Being negative is not my thing. I have to post this – it’s about ethics and privacy – I have to type a few details to make the conduct from Facebook/Instagram clear and details are at the bottom of this post.

I don’t use Facebook or Instagram I just had to post a thank you to some incredibly gifted people that I love and respect a lot and so on Thanksgiving morning I created an Instagram account. 

It came to my attention Sunday 2nd December 2018 that the Instagram account I had created just over a week earlier had been deleted by Instagram without notification or any valid reason.

Sunday 2nd December 2018 I easily created another Instagram account with a different username and put posts/comments back – way to stop real criminals and bullies/spammers Facebook/Instagram. 


There was no valid reason for Facebook/Instagram deleting that Instagram account and posts. 

It is my opinion that was done by Facebook/Instagram to control/manipulate or attempt to antagonise/torment to get a reaction. I don’t react to sociopaths. Am not thinking about beyond that.


I have no feeling about Facebook/Instagram conduct other than it is unethical, unprofessional and a stunning violation of privacy and freedom of expression.

Negativity surrounds Facebook and Alphabet for a reason – respect others privacy – the things I could type here would melt most peoples brains and I was a little over that in 2017. 

Surveillance happens under court order from a judge not the whim of a corporation. Amongst other things corporate espionage and snooping on competitors taken to a whole other level – copying others work not much of a skill last time I checked.




After it was brought to my attention that the Instagram account was not visible I attempted to login. When attempting to login to Instagram the email address and phone number used to create the account were shown as does not exist. When I attempted to create another account using the same email address and phone number (that were shown as does not exist when attempting to login) both the email and phone number were shown as being used by another account in Instagram – clearly they have been blocked by Facebook/Instagram and the account deleted by them without notification to me. 

The dumbest person username of the deleted account was available for use again without notification to me – leaving that username open to spoofers – awesome. 

In total I posted four comments (three comments onto another Instagram account and one to my own) The first comment Thursday (thanks giving) morning onto another account and the final three the following Tuesday evening. The comments I placed contained scandalous words like “thank you” “genius” “much love” “bliss”

The four comments I posted contained no banned words or images etc.

I used the Instagram app a few times in a week. Placing comments onto my own posts was blocked every time I tried – Tuesday – I had to wait hours before I could post – and again when I tried a few days later on Thursday/Friday – I sent a two sentence brief ‘please unblock comments’ support ticket Thursday/Friday and it looks like Instagram just deleted the account (the deletion was bought to my attention Sunday I hadn’t looked at it since logging the ticket to unblock Thursday/Friday). 

The email used to create the account was already verified. It’s verify either phone or email – not both yet I was prompted via a pop up to add a phone number for some reason so I did. Two-factor authentication turned off, I opted for login credentials to be saved by the app (and I was still logged into the app) – yet every time I opened the app I was prompted to verify an already verified phone number with a pin – I tend to close things immediately for security so thats a lot of pin entering when opening an already signed into app – that’s not a glitch. Thats the keep antagonising them until you get a reaction trick from Facebook/Instagram (not clever) – the comments posted and support tickets I sent are polite no swearing lots of pleases – and the Instagram app unusable thus the tickets. 

Thats a lot of mucking to post a couple of comments on two separate days Facebook/Instagram.

I don’t care at all about number of views on posts but they had been tampered with – we know for sure they were not incrementing. And that’s not the first time I have seen Facebook do that to other people’s accounts.

Passwords I used (as if that should matter but yes some weirdos do read them) were incredibly polite.

All support tickets brief and incredibly polite (two Tuesday evening, one Thursday, maybe one Friday, one Tuesday 4th December 2018 from another account requesting restoration of the deleted account – [please unblock comments, please remove the prompts the phone number is already verified] – around half a dozen support tickets in total) None of the support tickets have been replied to by Facebook/Instagram. 

I consider the phrase I placed in one ticket “Respect my privacy. Get some skills. No class.” to be incredibly polite given the Instagram app was unusable – thus the ticket – all others were brief two sentence please unblock etc. 

Facebook/Instagram I do not find the ability to modify a text field that interesting – I was not the one swearing. That is a stunning violation of my privacy.

A week and a bit is enough time for Facebook/Instagram to respond to the support tickets thus this post. In the first and final ticket Tuesday requesting restoration of the account I advised Facebook/Instagram that I would not be wasting further time on that beyond this ticket.

Facebook/Instagram that’s an incredibly serious violation of ethics.




I am happy. I have some fairly awesome sisters and brothers that I love a lot – kudos. Facebook or Google thinking they have any input into anything I am doing remains astonishing to me – I don’t use that software.

I have been incredibly consistent and clear to Alphabet since last year – respect my privacy. How many privacy invasions do you expect one person to tolerate. Last time I checked my Emotional Quotient and IQ are fine. 

The above only relates to an Instagram account I created – I am typing Facebook/Instagram above out of respect for the founders of Instagram who reportedly left due to conflict with Zuckerberg – Instagram was a good app.