Lives Being Saved

Fortescue Metals Group, has announced it will be carbon neutral this decade – switching steel production to green hydrogen.

One of the largest carbon emitters in Australia, Stanwell Corporation, has announced it is ceasing use of coal.

BHP have set a target to become carbon neutral (hopefully closing glencore coal mines soon)

Macquarie announces plan to exit coal by 2024.

Huge kudos. That’s been done for all the right reasons and without government incentives.

Tug Boats Are Great

Balance with nature takes practice.


[ignore this]

(Australian bureaucrats recently corruptly approved a large coal mine in oz owned by India (the coal mine approval is being fought in court by locals) Modi is currently at around seventy percent electricity production from coal and increasing – at huge cost to people and the planet)

[3 May 2021 – reportedly Modi has not put in place an equal and comprehensive free vaccination program for coronavirus in India. It matters.

Modi meets with BoJo

And Modi, Macron and sports-rort Australian bureaucrats hold a side meeting at G7 this week and announce intent to put in place rules for the Asia-Pacific region – not convinced they are the best three bureaucrats to do that or that it is up to three bureaucrats – others may have rights to equal input.

Political Correctness – when bureaucrats mention human rights please mention the untouchables and Modi’s treatment of Kashmiris. Mentioning the flagrant Modi government corruption would be appropriate.

Equitable access to medications saves lives

(some of the current bureaucrats are unfortunately not great – stunningly some bureaucrats have just inexplicably publicly endorsed rather than censuring or pressuring corrupt Modi for unequal distribution of medications. Some diplomats are criticising Modi for the way medications are being distributed. Some put medications on planes some bureaucrats seem to put them into a vault)

Criminal conduct (constantly) sports-rort corrupt freemason bureaucrats in Australia today put an (illegal) $66,000 fine and jail time for any Australian resident attempting to return to oz from India – even the UN have publicly criticised that (illegal) action – it’s a big country easy to quarantine an area using army personal and land planes in the middle of the desert if necessary until quarantine completes – no real effort by this corrupt government for a (year) leaving people queued for months and stranded overseas – the most corrupt, cowardly, deceitful, inept and delusional bureaucrats we have ever seen – bureaucrats need to remember they are public servants. Around 9,000 Australians including some of Australia’s best cricketers. A real Australian government would be evac’ing citizens back to Australia immediately – another crude stunt (others have pointed out simply travel to another country, then able to return to oz so it really is a nonsensical stunt – forcing people who may be infected to travel via another country takes irresponsible to a whole other level) The notion that citizens in danger must not return to Australia is offensive beyond comprehension – and we personally think that people wishing to temporarily bring relatives to Australia at their own expense should be able to do so – of course the army can create a quarantine hospital, convert barracks for accomodation, use demountables etc – only a small percentage of infected people allowed in quarantine at any one time is inept beyond comprehension, infected people must be isolated from uninfected in quarantine not mingling a ratio is completely nonsensical. Manufacturing/providing inactivated vaccines in Australia there would be zero risk of infection – unlike “at cost” AstraZeneca inactivated (and other) vaccines protect against all variants. The conduct of corrupt bureaucrats is putting lives in danger not keeping people safe (stranding people overseas for months and illegally threatening citizens is criminal conduct and unacceptable) history already shows this is the most corrupt, deceitful and inept government Australia has ever had – reportedly there are more than a thousand vacancies in existing quarantines right now and boosting existing capacity is trivial – inexcusable. Deluded corrupt bureaucrats seriously need to remind themselves what they are not entitled to do]

Stunningly corrupt Modi (good buddies with which freemason bureaucrats) is the third largest carbon emitter on the planet and yet to pledge reduction.

[29 April 2021] Japanese bureaucrats (the fourth largest carbon emitter on the planet) have recently approved new inner city coal power plants (being contested by locals) and last month approved a plan to dump around 1.3million tonnes of radioactive contaminated wastewater into the ocean – the plan announced last month is endorsed by some freemason bureaucrats and has caused outcry amongst both local and international fishing fleets, officials from several countries including South Korea, China and environmentalists.

Love the people and the country without liking the inept bureaucrats, oz has some corrupt bureaucrats at the moment too. We are not convinced rigged elections fall under the definition of democracy.

A day after China’s pledge on Earth Day to reduce coal power plants, coal-lobby sports-rort Australian bureaucrats cancelled agreed Silk Road projects in an attempt to antagonise and create tension – decades of strong bureaucratic relations and trade destroyed in under two years by inept sports-rort bureaucrats at huge cost to Australian businesses and the economy.

Genuinely one of Australia’s greatest politicians – some politicians make people feel proud to be Australian. Used to door knock and hand out leaflets during elections back then for a reason.

All new coal power plant approvals that were rushed through last year by the current Australian federal government have now been cancelled.

Internationally it is a very very short and thankfully being reduced list of bureaucrats that continue to try to approve new coal power plants or coal mines.

7 May 2021 – Slightly calamity prone in some areas