And as for hacked everything ….

Ah, that’s been going backwards almost every time look at it. Could be caching but sometimes it goes backwards by almost a hundred or a lot more (with every page refresh and in just a second or so)

Or this today (same petition and numerous times for weeks it has appeared that way not every time just sometimes – it displays the above correct stats for a split second then shows the below (occurs without or with VPN and selected locations and ISPs)

That petition is currently at more than five million.

Have no clue, but could be good hackers letting me know that’s being fudged.

Without being overly paranoid keep an eye on online petitions.

(Most know that VPN providers are not talented hackers tending towards kindy twits and unfortunately no doubt many violate privacy ethics on a whim because they think that is cool or clever – it’s really not.

If on a secure network avoid using third party VPNs best for security. Seriously)

Unfortunately a very few bureaucrats really do use public office and (bureaucratic geeks and/or corrupt bully political pressure on creepy corps) very inappropriately. Unfortunately would not put that past a few for own faux political points corrupt bureaucrats. Seriously.

Back to happy thoughts.

(originally posted 12 April 2023)