Real Science

Singapore has this week placed coronavirus into a category similar to influenza due to the lower death tolls being reported by mutating strains, no further lockdowns or restrictions. Brilliant.

(other countries may be different but that’s great news)

Apparently the lambda mutation hasn’t killed anyone yet.

Absolutely use vaccines where safe, effective and available (as an example Chile (and most of South America), UAE, Seychelles and others have attained great results using mostly inactivated vaccines) [24 Oct 2021 – months and months later the stats for able to be manufactured rapidly, safe and effective against all variants inactivated vaccines are still great – Coronavac, Valneva, Covaxin and a bunch of other brands – huge kudos]

(Some countries including Singapore are donating excess vaccines to COVAX and are asking other countries to also)

[22 August 2021 – Real scientific data from numerous countries for more than a year indicates that children without pre-existing comorbidities have almost no chance of being hospitalised (or worse) after contracting coronavirus – and remarkably children have shown to be both less likely of transmitting to adults and less likely to catch from adults when exposed. An example and very thorough study of more than 200,000 children in one high infection rate country (a few children displayed symptoms including a headache and a runny nose)

Mumps is statistically significantly more dangerous to children than coronavirus. Inactivated vaccines have been approved and shown to be very safe/effective in young people, mRNA and AstraZeneca have not been approved for children]

9 October 2021 – We went for a hike this morning and the sight of lots of unmasked children happily intermingling and squealing in a play park, completely oblivious was particularly life affirming – that’s a credit to Australia’s truly great medical practitioners that have not been unduly making parents fearful. Kudos.

2 Aug 2021 – after receiving funding mid 2020, a year later COVAX, being managed by “at cost” Gates GAVI, has reportedly distributed only around 150 million doses out of around 4 billion doses administered globally – sharing medications in a timely manner makes sense and huge kudos to those sharing medications all year – unfortunately it is almost exclusively unintelligent freemasons that used tax payer funds to purchase up to nine times their countries populations or are not delivering paid for medications on schedule to others.

Apparently medication delivery rates to developing nations are being ramped up. Stay safe.

Licensing medication formulas to allow as much medication as required to be produced locally reduces bottlenecks and shipping costs and produces great positive socio-economic effects.

Thankfully manufacturing plants for very safe/effective, able to be manufactured rapidly, easy to transport, effective against all variants inactivated vaccines have been constructed in many places including some African nations.

[20 October 2021 – WHO have finally announced an (mRNA) manufacturing capability is being built in South Africa. And EU politicians last week greatly announced a grant for localised medication production facilities]

There is no short or long term downside and huge advantages in everyone that wants to being able to produce low cost medications locally as required – the more people skilled the merrier the planet.

[29 September 2021 – many of the bureaucrats that blocked export of medications or bought multiple times the population in vaccine doses (thus preventing others from purchasing) are now inexplicably refusing to recognise all WHO approved vaccines – meaning billions of people who are safely vaccinated have to take redundant tests (or another brand of, in some cases less effective, medication? got to be kidding) – an absurd waste of scarce medical resources – what nonsensical, inept and corrupt bureaucrats.

Was not aware big pharm was in control of the planet – that’s a scenario have only read about in textbooks when studying economics/sociology and can not imagine happening – cannot possibly be that blatantly corrupt – got to be kidding.

Shucks (freemason) big pham didn’t sell enough medication – that does not warrant trying to bully people to take redundant doses.

The notion that any body that has antibodies derived from anything but these brands of medications is terra nullius and must be dosed with these brands is stunningly inappropriate.

This is a global medical crisis not a this vs that anything – any WHO approved vaccine is valid]

(2 Oct 2021 – Am not sure if true or anecdotal but reportedly the USA military started stockpiling eggs during 2020 to ensure they would have enough to produce inactivated vaccines – love the way military plan for every scenario – we need eggs and crabs! Stat!

(Therapeutic Goods Aust govt) TGA yesterday announced that a WHO approved inactivated vaccine is marginally higher in effectiveness than the mRNA etc they approved, they will recognise people as vaccinated but won’t be approving it for use in oz at this moment. Um, it’s October 2021 – easy to manufacture rapidly, inactivated vaccines have been known for more than a year and TGA only recognised this week. Manufacturing inactivated vaccines on oz would make sense. Zero respect for the blatantly fibbing bureaucrats falsely saying inactivated vaccines are not effective against coronavirus. It’s not that complicated – get some virus, zap it dead, voila! and inactivated vaccines have been known to be effective since mid 2020 (am not a medical expert but efficacy of inactivated vaccines may be reduced for some people older than 70 and a third booster dose improves etc – an easily manufactured rapidly, easy to transport, still effective against all variants, very safe and effective vaccine for the general population including children) Amongst other things, antibody treatments (derived from plasma) are effective))

Things will be human again soon. Really.

(inactivated vaccines have been known to be very effective since around July 2020 – some have pointed out they have been available since day one. This is just a blog but lots of critters have been scratching their heads all year and all I think is I don’t know either and I agree completely)

Back to very happy thoughts.

26 November 2021 – Easy to manufacture rapidly inactivated vaccines are effective against all variants. It’s not complicated. Really.

28 November 2021 – don’t quote me, but despite the absurd blabbering from some blatantly inept fibbing bureaucrats, someone just pointed out calmly that real science indicates that there have been no reported deaths in any country on the planet due to the Omicron variant. People tested with Omicron in Sydney today said they felt fine. The real issue could perhaps be mRNA/AatraZeneca without boosters is not really that effective against all current variants prior to Omicron etc. (only recognise the highly mutatable spike portion rather than produce broader immunity to the entire – some real medical experts in many countries have been warning of this critical flaw for more than a year – and that it is very difficult to manufacture enough doses rapidly and transport. As an example, a combination of inactivated (to rapidly provide zero side effect broad spectrum immunity to the general population includ. safely to young people) and perhaps a dose each and every few months of mRNA for some immunocompromised people is real science)

It’s not that complicated. Really.

In my opinion the best gain of function possible would be place every current absurdly delusional fibbing freemason bureaucrat Fauci/Cuomo/Johnson/Morrison etc in jail and throw away the key.

(8 December 2021 – Pfizer announced this ”antibodies in samples from those who had been both double-vaccinated and naturally infected with coronavirus appeared significantly more effective against the new variant” 1 December 2021 – reported by others freemason bureaucrat Fauci said this week that making mrna vaccines for the Omicron variant wouldn’t take very long! – and ”at cost” Gates Moderna announced yesterday it would take a few months (around March) to start producing mrna for the Omicron variant causing their stock price to plummet. Real science is that it takes around about an afternoon to start producing inactivated vaccines for the Omicron variant – get some Omicron variant virus, zap it dead and voila! very robust method and significantly more effective results)

Absolutely use vaccines where safe, effective and available.

Back to very happy thoughts.

(2 December 2021 – a doctor in Africa has stated all Omicron cases they have seen so far have been “very mild” compared to other variants. Good to hear. Africa have some of the best medical teams on the planet – there is no doubt)

(4 December 2021 – after analysing a month of data, WHO has confirmed there have been no reported deaths in any country on the planet due to the Omicron variant) 7 Dec 2021 – Amongst other things, many studies in numerous countries have found plasma to be effective (and manufactured antibodies) – life saving in a solid proportion of cases and especially in cases at high risk of progressing to severe symptoms (until pop a pill treatments become available) (manufactured antibodies still not not on the WHO list, but WHO today (7 December 2021) added plasma as a treatment to use in trials in severe cases)

Safe, effective vaccines as a preventative are more effective at reducing mortality than any currently being used treatments.

Absolutely use vaccines/boosters where safe, effective and available there are still severe symptom variants around.

Mild symptom Omicron is a good thing and god speed.

Back to very happy thoughts.

[10 December 2021 – happily a CDC report has announced that symptoms in cases of the Omicron variant in the US have been mild so far]

22 February 2022 – CSIRO in Australia has discovered MOFs (metal organic frameworks), could see vaccines protected without refrigeration for up to three months at temperatures as high as 37 degrees Celsius.” The technique is cost effective and scalable. Very cool.

17 March 2022 – Researchers at MIT and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have developed an easy to manufacture rapidly, inexpensive yeast-produced COVID-19 vaccine, that in early trials is showing similar efficacy to other approved vaccines. Kudos.

20 January 2022 – in great news the first ever end-to-end vaccine manufacturing plant in Africa has been opened.

Born in South Africa to Chinese parents and now a US citizen, entrepreneur Soon-Shiong said the launch was “one of the momentous moments of my life — this is a homecoming.”

(source france 24)

Reading that article bought tears of joy to our eyes. Huge kudos.

We would love to buy medications from Africa!