All parents know the feeling of stepping on toys barefoot in the middle of the night.

Trying to be gender neutral when interacting with short people is something we have always been very aware of and here are some of our results (a child) tucked dolls into bed each evening, (a child) dismantled dolls and used the arm and leg sockets to build ghoulish towers of body parts, (a child) drew all over their siblings toys with textas making them run crying to their parents.

All turned into great teenagers/adults.

During lockdown many of us have devolved to a child like state (a psychological regression common amongst those being traumatised) 

Things will be human again soon.

(image source lego – the only type of plastic allowed in our homes. Some short people are using the same metal and timber train-sets, meccano, dolls furniture that my grandparents used – built to last for more than five generations – and that’s cool too.

And children that are not given toys and instead have a soccer ball to kick around with friends, a real piano, a screwdriver set and voltmeter, pencils – that often works out ok too.

(am not involved with the above corps, opinions on blog entirely my own)