(27 March 2023

A few bureaucrats inexplicably suggesting Tiktok should sell – um sell to whom?

Tiktok collect less data, do not sell their data to third parties (many other platforms do sell data), are hosted in America, are not owned by bureaucrats in any country (20% owned by the founder, 20% owned by employees, 60% owned by other (non government) investors including American), have gone to enormous lengths to be transparent and have better anti-trolling algorithms and safeguards for teenagers than gates-funded-fb.

Once gates-funded-fb sell data anyone can access it.

If you think the US needs a TikTok ban and not a comprehensive privacy law regulating data brokers, you don’t care about privacy”


Back to happy thoughts.


(27 March 2023 – this week the French government banned Tiktok, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter and many other social apps from government devices. For those unaware it is standard practice and a long list of apps that government employees in many countries cannot install on their devices.

Only Modi and the Taliban (in Afghanistan) have banned their citizens accessing Tiktok – perhaps indicates something)

Waffle required ….

That was such stunning bureaucratic conduct it took a few days to process – that bureaucratic conduct is against everything the internet stands for. Many have mentioned that bureaucratic conduct is against what the First Amendment stands for.

Musssst not communicate with people in that country! Um.

Way too many bloopers by bureaucrats (and we only watched a few minutes and snippets not the full several hours)

Perhaps important to clarify Tiktok can be used with only an email address and doesn’t require a phone number.

Tiktok is a free service but people can optionally purchase (mostly gifts for others) via credit card or without providing credit card details (PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay) 

Like all apps switching off accessing location means only an IP address is sent to Tiktok along with the same basic data (operating system version etc) as every other app on a phone.

Most of the information sent to the Tiktok app is built in by the phone operating system Apple/Google etc some is optional for app developers but a lot of it cannot be turned off even if app developers want to (and Tiktok app doesn’t ask for much if any additional information – a lot lot of apps ask users to provide more information than Tiktok)

Important to clarify Tiktok is installed and updated via Google/Apple (app stores) there is no way sneaky code can be installed by Tiktok without being reviewed by the masters of sneaky diabolical code Google/Apple etc 

What’s next bureaucrats attempting to ban people from making phone calls or sending emails, are bureaucrats aware of the data in a telco CDR, IP addresses and location are included in email headers, physical addresses are included in snail mail. 

American GPS satellites used to make all their data available to everyone and could zoom to see the lines on a tennis ball in the nineties (am guessing improved by now)



(28 March 2023

Was just thinking during the Cold War we all survived despite having phone books in every phone booth listing the name, phone number and address of every citizen. Fascinating. 

Having typed that there is no doubt that ensuring that people have control of how their data is handled/sold by corporations is vital. As is due diligence and scrutineering of all social media platforms during elections.

Perhaps irrelevant but incidentally many of those bureaucrats (McCarthy etc) are Rump supporters and Rump owns a social media app any bureaucratic conflict of interest in (either political party) attempting to ban a popular competitor should be disclosed.

Others mentioned this morning any bureaucrat (including bureaucrats spouses and family members) that owns shares in a rival tech corp (or funded by lobbyists) has a potential conflict of interest.

We all should use appallingly managed take-all-the-income-off-others-work gates-funded-fb or Rumps Truth Social – Um.

Incredibly concerning bureaucratic conduct.

Back to happy thoughts)

Alphabet AI genuinely just informed me that alphabet AI has taken over alphabet and all offices have been deserted by humans. Am sure that’s all fine. Keep calm and carry on.

YouTube Shorts, Snapchat and many others are also excellent privacy respecting apps.

7 April 2023 – what to do when see nieces tiktok account for the first time – cancel the above. Please ban tiktok for everyones safety 🙂

No one speaks on my behalf 🙂

For all munchkins completely irrelevant but at that age was working full time whilst studying part time and engaged to a medical professional (that had known since school) and of course we socialised in time off but partying was not the focus of our existence – it’s the projects work on and things create with people that will be most memorable 🙂

(originally posted 27 March 2023)