Ok ..


I’ve never met the person at that tech Corp who constantly injects himself into everything – we have not emailed etc for years – there’s no excuse. The conduct of that tech Corp is real deal not ok. It’s incredibly manipulative and subtle and duplicitous and occasionally seductive (say anything you want to hear) – surveillance, interfere and copy others.

Use peer pressure constantly and spread rumours rather than direct communication. Has a weird knack for speaking on my behalf as though he knows my motivations, thoughts or feelings – we’ve never met – it’s about control – did not ask for ‘help’ and repeatedly asked for my privacy during personal family time and nothing more.

Private but I think required – ‘divorce’ started end of 2016-ended during 2018 – decade. Am certain I asked for my privacy. Am on sabbatical for a bit. 

Twenty thousand people stood up to protect their co workers for a reason. It’s not fun and still all day on every device. Travelled for four months June to October last year – as one example alphabet interrupted the radio in every country and a whole lot more – stop me doing what I want and force me to listen to what they want – plus reveal my location not only an invasion of my privacy that’s placing me in danger and forcing me to turn it off. I was getting death threats last year based on my not meeting someone I never intended to meet and some other things – and lots of real weird. Every person is special and equal – I don’t judge people on outsides and I am incredibly grateful to have experienced what that must be like first hand.

I have been blank staring through a lot as a professional courtesy to someone I have known for a long time – still interrupting everything I do (and worse) – that’s it.

This month apparently he has better abs and more cash and is constantly blasting me with a lot of not nice stuff about other people. No clue and no class Alphabet. 

Professional. Thank you. Have always been treated as an equal in an office – not something I ever even considered my brain doesn’t work that way and I am incredibly grateful to be raised to not place judgements based on anything superficial. Am stupidly thick skinned that is way over every line imaginable on devices and elsewhere Alphabet – that is textbook style bad. I have been ignoring and asking to respect my privacy for years for a reason. Am not looking to date. My personal life is incredibly private.

I’ve been incredibly clear about not meeting. I don’t use that Corp software for years.

I respect others privacy and nothing is more important to me.

I will not be signing a confidentiality agreement at either Alphabet or Facebook.

Sociopaths at Alphabet and Facebook are saying I am very ‘special’ to them – prefer not. Ta. Get the hint Alphabet and Facebook. I have never hated anything in my life – I’ve never been angry about anything in my life – I have rarely had a negative thought in my life – no human has to put up with that – I am not the first person to not love the privacy of those two corps.

Alphabet and Facebook – you give engineers and other tech firms a bad image – copy others your only skill – you are slick haired gangster mobsters – bullying trolls and parasites sucking off others work – selling people and their personal data for cash – respect others privacy.

Why people allow the thoughts of Alphabet and Facebook to influence anything astonishes me – the ‘they’ said rumours – is nonsensical. They are bullies. That’s a search engine, purchased video sharing and some copied hardware. That’s a surveillance system.

Copying others is sociopaths only skill.

Others call Alphabet and Facebook the blob or smiling assassins. Certainly smile over the table while kicking you under it. Quashy bullies. Only enemies hack your phone rather than using it to make a phone call. The hacks are not location tracing its worse than that. My phone in 2017, replaced phone at start of 2018, then again, plus an el-cheapo I was using to test stuff. That’s stupidly wasteful. That’s alphabet on these devices no one else – don’t blame another country for that – that’s alphabet and they are gloating about it publicly in a way only I would understand. No way I can safeguard against that – I hope that requires physical access to the device – and I will at some point leave it in the car at the gym/beach etc. so pointless.

I can put up with and ignore a lot – invading my personal space constantly is not ok Alphabet and Facebook – way over the line. Alphabet are committing a serious crime. There are no laws yet that cover what Facebook is doing – I hope some are created similar to the telecommunications industry to protect consumers and facilitate competition.

Get off my stuff – stop injecting yourself into everything I am doing – am stupidly thick skinned no human has to put up with that – interrupting everything I do every time every where for years – nice or not nice that’s not ok – no words.

You know the two words I have been saying offline due to invasions since October 2017 Brin.

Respect others privacy.

Brin – you know what you just did – if I hear from you again on any device I walk past or use this only gets worse from here.


And again and again not nasty being nice and that’s still not ok … mate I am in no mood for your way over the privacy line nonsense this week am not typing more than that today … I am happy for the first time in too long and intend to stay that way.


(and the idiots at another bad tech corp trying to blame alphabet now and then – I actually know the difference – alphabet for all their failings have significantly more class than anyone at facebook.

Decades and I have never experienced any bad anything on computers – just the last few years and exclusively from employees from a few bad tech corps showing how not clever they are by messing around with other people’s stuff  – that’s not hacking and it’s not clever it’s not anything – respect others privacy. None of that matters – am immune)