Just A Thought

[ignore this – originally posted 29 August 2021]

How many of the reported cases in NSW are in vaccinated people – that would be a meaningful statistic.

A quick glance of the hacked map shows that most of Sydney is currently in the 60%-79% of population vaccinated range (and considering around 20% of population are children and ineligible for (mRNA) vaccines and very low risk (inactivated vaccines are safe/effective in young people)). Vaccinated people can still catch and transmit but very low risk of complications so therefore ….

(current coal lobby NSW bureaucrats are awfully corrupt and inept – ignore this)

Lockdowns are cozy if inconvenient for some including myself but a huge cost to many.

Logic and real science indicates that once NSW total population is at around 70% vaccination (around about now) all restrictions removed including international travel while other states catch up.

The duty of bureaucrats must be to reopen Australia as quickly as possible, not keep Australia illegally and inefficiently closed at huge economic and societal cost, including in some cases the lives of people stranded overseas (accidentally forgot to purchase medications a year after available)

We are leaving Australia permanently soon regardless of inept bureaucrats but people still being queued for months and months attempting to enter Australia is nonsensical.

Data being made publicly available by sports-rort NSW bureaucrats is sketchy, this was reported elsewhere

Table of vaccination data NSW

That’s certainly weeks not months from full vaccination if not already adequate and higher than many other countries with successful end of lockdowns

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