Just read a great article suggesting governments ensure a hazard pay bonus to hospital staff who have been working around the clock for years (around 25% hazard bonus is paid to bureaucrats) Bonus of some sort required for the extraordinary effort by medical professionals.

(Omicron is a very mild variant similar to common cold. In oz there is a more than 70% fully vaccinated rate (with recent booster type doses) for people over sixteen and various effective treatments, after a bit of nudging of not awesome current oz sports-rort bureaucrats from real medical experts etc, Omicron and other variants freely circulating and kids happily in school without testing and with no negative effects. Thankfully for two years real science and real data shows that children are mostly unaffected by all variants of coronavirus)

(Real data – in many places more than half of reported cases of (hospitalised with coronavirus) genuinely are people that have been admitted to hospital for other reasons – falling off a ladder with the sniffles etc. Perhaps add don’t use ladders to the Omicron guidelines. More than two months of data and no deaths due to the Omicron variant globally in people without comorbidities and extremely extremely rare (there are still very severe variants about – absolutely use vaccines where safe, effective and available) take care if around immunocompromised people)

(section about absurd corrupt bureaucrats moved towards bottom of blog – its a link called ”17 January 2022 – absurdly corrupt bureaucrats”)