Village Vibe

In good vaccine stories a mountaineer and his family have transported 2000 doses of inactivated vaccines to villagers on Everest. We love that story a lot.

(immediately faced a government probe into the source of the vaccines (perfectly legal))

An inactivated vaccine manufacturer has announced 100million doses have so far been delivered globally (many brands of inactivated vaccines available and more being developed)

Still effective against all variants and there have been no deaths or hospitalisations after taking an inactivated vaccine.

It’s not a country or this vs that thing at all – inactivated vaccines are well established (decades) robust “real science”.

Several countries have almost 70% population vaccinated with inactivated vaccines (others are happily approaching) and great results.

(June 18 2021 – reported data (not peer reviewed) from a province of Indonesia shows that some people, less than ten percent, contracting a mild case (so mild it is asymptomatic for most) after vaccination provides 100% immunity – real science is very cool)

Get some virus, zap it dead and voila!

Stay safe.

(21 June 2021 – perhaps worth pointing out that people that are launching themselves into space may actually be technically capable of other vaccines and are very, very thorough when it comes to medicine – am not a medical expert but reported data indicates that inactivated vaccines seem safest for young people – amongst many other things that is a case so far reported every few thousand people within the dataset of males under thirty vaccinated with a genetically engineered vaccine type)

(29 June 2021 – Today Doctors in China have announced good safety and efficacy from a small study of inactivated vaccines in people 3-17years old. And The Lancet has published an article advocating similar. Real medical experts)

Medications are a very personal choice.

Absolutely use vaccines where safe/effective and available.