Every country on the planet just agreed to remove fishing subsidies facilitating sustainable protection of our oceans (fish farms are a great idea)

And a vital continued exemption to data transfer tariffs.


Removing coal subsidies, ceasing use of coal and installing renewables makes a lot of sense.

(green bonds issued by governments (etc) are an effective way to raise funds for projects that deliver environmental benefits, and a more sustainable economy. Anyone can invest and many would to assist developing nations)

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(22 June 2022 – this week a city of millions of people has had a temperature of 52.2C (126F). Globally, it is one of the the highest temperatures observed since records began being kept in the 19th century and the frequency of record high temperatures is increasing. Those temperatures are simply not survivable for many plants and critters including crops and humans (right now trees that have lived for thousands of years are dying, heatwaves are killing pollen of food crops) This is an emergency.

It is neither daunting nor complicated – simply ceasing use of costly coal instantly removes around half of global greenhouse emissions. Renewables (or kinetic etc) provide abundant reliable electricity at significantly lower cost to consumers)

(23 June 2022 – Extremely cool “Researchers at Sichuan University have designed self-propelled robo-fish that can swim around, latch on to free-floating microplastics up to 5kg in weight and tow them out of the water. Additionally the bionic fish can adsorb nearby free-floating bits of microplastics because the materials in the microplastics have strong chemical bonds and electrostatic interactions with the fish’s materials. That makes them cling on to its surface, so the robotic fish can collect and remove microplastics from the water”)