More Advanced Technology

A Spanish town is seeking world heritage status for the custom of talking to people in person (charlas al fresco) instead of using computers. What a lovely notion.

We grew up going for walks or horse rides with friends after tea most evenings, something still try to do as often as possible.

[ignore this]

Sell the content of private conversations to others fudged creepy corp (gates-funded-facebook etc) is certainly not a safe, real, truthful, meaningful nor social place – not software we ever use, recommend or let children use, however there are lots of well managed apps and platforms that don’t sell people’s data (or try to rig elections etc) Imagine if telcos sold or analysed the content of private conversations.

Interoperability is the engineering and legislative solution to provide better services to people.

Amongst other things, filtering trolls with a toggle on/off switch (moderate) has been available in lots of software for decades, still taking all the income from others work is not ok gates-funded-facebook/twitter-likes-trolls. Happily people now spend less time using creepy gates-funded-facebook than many other platforms. Stay safe.

Irrelevant but the mere thought of creepy yuks and some stunningly corrupt bureaucrats illegally (listening in) on private conversations (and worse) creeps us out more than most could realise. Um no delusional creepy creeps – no right to that information whatsoever.

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[20 August 2021 As much as we love some of the contributors, perhaps worth pointing out that purchased by a creepy corp founder in 2018 Time magazine is not something we subscribe to since it’s purchase, it’s unfortunately now the creepy corp mag]

[23 August 2021 an NBC headline “Biden’s silver lining amid poll slide: Time is still on his side”]

A few too many gut punches caused by bureaucratic ineptitude from all political parties this year.

Peace and love.

Amongst many other things, take all the income off others work gates-funded-facebook is one of few platforms still making revenue off and propagating coal-lobby ads and people smuggling ads – indicator. (gates-funded-fb-guys false excuse for his badly managed platform for a decade has been his awful statements well, thats human nature – nope – thats absolutely not human nature – nor is that ethical engineering nor ethical business conduct – but that is unfortunately the nature of constantly constantly fibbing gates-funded-fb – certainly not a people person by any stretch of the imagination that platform has always been about something else. Amongst other things considering all income earned off others work on gates-funded-fb is (falsely) stated to be intended to be used to help ”cure disease” not a lot done – wow made some stickers that must have taken a team of fb employees months! – how many people died this (year) from advertising incredibly dangerous false remedies etc. It’s not complicated)

Software is a service – humans do not serve software.

Those of us that remember the spirit of the creation of the internet are thrilled to see some human, joyful and privacy respecting apps filled with creativity and people happily bouncing ideas off each other flourishing – incredibly good to see – huge kudos! Reminding us all that the world really is an incredibly beautiful place filled with incredibly beautiful people – the way (nature) intended.

Have long believed every person is gifted and unique – the way (nature) intended.

(the incredibly talented LYC Chamber Choir, Toby Grafftey-Smith and an always very stylish person)

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own and someone that we love lots and lots does not speak for me. Irrelevant but some creepy corps are incorrectly implying linking to this here means am involved with creepy corps or tech – am happily employed elsewhere etc)

Not a great result for humans or the planet during the creepy corp (year).

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