This is not “war”

(a typically inept bureaucrat) today published an open letter suggesting a possible bureaucratic treaty sometime in the distant future for dealing with any future pandemics – aka for the moment it is bureaucratic “war”

Any positive action by signatories on dealing cohesively to ensure equitable distribution of medications right now?

Ensuring there is no price gouging etc is easily done. Around $200billion to vaccinate entire planet vs trillions in tax payer funds being diverted and way too many lives lost.

Politics not something ever think about – but gosh there are some inept ones around at the moment.

Sharing knowledge saves lives

Inactivated vaccines have been licenced to many manufacturers globally. (ineffective against variants) “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is unfortunately probably unsuitable due to the number of people hospitalised (or dying) after receiving it.

[1 May 2021 – European bureaucrats have reportedly this week secured the worlds largest vaccine order of 1.8billion doses for themselves]

[5 May 2021 – what is that “rules-based system” the completely irrelevant** current bureaucrats at G7 inexplicably referred to – G20 get all the vaccines first. Really? Unconscionable.

** Most experts in economics, sociology, political science (not working in bureaucracy) know that the G7 is meaningless – unfortunately (perhaps deliberately) that bureaucratic meeting usually achieves not much.

Faux political stunts (lots of them at the moment) are nonsensical – inept bureaucrats (many obviously unfortunately currently corrupt and/or freemasons) from which countries handled the outbreaks the worst and at huge cost to others – the current G7 bureaucrats.

Polls indicate around 70% of people in G7 countries think their governments should enable sharing of medication formula knowledge. That’s the power of love.

If want to score real political points (and clearly not as important save lives) that may be the way to do it.

A rapid societal and economic recovery for all and facilitating peace and inclusiveness]

[4 April 2012]

While in farmers markets in the hunter valley today, a bus arrived and the welcoming, warm and genuine huge smiles from everyone made our day completely. A great reminder that inept bureaucrats (including those that destroy decades of trade in under two years) are mostly irrelevant – people matter the most. 


Heartland of great food.

[8 April 2021]

A country currently doing vaccine trials has announced that if successful they will waive intellectual property and allow anyone to manufacture. Such a simple notion that will rapidly achieve great results for billions of people.

Why we love the British

A culture genuinely deeply admired by many others.

alphabet are mucking around with software again (and worse) in lots of places.

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Irrelevant but am very much over fudged creepy corp gossip. Each happily in committed relationships. And it is not about individuals.

No one speaks on my behalf.