Makes a lot of sense to simply run a cable from Tasmania’s ample hydro electricity to the mainland. (perhaps too many dams)

Problem instantly solved. Switch off the last remaining destroying all life on earth coal electricity plants in a few years.

(8 January 2023 – His Holiness the Dalai Lama wrote this “I believe the situation in China is evolving and I am hopeful that this will lead to positive change.”

Anything is possible. A peaceful agreement to allow peaceful return whilst still unified would be celebrated. (and excellent source of revenue from tourism)

Love and peace.

(in oz Victorians are very different to people in the Northern Territory and similarly in America Texans are very different to people in New York and similarly in China – peaceful cultural diversity within a country makes for a great country)

No idea how much love some people.


(25 August 2022 – image by Zhong)

The love and respect for generations past and generations to come is very familiar.

22 October 2022 – A softie at heart and it shows. Congratulations

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(18 July 2022 – with help from the coal lobby “Quad” bureaucrats, Australian coal mining corp Whitehaven earnings reportedly went from around $200 million in FY21 – to around $3 billion in FY22 – a more than ten fold increase in a year – incredibly concerning – and an extraordinary increase considering greenhouse emission reducing but still large consumer China banned coal imports a few years ago. The disastrous global increase in coal use commenced around mid-2021 not the past few months.

It has also been reported that the new Australian Treasurer (have no idea name) formally asked China this week to recommence purchasing Australian coal and that doing so would be a big step in bolstering Australia Chinese diplomatic relationships. Australia of course would like a resumption of friendly relations and trade – as would China – am not comfortable with new Australian bureaucrats trying to use destroying all life on earth coal as a form of diplomatic blackmail almost. Reportedly genuinely reducing greenhouse emissions China’s response a very polite reestablishing good ties yes – purchasing coal dependent on price)

(leading economists put ceasing use of coal at an immediate loss of only around 0.1% Australian GDP when resultant gains in other local industries factored in – including rare mineral exports and significant short to long term positive growth in GDP from other sectors expected. Renewables provide electricity reliably and at significantly lower cost to consumers and there is absolutely no justifiable reason for Australia to be using destroying all life on earth coal in 2022)

(27 July 2022 – and in more bureaucratic “Quad” nonsense reportedly “Nippon Steel Corp agreed this week to an annual supply deal through March 2023 with Glencore (Australia) for coal to be used for electricity at $375 per ton, according to people with knowledge of the deal. The agreement is three times more expensive than similar deals done last year, and is likely one of the costliest coal contracts ever signed by a Japanese company, one of the people said.” There is no shortage of coal in Australia that is blatant price fixing)

It has become clear that coal really is some weird absurd freemason corrupt bargaining chip and that unintelligent corrupt freemasons actually are the fossil-fuel industry. At huge cost to many.

Like the seeds of the pomegranate. One planet.

Love and peace.

(20 August 2022 – “What if China saved the world and nobody noticed? Last year China alone accounted 46 per cent of the world’s total new construction of renewable energy infrastructure.” Thank you for being such good neighbours)

Very cool

Instead of placing solar panels on the ground place them on poles providing shade for crops during scorching days and an additional source of revenue for farmers.

Turning desert into abundant farmland.

Desalination – just like boiling a cup of tea it’s easy really!

(pump salt water straight into the desert for desalination treatment – can evaporate water on any hard surface in a desert no electricity required)

Spray water in the air to make mists and rain!

2 August 2022 – last month a group of great politicians in the South Pacific formally announced the climate emergency posed the “greatest threat to security” for all nations

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(23 August 2023 – a left-wing American intellectual just wrote this “Biden helped save the US Postal Service (never mentioned but true)” Kudos)

(7 September 2022 – reportedly a group of coal miners was just photographed in West Virginia pushing a tourists electric car down the road – proof positive that coal miners can be easily retrained into other professions xo)

(hey M genius – engineers from the greatest generation thought of using (deep core) geothermal energy and decided cooling the earths core could have deviating effects – planet could stop spinning etc – just a thought. Solar is cool. Solar panels in space to avoid cloudy days and wirelessly beaming the electricity back to earth – aka death ray – not cool)

(7 September 2022 – ignore this


(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

Great art must never be modified by others

(23 November 2022 – in a happy step China has unblocked and is again streaming all content from South Korea. Fantastic!

(18 January 2023 – in more happy news China has ended its ban on Marvel films with multiple films scheduled for February screenings.

BTW Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon remains one of our all time favourite films – extraordinary artistry. Kudos.)

After Aunties rude censorship this week, let her think a bit longer she is very upset about the cricket and being uncharacteristically mean and nasty. Apologies. She will calm down eventually. (what am finding fascinating is the current incarnation of Aunty inexplicably seems to censor any criticisms of her own government whilst other outlets there seem uncensored. Fascinating)

Love and peace)