True story ….

When heading to a girlfriends around mid 2017 ducked into a cafe for some take away snacks and while waiting (with all devices off) was thinking about someone no longer on the planet. Was looking up to the night sky without saying anything and thinking “wow how can you not be on the planet – what are you doing up there! how. can. you. not. be. on. the. planet. hey – we were supposed to dance together again!” and in that moment a bunch of fabulously dressed teenagers that had never met appeared from nowhere laughing and excited and asked me to come dance with them. Apparently they were on their way to a night club (same one the person had been thinking about and I had been to decades ago) – they didn’t know me, I didn’t know them. Was approaching fifty, not dressed up at all simply wearing baggy cutoff linen pants and a T-shirt and so being invited by glammed up teenagers to go clubbing would have been surreal on it’s own had it not been that I had just looked up to the sky and had that thought.

There is more than we have mathematical equations for. There is no doubt.

He really can hear you.

Talk to him. He will answer. Feel his love.

Stay on the planet.

Forcing myself to be grateful for every second spent with a person no longer on the planet is the only way I can honour them. Remembering how extraordinary they were and what a blessing they were every day of the rest of my life.

(lockdowns kill people – am so sorry)