It’s easy! Really!

Love and peace

(certainly room for improvement from a few current corrupt coal lobby bureaucrats in Australia too – exorbitant tax payer funds subsidies (hundreds of billions approaching trillions) to the destroying all life on earth corrupt coal industry during record profits for them could be much better spent. Tax payer funds perhaps better put towards reducing budget deficits etc)

(and – um – why are a few bureaucrats inexplicably opening new coal mines this century and falsely claiming it is required for energy security – obviously coal mining is the least energy secure method setting fire to a coal seam is easy and it burns emitting pollution for (centuries) almost impossible to put out or mine again.

As an example of many robust options Biogas is very robust technology a few low cost water tank sized units processing green waste enough to provide gas to thousands of average homes for a month (and if the unimaginable occurs it is very easy to extinguish bombed biogas tank explosions and rebuild new ones – much easier than nuclear or coal) Lots and lots of ways to reliably produce low cost to consumers and weather proof electricity without coal)

(and yeeeeeees corrupt coal lobby freemasons there is money to be made in renewables – abundant low cost energy puts hundreds/thousands of dollars a year directly into the pockets of consumers (families) – that extra money in families pockets then circulates in the economy providing a huge economic boost. 

Suppose it all depends on who want money to be flowing towards – families or a few corrupt freemason coal corps)

(15 March 2023 – last week in Australia free water being supplied to coal mines by the local government was ceased – honestly hadn’t thought about the amount of water being used by coal mines and coal electricity plants – so coal not only is the major contributor to greenhouse emissions it also consumes huge amounts of water – coal has a double contribution to emptying dams and rivers. Absolutely stunning that drought stricken farmers had not been receiving free water from the government but coal mines had been for decades until a few days ago.

Switch off coal electricity plants it may help those river and dam levels rise. It’s easy! Really!