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Fortescue Metals Group, has announced it will be carbon neutral this decade – switching steel production to green hydrogen.

One of the largest carbon emitters in Australia, Stanwell Corporation, has announced it is ceasing use of coal.

BHP have set a target to become carbon neutral (8 November 2021 and have divested from $1.35billion in coal mines – yeah! – a mining corp that has had an ethical approach to nature and the environment for decades)

Macquarie announces plan to exit coal by 2024.

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp Japan’s largest chemicals manufacturer has announced it will cease its petrochemicals and coal chemicals businesses by 2023 – instead using biofuels. Very cool.

18 March 2022 – Iron ore mining trucks weigh around 220tonnes each and use more than 100litres of diesel fuel every hour meaning an average mining corporation truck fleet produces emissions equivalent to half a million diesel cars each year – some mining corps are cost efficiently converting to using trucks powered with a combination of electricity/hydrogen.

Australian ore mining company has purchased a battery powered train from USA manufactures.

Huge kudos. That’s been done for all the right reasons and without government incentives.

28 May 2021 – A stunningly beautiful place on the planet, Indonesia’s state utility has committed to phasing out coal.

Tug Boats Are Great

(28 July 2022 – It’s only July and so far 1.8 million new EV’s have been purchased in China this year. Huge Kudos. During 2021, a total of around 7 million new EV’s were purchased globally half of them in China)

Balance with nature takes practice.

[ignore this]

(Australian bureaucrats recently corruptly approved a large coal mine in oz owned by India (the coal mine approval is being fought in court by locals) Modi is currently at around seventy percent electricity production from coal and increasing – at huge cost to people and the planet)

[3 May 2021 – reportedly Modi has not put in place an equal and comprehensive free vaccination program for coronavirus in India. It matters]

Stunningly corrupt Modi (good buddies with which freemason bureaucrats) is the third largest carbon emitter on the planet and yet to pledge reduction. 

[29 April 2021] Japanese bureaucrats (the fourth largest carbon emitter on the planet) have recently approved new inner city coal power plants (being contested by locals) and last month approved a plan to dump around 1.3million tonnes of radioactive contaminated wastewater into the ocean – the plan announced last month is endorsed by some freemason bureaucrats and has caused outcry amongst both local and international fishing fleets, officials from several countries including South Korea, China and environmentalists.

Love the people and the country without liking the inept bureaucrats, oz has some corrupt bureaucrats at the moment too. We are not convinced rigged elections fall under the definition of democracy.

In April 2020 coal-lobby sports-rort Australian bureaucrats cancelled agreed Belt and Road projects in an attempt to antagonise and create tension – decades of strong bureaucratic relations and trade destroyed in under two years by inept sports-rort bureaucrats at huge cost to Australian businesses and the economy.

Genuinely one of Australia’s greatest politicians – some politicians make people feel proud to be Australian. Used to door knock and hand out leaflets during elections back then for a reason.

All new coal power plant approvals that were rushed through last year by the current Australian federal government have now been cancelled.

Internationally it is a very very short and thankfully being reduced list of bureaucrats that continue to try to approve new coal power plants or coal mines.



(7 July 2021)

Analysis by satellites shows that coal mines in a region emit almost two million tonnes of methane into the atmosphere each year (emissions equivalent to tens of millions of vehicles, or put another way, one large coal mine emits more methane than all the cattle in all of Australia)

Despite this, and the highest budget deficit in history due to mismanagement, the sports-rort federal Australian bureaucrats this week agreed to provide $175million in tax payer funds to a coal mine (Australian banks refuse to finance coal mines for a reason)

Reportedly “coal supplied around 7% more of US electricity production during the first half of this year compared to the same period of 2020” (reported by fed govt bureau the first increase in US coal electricity since 2014) perhaps freemason Kerry etc (so far this year has banned the import of solar panels and federal govt approvals to “drill for oil and gas on US public lands are on pace this year to reach their highest level since George W” – oil spills are seriously not cool – in oz still taking stunningly unintelligent and corrupt bureaucrats to court to cease coal mine expansions but thankfully NGO’s managed to ban offshore drilling in environmentally sensitive regions more than a decade ago – nonsensical and deadly to approve in 2021) is hopefully just working through some glitches in their bureaucratic climate action plan. 

(28 January 2022 – a legal challenge by US environmentalists has successfully had the Biden administration’s first Gulf of Mexico oil lease auction annulled in court because of its climate change impact. Huge kudos)

[28 January 2022 – Environmentalists in Japan are opposing the funding by Japan International Cooperation Agency (Sumitomo Corp, Toshiba and IHI Corporation) of the construction of another new coal power plant in Bangladesh (the bureaucratic quad is simply the coal lobby) – not a great result for humans or the planet – 19 February 2022 – “the Japanese government had the IMF delete a sentence on the country’s apparent pledge to phase out support for overseas coal projects in a staff report released last month, government sources said. The deletion was made at the request of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which places an emphasis on exports of coal-fired power plants.” Current corrupt oz bureaucrats unfortunately as bad – genuinely not awesome the amount of destruction a fibbing shifty bureaucrat can do in only a year))

Reportedly India’s coal imports and coal use have increased significantly during this (year), may be a great place for those bureaucrats who are buddies with corrupt bureaucrat Modi to start getting positive action on reducing greenhouse emissions (without being overly cynical, feels a bit like freemason Kerry trying to claim credit for the great work China is already doing off their own bat and statistics indicate India could urgently do with a friendly nudge. (30 September 2021 – here’s a friendly nudge from the Times of India: 95% of Mumbai electricity comes from coal. “Air pollution (PM2.5 annual concentration) in Mumbai is more than three times above WHO guidelines. [Modi’s] current national plans would expand the coal fleet by 28% between 2020 and 2030, and not reduce it by 20%, threatening the health and well-being of urban residents in Mumbai while undermining India’s climate and air quality targets” So that would mean bureaucrat Modi has to make a greater than 48% reduction from his current plan to get back to a minimal reduce by 20%) All life on the planet is at stake – this is incredibly serious. Politicians like Al Gore and Garret Graves are our heroes.

The UK is leading the way and will be coal free by 2024. China are making huge efforts in installing renewables.


(Mei Xiang and her cub image source various)

[27 September 2021 – Along with some other countries South Korea, China, Japan have announced cessation of funding for all overseas coal projects (electricity, steel and mines) to international applause. (28 January 2022 – environmentalists have reported that Japan International Funding Cooperation has inexplicably started funding coal projects again – in opposition to the wishes of many people in Japan)

An indication of how committed China are to reducing greenhouse emissions. More than a pledge, China already have a signed into law detailed plan (reviewed every five years) for reducing greenhouse emissions and no other current G20 bureaucrat (other than perhaps UK, Germany, France) has done that yet. Anyone that knows China knows that China will most likely exceed their pledges.

Hong Kong have committed to ceasing coal powered electricity by 2035.

[3 November 2021 – “The proportion of coal in China’s energy mix is at a historic low, down to 57 percent in 2020 and China’s renewable energy capacity is expected to surpass coal-based power generation by 2022” and continue to increase. That is an historic effort and huge applause]

14 October 2021 –  China creates 88,800 square miles of permanently protected national parks for all generations to come.


28 September 2021 – this week Germany and Pakistan signed an agreement for cooperation in green energy, nature-based solutions, climate finance. Pakistans ten billion trees project is widely acclaimed. Turning desert into abundant farmland, gardens and forests.

Irrelevant but am personally a fan of silent inner city electric buses, electric delivery vans, subsidised electric taxi fleet transition (and banning congestion causing, polluting, child-labour style uber-doesn’t-deliver), hydrogen, biofuels and plasma jet engines (am not sure we can make that many batteries without mining asteroids but alrighty then – ceasing coal/use mining instantly removes around half of global greenhouse emissions and is perhaps the very important real issue to stay focused on)

(and thankfully a ban of uber-doesn’t-deliver has happened in many places and cities. Have never used uber-doesn’t-deliver but know several people uncomfortable and worse due to ist conduct etc. Researchers at carnigie-mellon have recently published a study showing the significant increase in pollution caused by uber-doesn’t-deliver compared to driving self – we car pool a lot at sport/every office/school/uni etc. (no name) once got (doctor) from the eastern suburbs of Sydney to rns hospital in under five minutes. Car pooling is efficient and effective)

(1 March 2022 – “Flow batteries made from iron, salt, and water can provide a nontoxic way to store enough energy to use when the sun isn’t shining” from some blazingly beautiful people at MIT review)

8 October 2021 – UAE has announced a zero greenhouse emissions commitment, including an investment of around AED600 billion in renewable energy. Huge amounts of respect.

15 June 2022 – ❤️ UAE have announced additional investments in Sudananese agricultural irrigation in desertified areas. Along with ceasing coal use, the real solution to reducing global warming and ensuring global food security.

(22 February 2022 – the German government has announced that it intends to transfer green hydrogen production technology to countries in Africa to ensure an abundant and stable supply of green hydrogen for Europe. Great)

23 October 2021 – The world’s 8th largest emitter of greenhouse gases South Africa has announced intent (backed by $8.5b in funding) to cease coal powered electricity. Brilliant. Hopefully that tax payer funding is completely used for the easy and rapid deployment of lower cost to consumers, lower cost to install, zero pollution and more reliable renewable electricity sources – and thats not $8.5b in international tax payer funds being used (by some of those freemason coal lobby bureaucrat signatories) for the coal industry. Staying optimistic.

8 November 2021 – It has been reported that the United Nations’ International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) agreed to invest $143 million for the new Africa Integrated Climate Risk Management Programme. Amongst other things, the initiative aims to restore 100 million hectares of degraded land by the end of the decade. 

13 November 2021 – reportedly bureaucrats from 200 countries just agreed to commence a coal “phase-down” – which means this is the beginning of the ”Keep coal underground!” period ”Don’t dig coal up and burn it!” That seems simple enough! Brilliant! (that historic and important accord in Glasgow will produce positive action – kudos)

With very few exceptions (current unfortunately corrupt coal lobby bureaucrats in oz, India) the majority of governments worldwide are genuinely taking real action to urgently cease coal use/mining. Easily done at low cost and lots to be optimistic about.

(1 March 2022 – More than 92,000 solar panels in the shape of blossoms, float on the surface of a water reservoir in South Korea, providing electricity for around 20,000 homes. Brilliant)

(2 March 2022 – “Research has found that smoke injected high into the atmosphere by the 2019 wildfires resulted in a depletion of the earths ozone layer by about 1% – an amount that typically takes a decade to be replenished” Oxygen is useful. Add the inexplicable increase in coal use by some bureaucrats during 2021, the increase in wildfires globally and burning of the Amazon and that’s incredibly concerning. Urgent action to reduce greenhouse emissions must occur)

(15 June 2022 – Despite last years pledges logging has increased. Tarriffs on Brazillian (and others) crops and beef until corrupt logging of thousands of years old irreplaceable rainforest ceases immediately seems incredibly appropriate. Plenty of already desertified areas (including in oz) suitable for farming with simple irrigation)

2 November 2021 – bureaucrats from around 100 countries including Brazil (oz current corrupt bureaucrats really are as bad) have signed a treaty to end deforestation by 2030 – taking effect immediately rather than a corrupt bureaucratic attempted land grab for the next nine years would perhaps be more effectual – but congratulations on the positive step. And remain hopeful that treaty encourages an immediate reduction in deforestation of vital untouched wilderness – how many lives permanently taken with each acre of remaining natural forest destroyed – those sacred rainforest ecosystems have been alive for thousands of years and even if replanted today will take centuries and in many cases thousands of years to return – natural forest is the backbone of the food chain and oxygen supply for all life on the planet.

In my opinion, a few dozen unintelligent corrupt people spending an afternoon with bulldozers permanently destroying thousands and thousands of years of precious, unique and irreplaceable rainforest teeming with life is criminal.

There is plenty of human made desertification on the planet that can be easily turned back into viable farmland with some cow manure and irrigation pipes (most of oz included – all generational farmers in oz know cleared thousands of kilometres of trees during 1800’s including pockets of rainforest and it stayed green pastures for a few decades and then the rain stopped and in many cases the remaining topsoil blew away – this is now being compounded by increased temperatures – there are thousands of kilometres of fallow pastures in oz being under-utilised – other continents especially those new to farming are starting to see similar effects – providing irrigation of existing farmland, natural soil improvements, including trees for a multitude of reasons including improved shade pastures rather than removing remaining climate stabilising forest is the solution. Love organic farming and those that are reforesting areas and hoping to bring wildlife back to a region is a great aspiration)

23 November 2021 – In a hopeful and uplifting announcement, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Jordan signed a water-for-solar energy exchange agreement an example for the world on the prosperous benefits of peaceful cooperation between countries. Mazel Tov! Mabruk! Great!

People really care about the planet, their children and their great great grandchildren to come ….

“UK-based ‘Stitches for Survival’ group, a sprawling network of knitters, crocheters, stitchers and crafters who together are aiming to create a 1.5 mile (2.4km) ‘scarf’ to send to COP26.

The length of the scarf represents the 1.5C global warming target set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The Shankill group has created 20 panels so far”

image source RTE

We still have quilts hand sewn more than a century ago, the importance of creating things for generations to come is something we were raised with.

10 November 2021 – “Wednesday 27 October marked the official national launching of Tuvalu’s Future Now Project (or Te Ataeao Nei Project in Tuvaluan) by the Tuvaluan government. The project takes a proactive stance toward what has been highlighted as the potential worst-case scenario for Tuvalu under climate change – Tuvalu’s threatened disappearance as sea levels rise and lands are submerged.”

With very few exceptions the majority of governments worldwide are genuinely taking real action to urgently cease coal use/mining. Ceasing coal use/mining will instantly reduce global greenhouse emissions by around 40%.