As an example ….

Kinetic speed bumps that generate electricity as vehicles drive over them (effectively prototyped by at least one engineering team in the nineties – the prototype lasted for years) – an example today reportedly requires just 400 vehicles a day for one speed bump to produce around 6GWh a year (as much energy as a full-size wind turbine and easily integrated into urban environments) A few roads in many cities have 400 vehicles a day, a kinetic speed bump or two or more at the entrance of every electric bus terminus, car parks, sporting stadium would generate a bit of electricity.

In rural areas place a few kinetic speed bumps in a warehouse and have an autonomous vehicle drive back and forward over them all day – weather proof, low cost, non polluting, reliable, easy to construct and maintain components, produce instantly on demand, surge capable electricity. Have a few extra kinetic speed bumps to cater for surge demand. Producing electricity is easy.

A few multi-level car parks filled with kinetic speed bumps and autonomous vehicles driving over them can easily produce enough reliable, low cost, non polluting electricity. Piezo is great.

Reduced land size requirements compared to fossil fuel electricity plants, zero greenhouse emissions, significantly more reliable and lower cost than coal – switching off coal use is effortless.

The positive effects unlimited, free (low cost), non polluting electricity gives to society and economies is enormous (reduces costs, increased productivity, no shortages, Oppenheimer phrased it well)

The solar industry (and other green technologies) provide significantly more employment than either the toxic coal or nuclear industry – switching off coal use is effortless.

Only twenty (countries) on the planet (the G20) produce more than 80% of all greenhouse emissions worldwide and more than 40% of total global greenhouse emissions are from coal use – reducing greenhouse emissions is low cost compared to GDP for G20 bureaucrats and can be easily funded, as an example RBA estimates ceasing coal mining/use will be a temporary loss of only 0.1% of Australia’s GDP without factoring in the real positive growth for agriculture, tourism etc (Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal, a coal mine employs a few hundred people in horrible and life threatening working conditions – sectors negatively impacted by coal use such as agriculture, tourism etc employ significantly more)

Real science for decades is that coal mining/use must be urgently switched off. Digging up coal and burning it is the most inefficient and costly way to produce electricity and perhaps why only blatantly corrupt bureaucrats continue to endorse use of coal.

Let’s hope some of the current G20 bureaucrats intent is not to keep pumping coal and buy everyone an air conditioner. As an example, with todays technology can use kinetic speed bumps to rapidly build for less than a few million an on demand weather proof power station that reliably produces more low cost electricity than a nuclear power plant – more than enough space in the coal truck parking lot at most coal electricity plants and the kinetic system would produce more on demand low cost electricity than the coal plant.

It’s not complicated. Nor does it require trillions of dollars.

Switching off coal powered electricity is low cost, effortless, provides great positive economic and societal gains and around 40% of global green house emissions are instantly removed, it’s a no brainer and many countries are doing so.

With the stroke of a pen the World Bank could double the interest rates for countries still using coal or reduce rates for countries not using coal – that would encourage rapid reductions.

Or a bonus offset of foreign debt to developing nations that action reduction in emissions or to ensure protection of wilderness areas would help incentivise and ease burdens ($1 billion offset every few years to ensure no more burning of the Amazon or deforestation in Sumatra is a win-win for everyone and something every country should invest in)

[23 October 2021 – a statistic reported in oz today, around 75% of voters in Australia including coal mining electorates support reducing coal mining and use of coal, and a majority want coal subsidies instead used for renewable energy]

[10 November 2021 – on a positive note freemason Kerry announced today that the USA would be coal free by 2030 – looking forward to that being put into legislation. Significantly better than any commitment any current unfortunately corrupt federal oz bureaucrat has made – the private sector, many state and local politicians are happily taking great positive action in oz and their electorates love them for it]

Switching off coal electricity and providing retraining for the few hundred employees effected is low cost and effortless, removing around 40% of global greenhouse emissions with great positive socio-economic effects.

11 November 2021 – Austria we love you all for shutting off Austria’s last coal power plant this week! Same for Portugal ahead of schedule with many others doing the same. Florida deactivated their last coal electricity plant in January 2021. (10 December 2021) Scotlands last coal power plant is closed. Huge cheers!

12 February 2022 – Ontarios last coal power plant is closed. Fantastic!

Clear skies and sparkling clear water assured.

Happily many developing countries including China and Brazil are rapidly reducing their use of coal powered electricity.

It is nonsensical and incorrect to suggest that “Fossil fuels and their use have enabled parts of the world to attain high levels of wealth and wellbeing.” Coal was the only way to produce electricity more than a century ago and unfortunately coal use has been extraordinarily costly, causing millions of early deaths due to pollution (incl the dangers of working in the coal industry) and catastrophic ecological damage. (leading economists currently estimate the yearly cost of pollution (including extreme weather events) to be more than half a trillion dollars each year for US, globally trillions of dollars each year)

Thankfully developing nations can now easily skip the destructive, costly and burdensome coal electricity phase and enjoy the boost provided to their economies and society by lower cost to install, lower cost to consumers, non polluting and more reliable green methods of producing electricity.

Suggesting developing nations must remain trapped in a deadly smoggy haze is incorrect.

Some of those announced commitments to reduce greenhouse emissions mean more to many people than some realise – all life of the planet is at stake if urgent action is not taken.

(15 February 2022 – reportedly $1.5 trillion has been provided to the coal industry since 2020 by only a few financiers and U.S., Japan, India, Canada, U.K. (Barclays), China provide more than 80% of global coal financing and investment. “The top three lenders providing loans to the coal industry consist of Japan’s Mizuho Financial, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial and SMBC Group, followed by the U.K.’s Barclays and Wall Street’s Citigroup. Barclays have since confirmed intent to cease further coal financing. And China has for a while had a firm ethical commitment to no longer fund any overseas coal projects (source

23 February 2022 – “volatile coal prices and supply disruptions have highlighted that coal electricity is not necessarily secure. In contrast, renewable sources such as wind and solar can boast proven long term stable and secure prices”

(1 March 2022 – reportedly Columbian coal mining increased 89% in 2021. The corrupt coal industry is not awesome)

And happily in the best place in oz the Hunter-Central Coast Renewable Energy Zone has registered more than $100 billion of private investment interest in renewable energy to permanently transition from coal powered electricity. Great.

(think we had the coal power stations all turned off until 2018 when a meh came along and inexplicably started switching them back on again)

(18 February 2022 – Happily Australia’s largest coal electricity plant (Eraring in the Hunter Region) today announced it will close in 2025. Children safely swimming at beaches not infused with mercury is wonderful)

Love some people lots and lots.

“The root cause of the climate crisis is our delusion that we are separate from one another, from the environment and from the earth. May we elect politicians who encourage us to live harmoniously with other living beings”

Kim Sun-ae

(20 February 2022 – really ignore this it’s for creepy corps.

Uh huh – a particularly vapid freemason just flung themselves in front of that cash fairly rapidly.

$100 billion in investment! woohooo he’s in – seriously congrats on finally taking action this weekend after a few decades – really.

Hopefully positive results. 

(unfortunately seems obviously a fake public bid to purchase electricity plant to try to get attention for themselves by fibbing and copying others work (again) – typical aren’t creepy corps not clever stunt. AGL was about to split it’s coal assets off – propping them up with a fake bid not smart at best – think from memory AGL stock price increased around 10% the following Monday)

Think their last idea to reduce greenhouse emissions a year ago was a publicly announced (not implemented) cable to supply solar electricity from NT to Singapore. Indonesia closest and more effected with pollution but heck. Why Singapore (and again publicly announce intending to implement and not actually implement) Lots of easily implemented ways of producing electricity more suited to high density urban environments. It’s not actually complicated. Really.

Not people have ever dealt with.

Success is always something to be celebrated (zero innovation and constantly blatantly copying others work not awesome) – and instead of email a public stunt falsely implying and for their own gain (again) – ok – keep being blatantly fibbing (mehs) shall unfortunately have to type something to make it clear am not involved with that creepy corp (or any form-field predatory copy others work fibbing creepy corp) – blog the extent of my meh.

Kudos for advocating reduction in greenhouse emissions. Good luck!

Back to happy thoughts)

(3 March 2022 – Oops and there is another vapid freemason flinging themselves in front of cash – Shell just rapidly bought a 49% share in oz onshore wind electricity corp WestWind. Uh huh. Real science – “in 2020, Shell disclosed emissions of 1,377 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent and it’s planned emissions this decade are estimated to account for close to 1.6% of the entire global 1.5°C carbon budget” unfortunately more fake freemason nonsense stunts and room for improvement there is no doubt. The freemason Shell corporation is reportedly exiting Russian oil investments to avoid sanctions but is still purchasing oil from Russia)

(3 March 2022 – Oops some current freemason bureaucrats forgot to sanction purchasing oil from Russia. Uh huh)

(8 March 2022 – Due to great efforts by many “today Shell announced it would halt Russian crude purchases and shutter operations in the country. (And) apologised for last week’s crude purchases and said that any profits would be donated to provide humanitarian support during the Ukraine crisis”)

Its about staying cheerful.

(1 June 2022 – And always its about staying determined. “Today, the oil industry in Nigeria faces a reckoning with fibbing freemason Shell corp. According to Amnesty International, the oil company has come under ‘unprecedented legal scrutiny’ in recent years for its negligent and criminal practices in the Niger Delta” It’s a long long list of awful for decades with that costly fibbing freemason shell corp)

Nothing wrong with making money but unfortunately amongst the primary corrupt freemason principles is that unless can make money off it then it’s obviously not a good idea (functional in some areas but certainly not appropriate for politics) As an example in oz people don’t enter the medical profession to earn money they do it for other reasons that corrupt freemasons fail to comprehend.

And happily can think of another good example of someone who disagreed with the corrupt freemason notion.

Not destroying all life on earth really is a good idea.

Just heard a person saying they can do their little bit to reduce greenhouse emissions – it’s certainly not a little bit. It’s a huge amount!

(as an example after weeks of my being scowled at and ignoring inexplicable actual swearing under their breath from an unfortunately freemason shop keep – any very rare male being sleazy/rude towards a woman always always an absurd freemason (easy to spot) – me simply saying nothing other than a polite thank you, have a nice day – this week without my saying anything there are now magically paper straws! with a very large impossible to not notice hand written sign stuck to the canister saying paper straws! Those “little bits” every day are a huge amount. Kudos)

Back to happy thoughts.

(11 August 2022 – where we just spent a few months quietly tucked away in the middle of nowhere has just received $160million in federal government funding to build wind farms to power 700,000 homes. Other than ducking into shops now and then wasn’t actually talking to anyone but yeah team! Very very cool.)