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[ignore this – originally posted 29 August 2021]

How many of the reported cases in NSW are in vaccinated people – that would be a meaningful statistic.

A quick glance of the hacked map shows that most of Sydney is currently in the 60%-79% of population vaccinated range (and considering around 20% of population are children and ineligible for (mRNA) vaccines and very low risk (inactivated vaccines are safe/effective in young people)). Vaccinated people can still catch and transmit but very low risk of complications so therefore ….

(current coal lobby NSW bureaucrats are awfully corrupt and inept – ignore this)

Lockdowns are cozy if inconvenient for some including myself but a huge cost to many.

Logic and real science indicates that once NSW total population is at around 70% vaccination (around about now) all restrictions removed including international travel while other states catch up.

The duty of bureaucrats must be to reopen Australia as quickly as possible, not keep Australia illegally and inefficiently closed at huge economic and societal cost, including in some cases the lives of people stranded overseas (accidentally forgot to purchase medications a year after available)

We are leaving Australia permanently soon regardless of inept bureaucrats but people still being queued for months and months attempting to enter Australia is nonsensical.

Data being made publicly available by sports-rort NSW bureaucrats is sketchy, this was reported elsewhere

Table of vaccination data NSW

That’s certainly weeks not months from full vaccination if not already adequate and higher than many other countries with successful end of lockdowns

An art installation at a country hotel

17 Nov 2021 – ignore this – An inept Australian freemason bureaucrat just said this “The thing about these laws and our (appalling) management of this pandemic is it’s not a game. It’s very much about keeping people safe” Keeping which people safe – the corrupt freemasons? – inept bureaucrats in general? Able to be manufactured rapidly inactivated vaccines have been known to be safe and effective since mid 2020. It’s not complicated.

Even when people go to the effort of reaching (real science) recommended vaccination percentages some absurdly corrupt bureaucrats keep trying to invent ways to artificially extend (what the current coal lobby freemason govt absurdly refers to as surveillance) lockdowns at huge cost to the state – really delusional and deceitful bureaucratic conduct.

A blatantly corrupt NSW sports-rort coal lobby freemason bureaucrat has been corruptly shifting the vaccine percentage target from 70% to 80% to 95% at huge cost to the economy and society. As the target is reached shift it again. Absurd.

NSW is currently at 92%-94% fully vaccinated and still with nonsensical and costly restrictions – and meanwhile a government in another state with lower percentage just correctly removed all restrictions including limits for functions/restaurants/venues.

And no one is referring to a ”game” other than delusional corrupt freemasons. Absurd and appallingly deceitful corrupt bureaucratic conduct.

Absolutely use vaccines where safe, effective and available.

(indicator of how disinterested am by corrupt bureaucrats had to look up who the current replacement sports-rort bureaucrat in NSW is and a few seconds glance at that corrupt bureaucrats social media posts indicates)

5 December 2021 – the same current corrupt sports-rort NSW bureaucrats have corruptly overridden a planning commission decision to block a coal mine expansion – the planning commission blocked the expansion citing it could cause irreversible damage to drinking water and release significant heat-trapping gas. People spend significant time and money taking these to court – appallingly corrupt sports-rort bureaucrats repeatedly ignoring court directives and inappropriately using tax payer funds – not awesome – corruptly approving coal mines at huge cost to millions/billions of people to keep a few hundred people employed in life threatening coal mines (and their corrupt freemason coal lobby bonuses flowing no doubt) – not awesome.

Back to very happy thoughts.

In more hopeful things, a black box is being built in Tasmania to permanently record our descent into climate chaos – “the box has been designed to outlive humanity (steel walls measuring three inches (7.5 cm) thick, and with rooftop solar and backup batteries to power the operation)”

source newatlas.com