Women and girls having access to the full spectrum of reproductive health services is a basic human right.

It was our great grandmothers that lived through being constantly pregnant whilst raising children and giving birth a dozen times that encouraged their children and grand-children to push for the right to choose, contraception and safe abortions.

A young girl must not be forced by a sleazy bureaucrat to give birth and to falsely suggest otherwise is well into pure evil territory. A foetus is not a child nor is a foetus human there is a real difference. A family that suffers a miscarriage (around a tenth of pregnancies naturally) being unable to access required medical treatments immediately and privately (as is currently inexplicably the case in some delusional bureaucracies) is inhumanly cruel, immoral, costly and unethical. Perhaps important to point out that many women/families that abort foetuses are married with children – having a dozen children not only puts women’s lives in danger, the education, outings, holidays and health care effort and costs puts huge pressure on families including the children they already have.

It is perfectly ok for families to decide to have as many children as they can and it is perfectly ok for families to decide a few children is best for their family – no right or wrong either way. That is for people to discuss (pray) and decide and certainly nothing to do with bureaucrats.

Ensuring access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care does no harm but a few delusional sleazy bureaucrats falsely attempting to deny access to life saving medical treatments does significant harm. It has been made very clear that the will of (god) is to ensure freedom of choice and to falsely suggest otherwise truly is the epitome of evil. A young girl that has been raped has the right to choose an abortion.

Additionally pregnancy and childbirth complications are the leading cause of death for teenage girls worldwide and the children of teenage mothers have the highest death rates during infancy.

Others have mentioned states with total abortion bans are already starting to have trouble recruiting doctors – lowering the standard of medical care available for all residents (a women that suffers a miscarriage must be able to immediately access vital medical treatment – immediately – not after interrogation by brainless bureaucrats – completely agree with doctors feeling they cannot practice medicine under those absurd bureaucratic regulations)

States with total abortion bans currently have the highest maternal death rates across all age groups in the developed world leaving children as orphans and families without mothers.

Attempt to corruptly oppress people back to some deceitful costly corrupt sleazy ist disaster – am very happy to help uplift people back to The Reformation.

There is a very real difference between conception and birth and this difference has been repeatedly written by many very very knowledgeable people for thousands of years (conception is the possibility of something that may or may not happen and birth is the beginning)

Roosevelt was a great politician.

Benjamin Franklin published instructions for at home abortions (don’t attempt medicine has improved since then)

Countries with lower average birth rates have higher life expectancy, lower crime rates, thriving ecosystems, higher GDP and a significantly higher standard of living – this is not a coincidence.

(27 June 2022 – during the week the German govt have repealed an anti-abortion piece of legislation, some countries are adding reproductive health care including abortion rights to their constitution, many politicians from other western countries and elsewhere (except currently unfortunately blatantly corrupt bureaucrats in Poland) have spoken out against the “misogynistic (freemason) regime”, so far most Democrat governors and four GOP governors have pledged and taken action to uphold the right for citizens to access the full spectrum of reproductive health care including abortions – unfortunately some current absurd federal bureaucrats seem confused – equal access to reproductive health care for all citizens is not a political issue to be corruptly used/flip-flopped by bureaucrats for their own gain with each election cycle it is a fundamental human right (instead of numerous public pledges could easily take executive action or other bureaucratic safeguards), many politicians and most DA’s nationwide have announced intent to ”aid and abet abortion services”, many lawyers have announced free legal services for anyone attempting to access reproductive health care, for about a century and to this day the majority of citizens in all states ethically want the full spectrum of reproductive health care services to be available)

(8 August 2022 – many medical associations including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the World Health Organisation define abortion as an essential health care service. The American Medical Association has declared abortion bans a violation of human rights)

(27 July 2022 – this week others have reported confidence about continued equitable access to life saving medications (required for miscarriages, abortions and other medical conditions) – firstly the Commerce Clause of the USA Constitution. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 (happily states do not have the ability to regulate interstate commerce) and secondly FDA preemption “Congress gave the FDA the power to review and approve applications for drugs, devices, and medical products, states cannot impose restrictions of their own” Yeah!) [note bureaucrats didn’t announce that highly esteemed journalists at wsj did]

Our comments on human rights have already been included elsewhere on this blog.

My final comment on that ever.

(ignore this – some unfortunately corrupt delusional bureaucrats falsely attempting to imply peaceful law abiding people are in any way involved in absurdly deceitful unintelligent costly corrupt bureaucratic conduct for their own faux political points remains absolutely appalling)

A doctor that remembers practicing medicine before Roe vs Wade and at 76 still practices medicine and firmly believes the full spectrum of medical services must be available to all women and girls aka our hero

(28 August 2022)

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31 July 2022 – “When you breathe out, think of all the negative stigma and false facts about abortion that you’ve heard,” an extraordinary American woman said. “And now when you breathe in, breathe in the power and strength surrounding you in this backyard. Remember we are so, so, so prepared to have these conversations. We are prepared to erase abortion stigma, and we are powerful.”)