[March 28 2021 – ignore this – bureaucrats not something we think about – by gosh they are a corrupt mob at the moment]

The sports-rort coal-lobby mob in Australia using “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine are criminal – it has no effect against variants (and some other reasons) and will not ease border restrictions for at least twelve months at huge negative impact to the economy/society – using inactivated vaccines (or others) would open border restrictions within months. For the first time ever we are relocating due to an appallingly corrupt government – no legal justification for that conduct whatsoever. Thousands of women joined hands to form a circle around Parliament House Canberra a few weeks ago for a reason – the most corrupt ist criminals many of us have seen in decades. Unbelievable conduct.





[Feb 28 2021]

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca are correctly facing several lawsuits including class action from shareholders for making misleading public statements.

Proof by press release is not “real science”


Meanwhile some people for whom putting health before wealth is enshrined in the very fibre of their being (*) have been without fuss quietly delivering safe and effective vaccines to dozens of countries. They know how much we love them.

It’s not actually that complicated – get some virus, zap it dead and voila!

Natural is often best – effective, no side effects and being able to mass produce rapidly are key features of an effective treatment.

(* Chinese – come to think of it that is a philosophy throughout Asia, Thailand and Japan excel at health also)

It’s not a country, or us vs them thing at all. It’s well established “real science”. 


A medical expert from India said this “Dr Shekhar Mande, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, spoke on how the antibody response by a killed virus vaccine is likely to offer greater protection against mutated variants of covid-19, than vaccines generating antibodies against spike proteins”

Truth is a beautiful thing. Do no harm.








Politicians like Hawke have somewhat biased my opinion of how good politicians perform. Few around at the moment are up to par.






Highly likely the virus will become mostly harmless before vaccines are available en masse. Absolutely use vaccines where safe/effective and available. There are effective treatments for many cases. Protecting those most at risk of serious complications vital.

Stay safe.





[9 March 2021]

A happy non AstraZeneca customer ….