About Privacy


In response to rumour and gossip that is continuing:

I have not logged into Facebook for years. I have not used Google maps, search, drive etc for years.

During 2017/2018 I made it clear politely that I would not be meeting with Alphabet and nothing has changed that.

I have not mentioned anyone at Alphabet to anyone for years.

Respect my privacy alphabet/facebook. I could not be being more low key if I tried.

Millimeters away alphabet/facebook.


Linda Seymour


My personal life is incredibly private. I am happy and not currently seeking another romantic relationship.


Not Ok

October 2019 …. not a typo 2019 and alphabet/facebook still not respecting others privacy ….

(this is not for anyone nor request for anything just a brief description of my current mood)

Two creepy tech corps with a long history of bad conduct whose software/hardware I don’t use actively trying to interfere in the personal and professional lives of others remains astonishing.

I specifically have no intentions of talking to anyone at alphabet/facebook for obvious reasons. But let’s try to start a rumour that I don’t want to talk to people – that is just a way to try to stop me talking to people other than alphabet/facebook.

To clear up any other rumours. My personal life is private and incredibly good (with one exception). I will give birth in the next decade, am not concerned at all. I am incredibly protective of the people I love. I don’t date married people – no judgements – that is just a line I don’t cross.

My father was so respectful of women he banned the phrase ‘son of a bitch’ and replaced it with ‘twisted son of a beautiful woman’. I never heard my father swear in anger once, and when teenage me did now and then he blasted me with such a ridiculous string of words we were both in giggle fits. My father never smacked anyone or an animal (other than slapping exactly two exes, neither have I) My father took integrity to a whole other level and I have rarely met anyone with his strength.

And dear clutz – stop helping am begging you. Am capable. Ta. My personal life is absolutely off limits. Peoples happiness and safety my first priority.

If there are any other rumours being spread by creepy corps right now – it is not coming from me – and almost certainly none of it true. I am not mentioning other people.

Am so over your nonsense alphabet/facebook it is ridiculous. And I am incredibly immune. Alphabet/facebook you are cowardly worms and not much else – respect others privacy.

My IQ and EQ are just fine – I am incredibly healthy – astonishingly bad conduct from creepy tech corps. Real.

Am being incredibly careful of the words I use here for a reason.

People telling me to get angry – I have rarely been angry about anything in my life – and two creepy tech corps whose software I don’t use invading my and others privacy is not ok.

I am sticking to happy thoughts.

I got this. It’s all good. Honest.

Happy thoughts xo


In fact that was pretty serious – final warning facebook. Do that again either online or in the real world and this becomes an official law enforcement proceeding.

facebook just blocked access to viewing a specific instagram account (not a large account) via vpn to get my real IP address. Other instagram accounts were viewable. Deliberate. Only happens when my physical location is unknown. And some other low brow things from facebook.

Does it matter? Keep telling myself it doesn’t. I am not comfortable with that facebook for lots of reasons.


Most people only see the tip of the iceberg of the gauntlet alphabet/facebook create to try to manipulate and control others.

Am trying to think of any example in the history of humanity where art has been bad – I can think of nothing. Cave paintings would be banned on facebook. Censorship is not ok.

Micro targeted fudged algorithms are not ok. With existing AI technology, platforms could easily allow people to filter ‘offensive’ content, instead violence is allowed to be propagated to control and spread fear.

That tech platform censors beauty and truth and spreads lies and hate.

I don’t think it is reasonable for corporations to be asked to provide details of proprietary algorithms (bad corps would fake) Interoperability facilitates choice for consumers and protects against monopolistic conduct.

Apart from some real world sociopolitical disasters going on right now I’m personally happy right now. I’m staying focused on creating for the next bit.

I cannot emphasise enough there are more important things going on on the planet than the fake rumours being created by creepy corp software.

For the gazillionth time – respect others privacy alphabet/facebook – get the hint. Nothing like sociopaths in your home in the middle of the night to give a person that warm fuzzy feeling.

To be clear it is only alphabet/facebook with the constant invasions – predators only capable of copying others work. Other engineers and tech corps have outstanding privacy and ethics.

I will never visit silicon valley. No.

Facebook exactly what ‘disease’ are you going to eradicate : Eradicating the suit and tie wearing champagne set? Banning long haired surfers painting mermaids on the side of their kombis? Individuality? Freedom of expression? Innovation? Paying the creators of content for their work? Right to privacy? Financial institutions? People being safe to express their opinion without receiving death threats? Democracy? Freedom of choice? Journalism? Intelligent debate? Celebrating differences? Truth? A whole bunch of weird personal hangups about eggplants that platform seems to have that I will not mention? What are you really eradicating facebook.

Or is the answer all of the above.

Seriously. No facebook.

facebook is badly censored, micro targeted, Pavlov’s dog evoking monopolistic social media spyware.

alphabet/facebook you just took away my privacy and freedom for over a year – every where I go every time on almost every device – not ok. Typical bully poke from alphabet/facebook until get a reaction then go ‘what’s wrong with you’.

Alphabet jokingly said last year I was being corralled – I am not ok with that. And I am incredibly immune right now.

Success is always something to be celebrated but not when it comes from monitoring others to use for own gain and exploitation.

alphabet/facebook are all about diversion. facebook are not that interested in caring for people – most people who deal with the founder can tell he is not a people person – facebook is about something else. All diversion from their real objective and bullshit mostly.

Happy thoughts.

All good xo I got this.


December 2019

Am writing in this blog in reverse from now on – for so many reasons.

Will be full time in (neither oz nor usa) very soon.

Happy holidays. God bless.

I spent a lot of my time at uni chained to various bulldozers and trees and helping people create things that I still consider important.

We can create a beautiful and peaceful planet and it is our duty to do so.

In some places sociopolitically (and particularly environmentally) we seem to have gone significantly backwards in the last decade.

December 2019 around a dozen human lives lost and an estimated half a million animals in the last few weeks due to climate emergency bushfires in Australia.

Simple ideas often return the best results, planting trees really works.

I love these people : Bonn Challenge


January 2020

A few days into January around two dozen human lives lost and thousands of properties destroyed.

Scientists have revised the estimate up to 480 million (that’s almost half a billion) animals, birds, reptiles lost in the last few months due to climate emergency bushfires in Australia. Insects are not counted and form such a vital part of the food chain.

Bushfires or not, sugar gliders (a type of possum) and flying foxes drop out of trees dead when temperatures rise above 40 degrees celsius.

The climate emergency is extinction level for some species – including humans.

A year of drought over most of the Australian continent has an effect, every person I have spoken to in oz has said the same thing – never this severe before ever.

The climate emergency is worldwide – [Southern Africa has been severely impacted by drought and extreme weather]

Volunteer firefighters performing super human acts and the currently elected ‘Australian’ prime minister Morrison takes a holiday to Hawaii and the Minister for Emergency Services Elliot on holiday in Europe.

I like truth a lot.

Politicians denying the climate emergency in 2020 is inexcusable.

Many of Australia’s politicians are doing an extraordinary job right now – we have some good ones.

[I’ve never met Morrison, nor Elliot]

I was lucky enough to meet some of our greatest political leaders – one I never met but sat in the auditorium for some of the best talks.

Social media posts by deniers of climate emergency science over the last few weeks. I genuinely believe everyone is entitled to express their opinion, it’s the fudged algorithmic micro targeting by those platforms that is concerning.

All life on the planet is at risk. It is actually serious.

‘pay us and we will post/advertise anything’ snakeoil mobster facebook bots.

Or could easily (and responsibly) algorithmically flag those posts with a ‘not supported by science’ sticker. Let people express their opinions freely. No bad censorship. Not complicated.

Fake information being spread on social media (and elsewhere) causes significant harm during any crisis and has been well documented by others.

There are some brilliant people using social media for good during the ongoing crisis – not all fake.

During the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, naughties significant steps forward were made worldwide sociopolitically (including environmentally) World heritage environmental reserves created, walls came down around countries, treaties ratified, disarmament.

Massively backwards sociopolitically in the last few years in some places.

No indirect reference to anyone in the above – just the stunningly bad destructive conduct of one or two ‘we sell people’s data’ tech corps. No one is entitled to speak on my behalf.

(creepy tech corps) that is consistently still out there creepy conduct. Unacceptable. No way I am dignifying any of that conduct – get the hint. No human has to tolerate that. The invasions of my and others privacy (and worse) are astonishing.

That has never been alphabet ‘helping’ anyone – that has always been about something else. Am still not sure why some people still think all day hazing by a tech corporation whose software I don’t use was anything but actual torture from this end (and alphabet knew this) – but alrighty then.

Some people that I love a lot keep me focused on the important things.

alphabet/facebook wow I am over your nonsense.

I genuinely never use alphabet software nor look at any alphabet anything (youtube now and then and not for years until 2019) no indirect references in anything I write here.

Alphabet/facebook conduct is a bit worse than most realise – am not mentioning right now.

Back to happy thoughts.

I currently have frogs coming inside during the day to avoid the heat, and lining up at the door to exit at sundown. So unless we all want to be living stepping over amphibians indoors suggest take action.

The climate emergency science is well established and robust.


Sir David Attenborough, your voice and your work means so much to all of us. 


Lots of beautiful thoughts from everyone sent rain to the forests here in oz in January.


That’s an ecological disaster almost beyond comprehension. I know many people are determined to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

Am genuinely surprised more universities are not already on this list :

Sustainable Development Goals Accord (Global Climate Emergency Letter)

As one advantage, add up the amount spent on electricity on the entire campus in a year (including the physics/medical labs, dorm areas, external lighting) multiply that by a decade or two. Compare that to the cost of student installed (and perhaps built) solar panels on the more than ample roof space on campus, the university I attended replaced a car park with a solar panel array in the nineties.

Funding can be awarded to cover costs. Carbon neutral is more than just electricity and has some great opportunities for research and projects.

(engineering faculties are usually already carbon neutral [space station ready] maybe not all)

Using electric golf buggies to move equipment around campus is (cost) effective.

When I was very short I always thought that clean tech : renewable energy, thermal insulation, recycling human waste etc was all the same technology useful for space travel. And that made it very useful.

We replaced one of our chancellors through petition. Another we parked a mini minor in their office (removed furniture first) as a going away present, they looked good driving off.


Am no longer at uni. Stay safe xo

(teaching/administrative (chancellor) positions at universities can now and then be embarrassingly political)

Decentralised energy production (selling excess back to the grid) has a smaller footprint (including no long distance power lines) and reduces the risk of blackouts during emergency situations. Australia had a government funded rebate program to encourage people to install solar a few years ago. Farmers got subsidies for placing wind turbines in their paddocks – additional revenue during drought.

Still using coal for electricity is nonsensical.


Two billion children currently live in air pollution higher than international limits (6.4 million people die each year due to air pollution)

Please tell me the current Australian Federal Government did not recently approve a new (foreign owned) coal mine for developing nations. Impossible to comprehend. Australia is the worlds largest coal exporter – to be increasing production in 2020 is inexcusable.

Who is responsible. The addict addicted to a toxic substance or the drug supplier? Stop the drug supplier and the addict soon recovers.

Shipping a substance that is so toxic when burnt it is directly responsible for millions of human deaths each year and causes decadal damage to the planets fragile environment.

There are numerous safe alternatives to electricity production other than coal.

Stunningly backwards sociopolitically in the last few years in some places.

Viable to take a commission off other people generating electricity similar to the alphabet/facebook business model (or in facebooks case take all of the income from other peoples work – give us your electricity for free)


January 22nd

The top oil producing nations in the world as of the end of 2019 are in order : USA, Saudi Arabia, Russia.


I’m not rushin’

The climate emergency science is well established and robust.

The greatest minds on the planet right now seem to think that unless carbon emissions have been reduced then nothing of value has been achieved.

Not reducing emissions is currently a death sentence for millions of people each year, causing extinctions of irreplaceable species, extreme weather events, food shortages, hundreds of billions in negative economic impact each year. And the numbers are increasing rapidly.

A lot of great people are determined to correct the climate crisis.

Happyish thoughts.

Drove through hundreds of kilometres of empty paddocks in Australia this week. Not bushfire effected, just climate emergency drought. Those paddocks should have livestock or crops. Inexcusable for the Federal Government to deny the climate emergency is destroying livelihoods.

Seeing that many heat stressed animals (including livestock) everywhere I go for weeks gets to a human.


The climate emergency is real.

Divesting from fossil fuels will happen this decade. Planet in danger.

ecosia.org – an internet search engine that aids reforestation




January 31

For the current Australian Federal Government to say we must maintain coal mining jobs in 2020 is not ok.

Working in a coal mine is one of the most hazardous jobs and coal miners have a shortened life expectancy.


The substance is hazardous to mine (coal dust) and toxic when burnt – killing millions each year.


Creating clean tech (non hazardous) jobs (and retraining) to replace coal mining is the only thing that makes sense.

No rational human says that people must keep working in coal mines to produce electricity in 2020. That is giving people a death sentence.


I like steel – it’s a useful product (coke required but in smaller quantities)

Mining is ok. Using coal for electricity is not ok.

Where we grew up has had clean air and clean beaches since the nineties.

Pacifists always win. Always.

I started out studying economics and working in finance – economically simply cannot afford not to divest from fossil fuels. Many people are already readjusting their portfolios away from fossil fuels.

Over half a billion lives just got wiped off the face of the earth in a few weeks due to the man-made climate emergency. It matters.


Just read an article by the David Suzuki foundation on the virtues of electric buses in reducing emissions – low cost and fast to put in place. 


Electric buses also reduce noise pollution compared to their diesel counterparts.


(China already has around half a million electric buses in use)

Am certain saving people is my job. Not the other way around.

In a heartbeat and always. Happy thoughts.




February 1

(Ignore this post – it’s creepy)

Completely irrelevant, but am over the invasions from creepy corps on my and other peoples devices :

Privacy matters.

One of the hosting companies I have used and recommended for over a decade has been offsetting their carbon for over a decade.

I have never visited Silicon Valley. Nor will I ever. And I would massively like alphabet to stop hacking my and other peoples devices.


Unasked for monitoring does not make people safer or comfortable – exact opposite usually.


That is a violation almost beyond comprehension on a daily basis from genuinely some of the sleaziest people on the planet thinking they have the right to monitor (and interfere with or threaten) others.


Software I have written with others has been used by more than most people realise.

Nope was not thinking about dating during divorce in 2018 and zero chance of me meeting anyone from a tech corp that thinks that conduct is professional, funny or clever. I am an incredibly serious person and that is not something I ever joke about. That was always about something not helpful from alphabet. Could have done without that from creepy tech corps and the explicit threats to my and others safety from creepy tech corps (online and in the real world)

Most people don’t like fake things about their personal lives being public.


Any other fake rumours creepy corps? No am not dating a married person, nor unemployed, am bhuddist monkette style zero ego, divorce seems like a lifetime ago not me mentioning, am based in neither oz nor usa, not that it matters but I do not have the physique of a lazy person that watches tv all day, I read a lot, I like most people and they like me, am not without a home, I respect others privacy and nothing means more to me, am happy and incredibly healthy. Anything else?

Everywhere I go, everything I do creepy tech corps letting me know they are there too (and worse) No human has to put up with that. Ever.


Contact from creepy bad tech corps is the worst experience of my life by miles and I have been incredibly clear about that. 


Creepy corps are bullies that create threats and then simultaneously act like the ones trying to save you from it – nope am pretty sure that’s exclusively bad tech corps with the bad conduct. 


Some people that I love a lot keep me focused on the important things.

The mindset of creepy tech corps is astonishing – they actually think they get to decide what others do – and not just towards me. And they actively monitor and coerce both online and in the real world.

The natural instinct of alphabet is to eliminate any competitor or perceived threat. Not even a conscious thought just an instinctive reflex action – kind of like swatting a mosquito with no afterthought whatsoever. Have seen alphabet swat others again and again and again and again. Always followed by vehement ‘It wasn’t me’ oh, yes it was – and often subtle and incredibly calculated.

Creepy corps are ‘engineers’ who fake gossip about lots of other people – and enjoy it – indicator of their privacy mindset.

More than one bad tech corp inexplicably hazed a woman non stop about fake versions of their personal life and simultaneously made out she was the one obsessed with dating and so so much more. Um. No. Indicator of their mindset.

No that was never helpful, nor a compliment nor an opportunity from bad tech corps – that is actual slime torture and them interfering by brute force if necessary. 

Twenty thousand people walked out of alphabet to protect their co workers for a reason. Nice or not nice that is textbook bad daily from creepy corps and not ok. facebook guy is known for threatening others – that is not a people person. 

I like integrity.

As always alphabet/facebook trying to take something that belongs to others and use it for their own gain.

Software is a service – humans do not serve software. Some tech corps have taken their god complex delusions a tad far.

It’s a sociopolitical (and some other things) invoked mood. Non ideal.

I’m in a relationship and happily creating.


My simple wish for years is to never hear from alphabet again. Now and then for the last year I type something into youtube in the hope they may get the hint :


(was neither in Russia nor using a Russian IP address, nor have I looked up anything Russian for about ever)

The above is from October last year. This week it’s a similarly non amusing ‘apologies for the interruption’ pop up now and then when I view a video (and some other things)

What I type there should be private and it’s not (and so much more) What any person types there should be private and it’s not.

And it is significantly worse than that from both alphabet/facebook.


As for facebooks typical – well other people could build a platform. Other people have built platforms, but those other platforms are not predatory and anti-competitive like facebook is. Know damn well you create fake accounts (and so much more) on other platforms facebook – to bully people off the platform – I’ve seen some of them in action.


More social media platforms are not necessarily required – interoperability to facilitate choice for consumers and to protect their rights is required.

Please get the hint creepy corps.

Respect others privacy.


You have no right to my or others information and nothing I am doing is any of your business nor has it ever been. 

What don’t you get about that creepy corps?

Back to happy thoughts.

All good. I got this.

[12 march] wordpress client support is very good, have logged three tickets ever (carbon, homepage, bug) and will unlikely log another.

Am just using the paid wordpress service to type into.

I have never been involved in wordpress (other than giving them some accepted server side patches here and there yonks ago). Am passionate about the importance of open source software and it was instant setup only reason blog is there.

Would massively like to not have to be negative, the wordpress white background homepage showing the ‘arvo brothers’ for a few months is stunningly ist. No sisters at wordpress? Amongst other things, why depict women looking creepy wordpress – what is clever about that to you? Man standing and women sitting, women are waiting for males – kidding me. They were running only ads showing nothing but a pile of cash for months (via alphabet most likely) – I didn’t even realise – that’s a bit tragic wordpress. We are not interested by wordpress ‘arvo brothers’, sorry.

Not a complaint just an observation, I genuinely believe people can express themselves however they like, however the white background homepage is a bit ist for our liking.

Prefer staying focused on the positive.

We will be moving this blog to a platform that offsets carbon.

Would make sense to remove the tracking (continue with a google login) from the wordpress login page – but that’s up to them.

Does blogger allow (continue with a wordpress login)?

wordpress mostly does good on the planet.

wordpress committing to offsetting their carbon would be awesome.

Anything important going on on the planet right now wordpress or are you still doing the tech corps making fun of women thing that most of us have been speaking out against since 2017?


The above is facebook’s official news release for World Mental Health Day 2019. Yes, thats only a male giving advice. And some other ist things. Indicator of the mindset of that platform.

Interoperability facilitates choice for consumers.

I intend to stay focused on creating.

Have never used Uber in my life – whilst on the subject of yuks.

Literally dozens and dozens of not helpful yuks from bad tech corps on other peoples devices between every post – nice or not nice that is not ok – being forced to have a negative thought daily due to invasions is not ok. Kidding me.

Am incredibly over the privacy invading conduct of creepy corps and having to ignore, react or now and then type about it here.

I am stunningly uncomfortable with people at the worst reputation tech corps on the planet thinking they are any way involved in other peoples lives – they are not. You have no right to my information nor the information of others. Software is a service.

My personal life is incredibly private, not me mentioning anyone.

Creepy corps predatory attempts at control are stunning.

Am oscillating between whether creepy corps are more like a seething pit of snakes or vultures trying to pick at peoples flesh.

Creepy corps want to take what belongs to others and use it for their own gain – often against explicit requests.

Really, it’s all about a long term plan – can take the person out of the country but cannot take the country out of the person, clearly.

Am certain I asked creepy tech corps to respect my privacy in 2017 – am certain they increased the attack rather than respecting my wishes. Am certain no tech corp speaks on my behalf – they seem to think they do – and will coerce non stop if need be – indicator of their mindset.

People that I love a lot create clouds of love – not the clouds of surveillance, hate speech, paranoia and delusions creepy corps create.

Respect others privacy.

No one speaks on my behalf ever.

Ignore all of the above. It’s a sociopolitical and endless endless privacy invasions invoked mood.



It’s not one person sitting behind a curtain messing around with stuff, it’s teams of people.

Why am I uncomfortable with an honest, intelligent guy like the above having access to peoples information?

And it’s not funny alphabet conduct is worse than most realise and incredibly serious.

Way over every privacy line imaginable alphabet and I’m over it.

[ignore this – March 28]

creepy corps just did something stunningly bad that I will not repeat.

Anyone who has ever had a stalker knows what it feels like to be contacted during private moments.

It’s not complicated. Being so collaborative and all and being such helpful tech folk you think creepy corps would use software tools to communicate, creepy corps do not ‘help’ others – that is be a bully until get a reaction and then gloat from creepy corps.

My EQ is fine creepy corps. No drugs. No I do not have a mental illness and if I did I would be a proud card carrying member (mild PTS here and there due to real events by creepy corps, my cortisol levels were off the charts at the start of last year – no flashbacks and I could do with some) My body is so resilient doctors were amazed I walked in unassisted and was able to speak coherently. And you do not know how much trying to use labels towards others angers me creepy corps. Anything else creepy corps?

People at creepy corps with no people skills, a history of threatening conduct, tens of thousands of workers walking out, stunningly ist attitudes, appalling privacy conduct, multiple office sexual misconduct, badly censored content, deceitful nonstop with zero ethics, thinking they have input into my anything is deluded. That many real threats towards myself and others from creepy corps is not ok. It’s stunningly not ok creepy corps – get the hint.

Fake everything from creepy corps – absolutely deliberate to harm others as always.

The worst reputation tech corps on the planet are continually hazing (and worse) a woman about fake versions of their personal life. Indicator of those platforms attitudes. My personal life is private and nothing to do with anyone in tech. And the woman happens to be someone who has successfully managed million dollar tech projects. More than slightly textbook bad from creepy corps.

Tell you what creepy corps if I want anything but privacy from Silicon Valley – I will type it here. The most ist trolls we have ever encountered creepy corps. Please get the hint creepy corps (creepy corp bad conduct has been well documented by others) And it is the privacy invading conduct towards others that actually has me most livid – and I’ve never been angry before – unique experience from creepy corps that I could do without on a daily basis.

It’s called a road trip – lots do it – week here and there to get away from creepy corp nonsense and in the middle of nowhere there are only motels. Haven’t done that for decades it was on my list. Anything else creepy corps? Fake and deliberate by creepy corps and I will most likely take legal action. And it is significantly worse than most realise.

People that I love a lot keep me focused on the important things.

I am immune. But so over bad conduct from tech corps it is ridiculous.

facebook is not a ‘cure all medical disease’ platform, it’s about something else since inception. facebook guy has a long history of deceit and threatening conduct towards others. Software is a service nothing more.

Interoperability will happen.

What is unclear about that creepy corps? Hacking other peoples devices is not a skill you morons. Creepy corps are the most deceitful ist borg I have ever encountered.

Amongst other things, it’s tongue in cheek nothing, but thirty minutes of my time a month at a computer helped millions of people. I never muck around.

Nothing I have created has ever caused harm.

Am protecting others from sociopaths and I wish the sociopaths would get the hint.

I will never work at a tech corp again and I have been incredibly clear about this since exactly the end of 2016. Am stunned that creepy corps think they get to monitor, manipulate, bully or any input into what private citizens do – am not ok with that. Few know how bad that conduct is.

I work elsewhere.

Non stop harassment during private moments by the worst reputation tech corps on the planet – that’s not ok – that’s not pressure – that’s genuine yuk (and not just towards me) and am over modifying my behaviour due to sociopaths.

I still cannot believe how bad that conduct from creepy corps is – it’s taken me a solid year to get my head around.

See me sitting in a cafe staring into space for an hour – am not thinking about my personal life, that’s all fine – am thinking about non ideal real world creepy corps things.

Everywhere I go, everything I do, creepy corps for years – that is not ok. Software is a service – and I don’t use that spyware – bad corporations have no right to monitor/bully any person. Ever.

Creepy corps are deceitful bullies that create threats then act like the ones trying to protect – respect privacy.

The bad conduct of creepy corps has been well documented by others (including colleagues for a long time)

Absolute constant attempts to manipulate, bully, interfere with others from creepy corps.

My life is (and has been) filled with love. I’m not complaining about anything ever – other than the ugliness from bad tech corps, I am happy – and I am, like many others outraged at the conduct of the worst reputation tech corps on the planet especially around privacy. Few know how bad their conduct is.

You absolute cowardly worms creepy corps. No. Am not reacting again. Ever.

One teeny reaction, last night we were not logged in and searching a creepy corp platform about a friend – I don’t ever want to see those n, m words again – nor should any person. Make adult content filters available for all users searching on that crap software creepy corps.

I haven’t turned a computer on for yonks and I have been incredibly clear – respect privacy. Please get the hint creepy corps.

Am not a mmmmmaybe wishy washy person – I knew exactly what my plans were 2018 – and it took a lot lot of real world threats by creepy corps for me to postpone. Postponed – not stopped creepy corps and I will never forgive the invasions of others privacy. No creepy corps my plans do not involve dating and if it did that would be no one in techs concern. I said no in 2016 creepy corps. Unbelievably long list creepy corps. Not ok.

As a hint, compare any medical diagnostic software or console video game to the engineering that goes into creating say Twitter or Facebook. Creepy corps are not the best engineers on the planet just like Rump, Assad, Putin are not the best politicians, they are fibbing bullies (and some other things) and none of them have a business brain amongst them – gangster mindset nothing more.

Tweak an algorithm here, fudge a stat there, target an ad here, monitor everything, fake this and that, repeat (their versions) of others personal conversations to me, throw in some real world threats towards myself and others. That’s not actually a skill creepy corps.

I’m off to type something into a browser ….

Starting in 2018 the invasions of my and others privacy and safety due to threats from bad tech corps whose software I don’t use (and despite repeated requests for bad tech corps to respect others privacy). This will take me a while to get my head around. We are not buddies creepy corps, not even close. Creepy corps conduct both online and in the real world is so so much worse than most realise. Unbelievably not ok.

Get off my and others devices creepy corps. Am never reacting again.

as one example : creepy corps are basket weavers – research you and those around you until they think they know you better than you know yourself, take things that you liked but may have forgotten about and mention those things to you and then it all seems so warm and familiar without realising. Always manipulate via the people around you and never directly, influence your friends husband or wife. Fake information, try to create peer pressure. (gangster mindset take commissions off others work or in facebooks case all the income from others work) Ultimately it’s always about diversion from the real objective and finding the right fear button to push to try to control/bully. Endemic to the brains of some people from alphabet-land. I could go on.

And it is so much worse than most realise.

Oh, I am incredibly qualified to write about software – more than most tech writers. Do not try to make out it is my job or others to fix your crap spyware creepy corps, it is not. I would not touch that spyware nor do I use it.

Interoperability will happen.

The above is all actually meaningless and not something that matters to me – except that, that is seriously real sociopathic conduct from creepy corps towards myself and others that I could do without. It is not ok to monitor people I care about creepy corps.

So far outside my paradigm the privacy invading, ist attitudes make no sense at all – yet consistent and real stunningly bad conduct from creepy corps.

Respect privacy creepy corps.

No one speaks on my behalf ever.

Am so so going back to happy thoughts now.


[update 22/4 – ignore this post]

Am in a mood still about creepy corp stunning and repeated invasions of others privacy and some real world things.

To solve an effluent problem there’s the septic tank still reliably used in many parts of the world. Or even better create a series of ponds with plants and water critters, when the effluent reaches the final pond it is drinkable. It’s low cost. Easy to set up. Incredibly reliable. Aquaculture ready. There’s a science to it.

I read it in a book somewhere.

How many engineers from (corp) does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None. They prefer keeping people in the dark.

Am the least paranoid person (if anything am too trusting) – creepy corps are the deeply paranoid ones, not me monitoring, bullying or fibbing to others. Unbelievably not ok creepy corps. Golly gosh gee – I do not want to deflect creepy corp privacy invasions multiple times daily – it’s not complicated.

[and the difference between telcos and creepy corps is that telcos require location information to get signals to mobile devices whereas creepy corps have no valid reason to monitor people’s location. No valid reason to monitor (and try to interfere, manipulate or bully) others creepy corps – respect privacy. Software is a service.

I keep wishing I was imagining the creepy corp real world and online yuks towards myself and others – am not – and it’s seriously not ok. The ist, threatening/bullying, deceitful, manipulating and privacy invading conduct (and worse) of creepy corps has been well documented for years by others in tech and elsewhere. Creepy corps objective is not to ‘help’ others – it’s about something else. The fibbing and the language creepy corps use. Respect others privacy.]

The WordPress editor strips out blank lines when toggling between Visual and HTML view – it’s an unusual feature for a text editor. Lodged a ticket at the end of last year about the bug and <br/> tags not recognised. That’s their thing – no chance of any more bug fixes from us WordPress. Could go through and add <p>&nbsp;</p>. Not moving the spacing intentionally. Apologies. Posted videos started stretching all by dem selves without human intervention. Oh dear. Means nothing.

Back to happy thoughts.


[29/4 – ignore this]

I keep having to remind myself how pathological techsperts are. Looked a very talented platonic buddy up once – without contacting them the next time I looked them up a week or so later they were in rehab for alcohol relapse. Just another coincidence. And so many more real world things. It is significantly worse than most realise.

There is no chance of me ever visiting Silicon Valley. Be clear about this. Managing a web app is not difficult – lots do it. Due to conduct and invasions that went past not buddies in 2016 creepy corps – so instead creepy corps try to bully. Do what we want or else. Being a lying gangster mobster is not a skill.

Respect privacy creepy corps – that is so far beyond not ok.

Alphabet would never physically hurt me – they would ‘accidentally’ harm people around me – and they do seem happier when people are locked in houses and cannot leave. Facebook guy enjoys threatening/bullying others and killing life. Then there is the pandemic fibbing guy. I don’t want to think about creepy corp yuk. Ever. Nothing in my life is anything to do with anyone at a tech corp. maybe if I type that again.

Am certain I have said to the worst tech corps on the planet – respect others privacy. Am certain.

Not anything creepy corps. No.

[15/4 It’s exclusively creepy corps and corrupt yuks with the threats multiple daily – no one else. To suggest others are posing the threat is nonsensical. My IQ and EQ are fine. Am personally happy and a little over the stalky weird from creepy corps years ago – seriously. Significantly worse than most realise. I got this.]

[18/5 ignore this]

Zero chance of me turning on a computer during this ‘accident’. Am happily employed and zero chance of me ever working at a tech corp – I’ve been clear. Kidding me – Nice or not nice that is not ok you ist borg creepy corps.

Monitoring others to try to copy or interfere is the only way you can creepy corps.

I got this


What outrages us the most is creepy corps thinking they can make money off things others create (take all the income from others work gates-funded-fb, twitter-likes-trolls etc) Creepy corps think they can patent and use what an opportunity to make cash. We think that is simply something created for the global good to uplift people.

Beyond contempt for ist creepy corps trolls – truly.


[19/5 ignore this]

Lets take that IQ test creepy corps.

Notion that my life has revolved around parties or outsides or dating is nonsensical at best and an indicator of creepy yuks (no words) mindset. It’s about something else.

Think I’ve been clear about how inappropriate it is for worst reputation tech corps to think they are involved in private citizens lives.

Gangster platforms have humans reading others communication on “private” channels on a whim – to be clear that means alphabet/(twitter likes trolls)/facebook – others respect privacy. I have never used facebook/(twitter likes trolls) due to their boasting privacy invading conduct towards others – see what we can do? Um. No. Gangsters actually think messing around with other peoples stuff is funny or a skill or smart; they target explicit threats to others safety and find it amusing; they gossip relentlessly and inappropriately; they fib constantly; they own many of the fake accounts to annoy people and trigger things; and they boast about it. Am tragically being accurate. So much worse than most realise.

Done with your stupid revenge on the jocks creepy corps?

Jocks shouldn’t be getting the cheering crowds we the (gangsters) should be – we are smart they are stupid mindset creepy corp have. Fibbing, bullying and copying others work is not a skill creepy corps.

Creepy corp software usage increases, almost every other industry decimated and billions of people forced into hardship – zero effort by creepy corps to alert or track virus that was known all year beyond a tiny donation.

As creepy corp software usage increases so does the incidence of other health (psychological) and societal issues – this has been well documented for years.

The blatant fibbing by “medical techsperts” all year is not ok.

Conduct of creepy corps is significantly worse than most realise.

I really like going to sporting events with my family and friends. Sport and kids in school is healthy. That’s just me.

Children are not effected by this virus (and research suggests perhaps transmit it less than adults) and there has been only one report of an open school transmitting the virus worldwide all year.

Amongst other things how is a family that live under the same roof going out boating for a day harmful? Kidding me. Even in the highest infection regions walking along the beach is safe and has huge positive health and psychological benefits. Way too restrictive.

Am not anti-lockdown (for a bit if hospitals overrun), I am anti fibbing. In regions with no incidence of disease for months lockdown is criminal and caused significant increase of health, societal and economic issues for absolutely no reason.

House arrests that are that restrictive benefit exactly one creepy corp sector and meanwhile an unnecessarily high death toll in some places.

Effective medical treatments have been known for months and “medical techsperts” know this.

Rightfully most places getting (tech) alert systems in place and reopening.

Listen to local hospitals.


That’s just my reasonably knowledgeable blog therapy for the day done. Just my opinion. Am not objective at all in this moment. So much worse than most realise.


Stay out of this people that I love a lot. I got this.

Am personally happy. Stay safe.


[ignore this am still in a mood]

The blatant fibbing by “medical techsperts” is way over every line imaginable.

People should never feel that fearful.

facebook running ads saying ‘facebook is a safe place’ during the lockdowns. How many explicit threats have you given people facebook guy? Others have documented for years. How many people bullied, badly censored and harassed on that platform for years? (tech is available to curtail)

facebook guy is not a people person, that’s about something else since inception.

Creepy corps are absolute smile across the table while kicking you under it types, pathological liars, the Putin, Assad of engineers and nothing more. Deny everything and act victimy as always creepy corps – just a glitch.

In a few weeks when everyone safe I fully intend to switch on a computer – we are not buddies creepy corps. I like life.

Creepy corps are the most negative destructive deceitful stupid bullies I have ever encountered – bad conduct of creepy corps has been documented by others for years.

Just my opinion.

Back to happy thoughts.


Not replacing thanking the chef personally with UberDoesn’tDeliver just yet creepy corps. I like truth.

Creepy tech corps still inexplicably think they are involved in private citizens anything. To be clear nothing in my life has anything to do with a tech corp and never did. Remains stunning to me the way the worst tech corps are non stop stalking a private citizen and people around them in a deliberately threatening way. (creepy corps get all bully fake victimy we are not trying to hurt anyone – um it’s been well documented by others for years creepy corps) And the conduct I have personally witnessed from creepy corps is so bad there are almost no words to describe – that’s pathological conduct. I’ve been pretty clear creepy corps. Respect others privacy.

And have probably only sent one email in my life (last year) containing the swear words (piss off). I meant it.

I got this.


[May 31 – ignore this]

Um looks like wordpress broke wordpress posted videos again – all videos vanished off this post all by themselves – putting them back today they are stretched and according to the wordpress article I read a month or so ago have to go through and put codes in again to stop wordpress videos stretching in wordpress – even though video device optimisation is on/off – and toggling between visual and HTML mode to enter the codes will strip out all the blank lines in the post – do I care about any of that. No. Nada. Zilch. Am more of an upload a video, post it onto the page and it works kind of human. Am really not a let’s mess around with software or delete stuff to show how stupid we are type. WordPress are messing around with other stuff (nice or not nice is all just stupid) almost every time I login to show how not clever they are – I am oblivious. Um, me using software is never a conversation Silicon Valley creeps – a person does not sit at a computer to have a conversation with creeps. Respect others privacy creepy corps. No support tickets logged – zero patches from me ever again wordpress. Embedded videos displayed correctly without additional codes up until about two months ago, when they started stretching and someone other than me just deleted videos off this post – just a software glitch. Breaking things deliberately is not a skill wordpress – that’s just stupid. Not interested wordpress. At all. Not even the teeniest bit.

Genuinely creepy yuks invading others privacy despite repeated requests to respect boundaries is appalling conduct creepy corps. Um, creepy corps there is no relationship of any description between me and anyone in Silicon Valley – and I have been clear about this.

The conduct is significantly worse than most realise. And if I ignore escalate to real world threats and or threats towards others.

Ignore the blog. Most people in tech brilliant it is exclusively (Silicon Valley) “we manage a web app and it is really hard” folks thinking messing with others is a skill. Way way over every line imaginable.

Respect others privacy. That is appalling conduct creepy corps. Am not interested and over being forced to be negative – ignoring bad conduct daily from creepy corps is exhausting (mostly nice but way over the line) Have been pretty clear.

Nothing in my life is anything to do with anyone is tech.

Creepy corps hire rapists often and it shows – they really do. Thousands walk out of their offices for a reason. Thankfully have never experienced sexual assault but know way too many that have – have not appreciated being harrassed daily by creepy corps the most repulsive cretins I have ever encountered. What part of that is unclear creepy corps?

If think I will ever change my mind about this bad conduct deluding yourselves creepy corps. Get the hint. No human has to put up with that creepy corps.

Am in a mood about some other real world things in this moment but the white background WordPress homepage graphics are (no words) stunningly ist


(and there is no way 40% of internet traffic is on wordpress sites – 4% (if that) of total traffic is probably more accurate)


(and another glitch – the first time typed the below it magically appeared in black text only when published – no tickets logged by me other than yesterday and with absolute sincerity)

[7 June 2021  ignore this – amongst a gazillion other things – wordpress placed an overlay on published posts on the anniversary of BLM – indicates who they are. And I should have typed “ist talentless slugs” a hundred times – repulsive ist slugs wordpress core. The worst text editor have ever used – my Amiga had more functionality. Decades in tech that is the second time (after years of interruptions from slugs at terminals at wordpress) that have ever been appalled enough to provide negative feedback after that deliberately blacked out for weeks to get a reaction, the first was Instagram after a dozen deluded invasions of others privacy and interruptions and their ticket read along the lines of “know how sick I am of sociopaths like fb monitoring others online” – and after thousands of invasions and appalling interruptions exclusively from creepy corps during the last decade should have posted a thousand negative feedbacks. Am certain have been clear creepy corps – respect others privacy you ist repulsive deluded slugs.  A text editor means nothing – ignore this post – wordpress stupidly trying to create some drama – about a thousand stupid easter eggs from creepy corps to show how not clever they are to try to get a reaction – nope – there is no drama and have never been vaguely interested by anything the ist core team at wordpress tragically think is clever – no swear words from me – but my gosh creepy corps have my contempt – the most unintelligent ugly ist slugs. Respect others privacy – provoke or harass people and they correctly remind you to respect privacy and call you ist slugs – suggest get the hint. How many Asians etc on staff at zero skill set wordpress – revolting ist slugs. The core team at wordpress are not the best or brightest thus the chip on their shoulders, I no longer work in tech but be clear that no one on wordpress core would be good enough to be on my development teams and have worked with some brilliant ones – other than their flagrant ist attitudes, for wordpress core a blacked out overlay on published posts is simply their pedantic and nonsensical “people shouldn’t edit published posts” – amongst many other things most think text editors should preserve white space between edits, click and upload videos and good engineers respect others privacy – what ugly deluded ist twits – truly]

Like many others my soul was bruised this time last year, add the conduct of some inept pallid bureaucrats hogging vaccines – am way past zero tolerance for ugly attitudes this (year) – am with the ninety percent of people on the planet that are at zero tolerance for mind-boggingly unintelligent deluded white male bureaucratic trash. 

Beyond contempt for every ist creep in Silicon Valley.

Am massively not cool with the draconian ist conduct creepy corps.

Creepy corps seriously need to get it into their stunningly limited brains that people can actually do whatever they want and it is absolutely nothing to do with some ist twits that manage web apps.

“She should ….” what exactly creepy corps – and they have no idea how ist their mindset is – am certain have repeatedly stated respect others privacy creepy corps.

It is the creepy corp “do what (we) want or else” attitude towards many that is particularly offensive.

Am permanently at zero tolerance ugly creepy corps and am putting up with more invasions and threats towards myself and others daily from ugly creepy corp slugs than any person should – so far beyond contempt from me creepy corps there are no words. Am reacting every few hundred invasions from creepy corps – am ignoring but every now and then reminding creepy corps to respect privacy and what ist deluded slugs they are is required.


10 September 2021 – ignore this – Huge Yawn

Not a great result for the planet during the creepy corps (year)

Imagine a world where people could create what ever they like, say what ever they like, express themselves however they like without surveillance or interference or threats or censorship from ist unintelligent trolls at creepy corps – we were privileged to grow up in a free society without censorship and we intend to get freedom, equality and peace back on target.

Know that you have my contempt deluded ist unintelligent trolls of creepy corps (have never felt contempt before) And beyond appalling that creepy corps types think sitting at a computer all day copying others work or creating form field software is anything interesting, exciting or complicated – only creepy corps manage to make that seem difficult (AI to filter text has been around since the nineties absolutely fibbing spiel from creepy corps – ist troll-platforms founders enjoy threatening and bullying others and are the ones creating many of the fake accounts being used to troll others on their troll-platforms)

Creepy corps seriously need to reflect upon their privacy invading conduct and ist everything towards so many people, their conduct all (year) maps/tech are handy etc and know for sure zero interaction from me beyond contempt creepy corps. Am done being polite. 

(usually unhelpful alphabet did the most tech wise during outbreaks and they are not pretending to be a “cure all disease” charity like “at cost” Microsoft/gates-funded-facebook. Outlook is so tampered with it is nonsensical – gmail did dumb things, but never that. Apple are the only corp to never once muck around with software while using – huge kudos for respecting others privacy. I no longer work in tech but there are privacy respecting tech corps out there, lots of good ones about (IBM/Oracle etc) To have a sociopath like form-field fb bullying others, taking all the income from others work and selling people’s data earning more revenue than great innovators like IBM is fundamentally wrong)

Apps developed by non creepy corps have not once mucked around with software – that would be rude – people say hi and this person always say hi back – human. Am beyond over the privacy invading offensive not clever ist crap creepy corps – get the hint – and without attaching labels or making generalisations (that would be rude) what ugly people you are creepy corps deceitful gates-funded-facebook especially.

Bitcoin is seriously not a great idea.

Corporations that fib and invade others privacy are criminal – imagine if a telco had people listening in to conversations like fb does on a whim – worse than that they are monitoring people browsing to other websites. Worse than that they are monitoring private citizens with all devices off in ways am not typing now.

How dare the most deceitful repulsive ist slugs at creepy corps monitor (and worse) private citizens – get the hint. Creepy corps think every time she logs in if we interrupt her with a blah that will make her like us – um – no. Zero EQ creepy corps are the most repulsive ist slugs have ever encountered – invading others privacy is never acceptable. (and so much worse conduct am not typing now)

Fibbing ist trolls in tech falsely thinking they are in control of something beyond managing crap software is not ok. To be reasonable some real geniuses in tech and every other blogging service yelled at us to get off appallingly ist wordpress constantly. It’s software do your jobs creepy corp slugs and respect others privacy – deliberately putting stupid easter eggs in software or invading others privacy is not even slightly clever and is immediate get fired conduct at real engineering corps. That is nothing to do with us and everything to do with the appalling ist attitudes of repulsive tech slugs. Every wordpress homepage image has been appallingly ist for about four years – repulsive and deluded ist slugs – let me be clear about that. Get some women on your core team wordpress.

Not something we are thinking about.

Engineers respect others privacy. Not once have I ever nor would ever violate another’s privacy, nor stalk or harass anyone. Get. The. Hint. Creepy. Corps. After creepy corp conduct this (year) beyond contempt creepy corps. No longer work in tech and haven’t switched on a computer for over a year which makes creepy corp invasions exponentially more appalling.

Every negative thought have ever had in my life has been about creepy corps cretins – prefer not. Seriously.

Not a great result for the planet during the creepy corps (year)

Happily the corrupt bureaucrats responsible are being replaced in many places – and we are counting the days.


[15 June 2021 – genuinely ignore this

an example of what alphabet have been doing all week like only employees at a Russian corp can ….



Means nothing, we don’t actually know anyone currently involved with alphabet. And am not appreciative of their invasions of others privacy.

Am not involved with creepy corps nonsense.

Creepy corps are one thing, having the most crass, ist, unintelligent and corrupt (male) bureaucrats monitoring (and worse) others on a whim we are massively not ok with. Few people have ever endured that level of bureaucratic monitoring and harassment nor should they ever – corrupt and deluded bureaucratic conduct.

Find any person on the planet that would be comfortable with creeps in tech or those crass corrupt (male) bureaucrats monitoring (and worse) others – an appalling violation by truly revolting people beyond comprehension. Am certain have been clear. 

(have been told wordpress are amongst those providing location info to others every time login – not even slightly cool. Am I comfortable with Amazon knowing my location – not massively – what happens at Amazon stays at Amazon and they know what they did wrong – they do not do things by halves including violating privacy protocols and that was a whopper. Am I comfortable with alphabet knowing my location – not at all and tricky to avoid. Am so not paranoid and outside my privacy respecting paradigm it took until May 2020 for it to dawn on me Microsoft were happily handing over info. gates-funded-facebook happily hands over user data and is a sociopath deliberately fudging software and seeding fake things about many people  to trigger things “where is (that person) now” is that sociopaths deliberate stalkerverse. twitter-likes-trolls too long a list of not cool and all mostly without logging in just browsing with cookies/trackers disabled both with or without VPN – appalling. It’s a long list of not cool creepy corp conduct. Zero chance of creepy corp trolls listening in on private conversations – deluded creeps)

Explicit threats to my and others safety come exclusively from inept bureaucrats and creepy corps – no one else – their excuse that they are committing crime to be “helpful” is nonsensical.

Obviously am not a criminal and obviously nothing in my past, present or future is the concern of any bureaucrat – appallingly corrupt bureaucratic conduct.

Back to happy thoughts.



An example of what real engineers do ….

A popular video sharing app is being incorrectly criticised for privacy for intending to implement facial recognition logins. This is software on which people mostly only upload videos of themselves – using facial recognition as an option to login rather than ever having to provide an email/phone is actually brilliant for a video sharing app, it reduces the amount of personal information being collected and is more privacy protecting. There will never be a phone/email or other personal information stored for that person – brilliant.


That’s the olde (sports stars) shouldn’t get the cheering girls, creepy corps should – we are smart and they are dumb. This image appeared as lockdowns started.

Stacks of women developers about that are better than anyone in the core team at wordpress for decades – and yet none on the core team of that project – no idea how appalled we are at some real world things creepy corp cretins. And yet the cretins in tech just keep on being ist. Every homepage graphic for years from the first I saw – headshot of a non-caucasian woman with blonde dreadlocks wearing a mortar (school) to the above has been montaged to be stunningly ist.

Absolutely non negotiable.

And for those that don’t know was only ever on back end teams – not front end. Back end. And along with most engineers have low tolerance for creepy corp copy others work form-field privacy invading crap. 

Absolutely non negotiable.

(obviously no offence intended to any original artists above, am just over tech corps just a teeny bit)


[ignore this post]

Most good engineers politely decline creepy corps and when they do they often get harrassed/threatened by creepy corps – creepy corp bad conduct has been well documented by others for years. Do what we want or else.

(Hand on the bible I always reply to emails and snail mail. Always. Lots of “glitches” about – “glitches” not something worth thinking about – but real. If things vanish off this blog again, or any other tech snafus – not me doing that just ignore. Do not read anything into tech “glitches” ever. It still sounds insane to say it out loud – if I publicly post a hey I may be putting that persons life in danger. Significantly worse than most realise. Imagine the worst troll like ogre. Imagine if that person was monitoring your online everything etc while in a few countries – and not only monitoring but real world incidents along the way. Except it is not just one troll like ogre it’s about half a dozen or so. Ridiculous. And yet so real.

Am so glad I realised a few other ogres during the last few months – did not enter my mind – but explains a lot of the stalky weird.

Am used to death threats towards people from creepy tech corps. I really am and that’s non ideal.)

GPS starts to send the car down alleys for no reason. Random person in the street walks up or jogs by and says something that happened in the privacy of my home the night before. Police assault a Martin during protests (my grandfather was a Martin too that’s a kind of a two for one deal from gangsters). Someone deeply admired was found in an elevator followed by some appalling blahs from creepy corps (and so many other threats). Electricity shuts off in the middle of the night (often) Stupid search results every day got dull years ago. Being contacted multiple times a day every day during private moments by creepy corps. Dozens of real world incidents – so many people killed by gangsters. Am not dignifying the long list. Nothing that can be reported. Just trying to scare and manipulate others mostly and I ignore and creepy corps escalate to real world threats.

So far outside my paradigm I refuse to think that way ever. And yet gangsters just keep on being gangster trolls.

Am a solution type and am so calm about this now it is ridiculous.

Creepy corps get all bully fake victimy – “she” should interact with creepy corps. Um. No. (and not once do tech trolls send an email) – it’s not complicated – and instead creepy corps still hazing a woman non stop about fake versions of personal life for years. The mindset is appalling. Creepy corps have no right to (anything) private citizens. Way over every line imaginable. I have been clear. Respect others privacy creepy corps. No human has to put up with that.

Am incredibly calm about this. Really. Some Jewish people that I love a lot have been telling me to have faith! Just love.

What’s the worst that can happen? Ta.


“Every time activists and journalists are met with violence from the state, our fundamental rights are at stake.” — E. Warren


And another example of some tweaked algorithms to spread violent crime on facebook platforms this week of someone assaulting a woman with a skateboard (creepy corps may even have paid for that (set up) to be filmed yes they really are that bad) Creepy corp conduct is significantly worse than most realise. Creepy corps are the Putin/Assad of engineers lace.

Thousands of people skated at a skaters for peace rally.


No attempt to use tech to track the spread of contagion in January from “medical techsperts” and blatant fibbing all year.

Tech corps just received a boost in business due to overly restrictive and destructive lockdowns whilst many other great sectors decimated – but let’s transfer tax payer funds to “techsperts” for (mostly ineffective) vaccines – that is exactly what creepy corps find amusing.

Aren’t creepy corps (not maxwell) smart. 

Fund vaccines (for mostly low mortality disease) and in reality let people all over the world starve to death for decades.

How many people (in “medical techsperts” country of residence and elsewhere) just endured food shortages over the last few months – millions and unnecessarily high death toll – billions of people forced into hardship due to overly restrictive lockdown. It matters.

Hundreds of millions of people facing catastrophic food chain disruption due to the climate emergency and the numbers increasing.

Planet in danger.


Huge death toll in “medical techsperts” country of residence and no attempt to use tech – shows who “medical techsperts” really are.

“Foundation” is a nod to freemasons etc etc yawn. Just shifting billions from this to that pharm corp – textbook stuff that am not thinking about.

If were to list the things destroying the planet during the twentieth (and twenty first centuries) – measles would not be on the list – but that’s just me. But it seems to make some suburban folks feel all do goody. Country folks see things differently. Clean air, clean water, abundant food, nature flourishing, community spaces, equality, no bombs, no corruption, no violence, democracy – that kind of thing.

The state of the planet right now is the real indicator of “Foundation” ability/intent to “cure disease” or “improve society” – for a few months gangsters fibbed their way into control and caused destruction that will take society years to recover from – huge negative psychological impact for billions of people – funds funnelled inappropriately – climate emergency almost completely ignored – economy decimated – many great businesses may never reopen.

Planet in danger due to gangster conduct – that is astonishingly non ideal everything creepy gangster yuks.

Am not anti-establishment. Am massively anti-corruption. Corruption must not be tolerated in any institution.

Progress doesn’t happen by working with corruption it happens by not using their services (coal power plants) or regulating their toxic monopolies.

Progress happens by requiring governments to act with transparency and accountability and voting if they don’t.

Things will be human again soon.

Happy thoughts.


“medical techsperts” babbling about the difficulty of sourcing seven billion vials – what the. Blatant blatant fibbing. A bottle with a rubber top, invert and fill (hundreds) of syringes with one bottle, medicines have been (are still) dispensed this way.

Why are taxpayers funding the manufacture of billions of individual vials. And be aware the vaccines may not work but let’s get them ready anyhow and in individual vials with all associated packaging and can throw them away if not required. It’s nonsensical and well into rort territory. 

If you must then get the vaccine ready and in a large vat or barrel until proven effective. If the vaccine proven effective and safe then may transfer into large bottles for multi-dosing easiness. 

This is a climate emergency – space station thinking required not use once and throw away (or use not at all and throw away at tax payer expense) that’s last century thinking.

My absolute final comment on this ever.

Am not a person that complains ever nor someone that talks about political woes – it’s just – geesh. Trying to use others as a cover for corruption is not ok.

That’s a lot of corruption all year – especially in government, it’s like a disease that’s spreading. How did they get elected ….

A real medical expert said the conduct has been appalling and I agree.


And to dispel more rumours from creepy corps not that it matters at all but didn’t go into a pub for the first time until twenty five for a girlfriends party and the reason I remember that so clearly shall stay private for ever. She still drags me to pubs now and then. My personal life incredibly private and based most often on intellectual and spiritual connections. Am slightly over the banality and insinuation from creepy corps (and some other non humans) aimed at genuinely intelligent people (including myself) that I happen to care about a lot.


[ignore this]

(Silicon Valley) – my skin is stupidly thick and am so over the stupid privacy invading conduct and explicit threats to my and others safety it is ridiculous.

Am more than a little over the nonsense creepy corps.

At one good corp the sys admin had women are dumb issues – by the end of the contract without me complaining to anyone he was making me coffee and bringing it to my desk daily – no not romantic at all we made a bet about something technical and he lost. Not that it matters but since creepy corps falsely made out there was ever anything romantic between me and anyone in tech – no and the conduct of bad tech corps remains appalling from this side (I have been clear since 2017) – have dated one (and a bit) people in tech (not working together) and will not repeat that mistake (the bit wasn’t a mistake just shielding you for a bit longer buddy – stay safe) Just slither away creepy corps. That conduct is beyond not interesting to me – truly.

I got this. Really.

I no longer work in tech. I have been clear about this since exactly 2016. Around eighteen months of non stop death threats towards myself and others from creepy yuks (nope am not overstating that) and the entire planet now currently being destroyed by yuks in just a few months – that’s a lot of destruction yuks. I will be switching on a computer to help others in a few weeks when everyone safe and happily out of overly restrictive and destructive lockdown “medical techsperts”. Bullying and blatant fibbing bugs me. It really does.

There is no chance of me ever contributing to any (Silicon Valley) project (again) I have been clear. It is exclusively the actions of creepy corps that have appalled me since 2016 and to this day. Do what we want or else. Get the hint creepy corps and respect others privacy.

Its not complicated. Am not reacting again.


Should not have read those stats this afternoon ….

(sports-rort coal lobby australian govt tried to ban peaceful protests and was overturned in court, then subsequent requests unethically denied and stunningly unnecessary show of force (wasteful of resources). Many societal stats seem to have gone backwards during the last decade – important local agencies scrapped amongst many other things (abc funding cuts), funding approved for coal power plants and economy mostly decimated)

People have been speaking in front of crowds for thousands of years – it’s a governments only job to take action when petitioned (or during marches) not forcefully arrest and bully peaceful citizens – what the. Good politicians show up or send representatives to marches (many do overseas and they used to in australia) it’s kind of their job actually – so much good legislation (cultural, environmental and otherwise) came out of public discussions at rallies. This idea that we’ve bought some advertising, have a bunch of fake/international accounts posting comments on social media, gotten elected and can do whatever we want (corruptly) – delusional. Democracy. Politicians only job is to serve people – people to not serve politicians.

Some of the best conversations have ever had in my life have been with Indigenous Australians – about culture, paintings, food and nature – so much knowledge (even the city slickers) Whitlam was right – some of the most intelligent people I have ever encountered too. Incredibly gifted, intelligent, gentle people with a rich culture. The best story tellers.

To be fair have met some freemasons I liked but incredibly incredibly rare.

Some politicians make you feel proud to be Australian.
(not that it matters at all, but am not a republican when it comes to Australian government. Whitlam is one of my all time heroes)


Whilst on the subject of things destroying the planet. Have never met a freemason I liked. Copy others middle managers who promote themselves corruptly. The opinion of any freemason means absolutely less than nothing. That corrupt white male club should not exist.


Rallies have uplifted a lot of people and have been making many remember other great civil movements.

Rallies take something negative (the threat of nuclear destruction etc) and create something incredibly positive and powerful (the hope of nuclear disarmament)

Debate and bringing all sides to the table creates systemic improvements.


(warning this video contains images of violence that may trigger post traumatic stress)

Make every day a work of art. Always.


Used to get other groups (including corporations and local businesses) to briefly speak about the positive steps they were taking, govt representatives and opposing views too – the more involved the merrier.

In some areas had to promote it as a (let’s cut down all the trees rally) to get people to even show up – by the end of the afternoons debate most realised the (let’s not cut down all the trees) side seemed to make more sense. And we saved a lot of trees.


The Boy Scouts announced this week they have added a Diversity merit badge (didn’t see anything about the Girl Guides but am guessing similar). I would absolutely get them up at the podium and give them a rousing three cheers at a rally. Brilliant.

Celebrating and cheering the groups getting it right is perhaps the best part of activism.

(why oh why is it still gender based Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Maybe one day xo)

Girl Guides have organised a rally

The future is looking pretty awesome.


An example of great documentation from a government department from the CBP in America:

“Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recognizes that industry, other agencies, and other private entities may have interesting, innovative, and useful ideas that could be implemented to enhance and or improve mission essential operational deterrent capabilities related to the anti-climb/anti-cut features of the border wall and persistent impedance,”


Kids in school and sport is healthy.


(a sketch I did at school of Maradona)


Unswervingly and always. It always feels like separating atoms take a few steps and have to sit down for a bit.

See you all in person again soon.


[ignore this]

I never have bad thoughts and pretty much never say bad things about others. Please get the hint creepy corp yuks – stop monitoring others – stop harassing private citizens – respect others privacy creepy corps. All day every day from genuinely the worst creepy corp yuks I have ever encountered in my life. Many others have documented the bad conduct of those corps for years – gang of thugs. Significantly worse than most realise.

Never in my life have I ever had to deal with that amount of invasive nonsense creepy corps – nice or not nice is not ok – way over every line imaginable. No human has to put up with that.

Am immune.

The worst tech corps on the planet thinking they are involved in private citizens anything is not only delusional it is insane conduct, how many explicit threats to others safety you trolls have my utter contempt and I’ve never felt contempt or been this outraged before. Do what we want or else.

Hint: pretty much everything creepy corps say is mullarky, they are the Putin/Assad of tech and not much else. It’s a long list. 

Just another “accident”. 

Am not based in Australia. Back to happy thoughts.


[ignore this June 17]

Creepy yuks poking me (and others) all week(s) to get a reaction – their deliberately timed and calculated ugly gangster everything. Meh.

That conduct so bad creepy corps it is beyond not ok. Blatant fibbing (and worse) for their own gain, again and again. Am blanking that for a bit.

Not that it matters at all but am happy and in a relationship.

My EQ fine. Get the hint creepy corps.

Happy thoughts. All good. Really.


[August 24 – ignore this am in a mood]

Up until this day, over seventy percent of all deaths due to the virus in Australia have been in assisted living facilities and deaths still occurring eight months after the virus has been known is inexcusable (rightfully investigations are underway)

Residents in these facilities do not move around communities so it is incredibly easy to protect them from outbreaks.

Absolutely no attempt by (bureaucrats) to put effective protocols and alerts in place to immediately protect those most at risk of serious symptoms. And of course visiting outdoors is perfectly safe.

Instead families in regions with no infection for months under nonsensical restrictions and the economy and social fabric decimated.

There is a national alert app that people can download to get immediate alerts during hurricane, flood, wildfire season to their phone – that alert system exists right? This is a climate emergency. And we can just add infectious disease or pollen outbreak alerts immediately to that app. 

An app like that can be privacy shielding and does not need to know phone number, device id or login, simply alert people that they are about to enter a danger zone. Or are we still relying on those quaint billboards that someone adjusts the pointer to the right alert level every day.

Am personally deeply allergic to freemasons, especially those with children employed at creepy corps (the sector receiving the biggest boost all year) and do not find their flip-flopping conduct infectious.

The corrupt sports-rort coal lobby current prime minister in Australia is a freemason and he wreaks of it, an example of what freemasons do.

State of the planet all year (and especially the state of some countries) is non ideal.

Have been reading the term ‘ruling elite’ a lot and that makes no sense to me, let’s not ever mistakenly use the term ‘ruling elite’ to describe corruptly elected politicians or any bureaucrats for that matter, they are public servants. With a requirement to act with transparency, ethics and integrity.

It’s not complicated.


Tech and alert of outbreaks may have been handy, this is not 1918.

Gates has been blatantly lying and in my opinion is pure evil, millions without food in their country of residence and a horrific toll indicates their intent/ability to “cure disease”. Just another “glitch”. Knew damn well the virus was spreading Gates.

Fibbing, bullying and predatory conduct is the only way Gates/facebook guy can. Billions of people forced into hardship is not ok. 

That conduct is beyond nuts Gates, go copy something.

An ‘expert on pandemics’ made no attempt to track or alert of contagion, beyond contempt Gates. Do you know what a map is? Have you heard of assisted living facilities? And so so much more.

Gates/alphabet/(a few bureaucrats)/facebook and have never felt contempt towards anyone nor outrage before. Prefer not. Tricky to blank now and then.

Back to happy thoughts.


[ignore this – dec 28]

We politely (and privately) requested a deletion of our fan account on Microsoft products website due to their close connection to “at cost” Gates today – apologies – there is no scandal and my opinion that is targeted by creepy corps (and some stunningly D grade bureaucrats) – nothing to do with us – have probably only logged into that site once in months months. Have had an email for eighteen months – that’s not cool.

We simply said we were fans (decades long fans) – and got beaten up and publicly embroiled in fake scandal for over a year by Microsoft products, no clue how not cool that has been all year a friendly hey via email would have been less painful (not now) that’s using me to promote creepy corps – scandal is not my thing at all.

Appalling conduct from creepy corps – ethics, privacy matters and so much more.

We get that – creepy corps want Microsoft products to find out, isolate blah, blah, blah, that’s something fibbing Gates can use or copy (always phrased as “helping” others). Got to be kidding. Take care. 

Enabling their corruption and appalling conduct.

Am very much others do what ever they want to. Way over the line making private things public knowledge to promote the worst (gangsters) on the planet – we can use this to help twitter-likes-trolls – um. We can use this person to promote cryptocurrency – um. Permanently deleted Microsoft products (and that’s a first for me ever. Poke me for a year negatively I will eventually react – game playing evil “at cost” Gates. Got to be kidding.)

Am in a relationship, very happily employed etc and the notion that I am vaguely linked to any creepy corp continues to be offensive beyond comprehension)


(*and genuinely my brain doesn’t work that way – at all – truly – the people I love a lot are slightly more dumbheaded than most – and its not what others are implying this year at all. That’s incredibly private and not for Microsoft products to be making public without my consent. Have not once in my life looked at others creations and thought about myself – ever – I think about the people that created it (and some other things) and it’s never about individuals – ever – and almost always about something more important than most seem to understand – it’s allegory about something else.

The creepy corp mindset – predatory, bullying, deceitful and take from others (take all the income from others work) – am appalled by the worst thugs in tech thinking that has anything to do with them or wanting to make money off something incredibly private – beyond comprehension. Genuinely few things have ever offended me more than that twitter-likes-trolls emoji. Truly. And I could not be more serious about that. The worst cretins in tech said to do what exactly – and it matters what tech corps say why exactly – unbelievable)

[apologies for the awful timing of Microsoft products deletion am simply not involved in creepy corp anything and have been clear. It’s been a tough year for everyone (except creepy corps – they seem awfully cheerful all year) and we have zero tolerance for creepy corp anything. 

Rather than open sourcing formulas etc An endless loop of funnelling funds. Corrupt bureaucrats like Modi etc are not cool. 

No meaning behind anything beyond Microsoft products working so closely with evil “at cost” Gates – working with Assad the only equivalence. We are not endorsing creepy corp anything.

Take care]


Figure out why am genuinely so concerned for others safety – it’s exclusively creepy corps and some gangster conduct – everything I browse to online (and so much more) and it is insane conduct from creepy corps and am not the first platform/person (bullied). Can handle.

”we’ll take care of ‘her’” say the worst cretins in tech – firstly am not someone that has ever required someone to take care of me. Secondly creepy corps – [no words – could do without the explicit threats to others safety from creepy corps etc] – please get the hint.

Stay safe. I have absolutely got this.

Some “accidents” have gutted me. And some other things. “pandemic expert” fibbing Gates – hideous trolls.

We are ardent not fans of any politician connected to Gates/Fauci/etc – funnelling tax payer funds to (freemason buddies) corps, trying to control rather than open sourcing formulas, or rational use of maps/tech etc is not cool. Not a great result for the planet all year.

Stick to trying to figure out how to use tech to protect people rather than harming people Gates – appalling conduct again and again Gates

(am not involved in tech anymore and do not love children being harmed)

Tip for governments – divert a small portion of military funding to rolling out Apple/linux systems and replacing Microsoft everything – much better results.

Back to happy thoughts.

No one speaks on my behalf.



Could license the formulas or make medications self funding or could play games funnelling funds. We have a non profit and every year we work really hard to get politicians to transfer tax payer funds to Gates. Uh huh. Stay incredibly safe.

Gates has not facilitated medication producing capability (lower cost and better societal and economic outcomes) in perhaps the continent that requires it most – that’s not about “helping“ others and never has been – that’s about something else. Lock in the contract.

Block out starlight and some species no doubt – unconscionable

Gates only can by using FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) [look it up on wiki etc] – this year has been Gates through and through trying to flog products, rather than licensing formulas or using maps/tech to save lives. That’s a snake oil salesperson. And worse, that’s a snake oil salesperson involved in dirty politics – the current batch of bureaucrats (faked social media gates-funded-facebook etc) are not even close to standard – insane conduct in many places, Gates and the first non physician director of WHO (neither seem to know what maps/tech are useful for), Gates and Modi, Gates and Fauci, Bolsonaro likes facebook, freemason mates rates etc. it’s a genuine collusion of ineptitude and corruption. Not a great result for the planet all year.

non freemason politician countries have by miles performed the best this year for obvious reasons. Freemasons are by definition corrupt twits, there is no reason for a male only club promoting themselves corruptly this or any century.

Some of my closest platonic friends have been male (since short and many more successful than any delusional freemason) have rarely if ever seen a freemason I liked, gosh they are not the brightest, despite their self awards.


Over a year after the virus known (and only now that vaccines are being produced) this person finally advocates donations of blood containing antibodies.

Many with IQ’s higher than this person have been advocating for a long time that blood containing antibodies is useful for a multitude of reasons – “real science” never lies.

Please use treatments where available – even gorillas recover when given antibodies

Maps/tech are handy when managing infectious disease outbreaks (this person is technology capable, mates with “at cost” Gates, has a child that works at twitter-likes-trolls, amongst lowest genome sequencing rates anywhere and so so much more)


[reportedly people vaccinated with the can only be produced in small quantities (“at cost” Gates funded) Moderna vaccine are not protected against the (South African) strain and already require a booster shot, the Johnson and Johnson, (“at cost” Gates funded) AstraZeneca vaccine similar (it is reduced efficacy – partial protection provided)

[update 7 Feb 2021 – some friends in Africa have stated some inactivated vaccines including one from Sinopharm also have reduced efficacy against the (South African) strain although less reduced than some other vaccines – don’t quote – non peer reviewed]


In my opinion unless a vaccine can be mass produced rapidly (and some other things) it is useless, waiting a year or longer for production is nonsensical. Many places will not receive medications until next year.

Medications are a very personal choice and natural inactivated vaccines (flu shot) for coronavirus have almost no side effects (not bedridden for a day or two etc) and zero death or incidence of severe illness from coronavirus – it’s not actually complicated – get some virus, zap it dead and voila!

Can easily zap a mutated virus dead too – doses can be tweaked if required (being the natural complete virus maybe more robust to mutations than genetically modified in a lab only the spike protein type vaccines. Why on earth base a vaccine only on the part of the virus that is most likely to mutate – more vaccines required)

(in an example trail of an inactivated vaccine 13,000 given vaccine around sixty had very mild symptoms (efficacy percent based on comparing the number given placebo that got infected so apparently that comes out at 100% or 70% or 50% etc – as an example if 120 people in the placebo group became infected that would have a vaccine efficacy of 50% – others may view 60 mild cases in 13,000 vaccinated as effective) The important thing to point out is that after over a million doses, no one has died, been rushed to ICU, gone to hospital or spent days in bed due to symptoms – inactivated vaccines for coronavirus are highly effective and very safe. There are a bunch of brands in many places. 

Efficacy percents calculated only against placebo are a bit meaningless – thus the onslaught of gobbled-de-gook data – that’s a somewhat meaningless metric. No one died or went to hospital!)

Vaccines are important for high risk groups absolutely use where available – sharing treatment knowledge, facilitating mass production locally as required rather than nonsensical queues and providing choice of treatment options vital.


Geesh if was cynical type, seems like “at cost” Gates etc chose to fund only the most complex to produce vaccines to be able to control/limit supply – lets hope the “at cost” Gates are not killing off competitors in pharm (go slow on treatments etc) like they did in tech for decades.

Am so thankful not everyone was locked into a non refundable (not delivered on schedule) contract with “at cost” fibbing Gates – snake-oil salespeople.

Almost never deliver as scheduled “at cost” Gates are the most despised people by others in tech for decades for a reason (nothing to do with income it’s their fibbing – constant)

Take all the income from others work fibbing rigged fake gates-funded-facebook “cure all disease” amazingly similar – gosh they claim they want to “cure all disease” too except while millions are dying then they both try to get cryptocurrency projects started – absolutely hideous fibbing trolls.

Lets just lock everyone up and perhaps maybe get some vaccines in a couple of years – is not even attempting to effectively manage a pandemic. This is not 1918.

Maps/tech, antibodies, open sourcing formulas etc are handy when managing infectious disease ”at cost” “pandemic expert” Gates – no attempt (in fact fibbing “at cost” Gates advocated not using any of these – the countries rationally using tech etc have returned significantly better results)

Am not a medical expert but historically most (flu type) pandemics last around eighteen months naturally (lockdowns slow the virus mutating to a harmless form).

Antibodies are useful for many reasons including reducing symptoms when administered within a few days of infection. As a first step, boosting protection (medically) for those most at risk of serious complications (around 10%-20%) of population and becomes almost zero death toll.

How long to vaccinate everyone

(don’t read anything into above link, this is an international concern – Bloomberg is very highly regarded internationally)


[ignore this]

We have noticed (freemason and other corrupt yuks) bureaucrat countries handling the virus outbreaks disastrously and in many places dishonestly, then funnelling tax payer funds to mates corps, hogging supply by purchasing enough with tax payer funds to dose their entire populations a few times over and yet still squabbling amongst themselves that they don’t have enough doses.

Am not a fan of many if any bureaucrats.

Non freemason bureaucrat countries have consistently better results and lower death tolls. 

Gangsters still trying to use others as a diversion for their corruption remains utterly appalling.

People are dying unnecessarily and starving in many places is perhaps the most important point. Bureaucrats are getting paid and we are all slightly over the crap – with the flick of a pen could commandeer formulas for treatments etc under existing legislation if wanted too – lots of mularky. Sharing treatment knowledge and mass production rather than nonsensical queues is required.


Stay safe.

Am blanking all that for a bit. 

Thought my female friends and I eradicated the freemasons in the eighties – tragically we missed a few – a wraith (Atlantis) lurking in the same dank office since the eighties waiting for their moment. Freemasons are by definition corrupt and almost always always inept.

Now, am blanking that.

Take care.


[ignore this]

Am very happily employed elsewhere and have nothing but contempt for creepy corps for the daily invasions (and some other things) beyond comprehension – way over every line imaginable delusional and insane conduct creepy corps – no human has to put up with that – go copy something and respect others privacy creepy corps.

“My possessions are causing suspicion but there’s no proof” Systematically.



People that I love a lot are currently going without electricity during winter to attain carbon neutral targets. Real positive action. (and thousands released balloons into space on (pretend) New Years – dreams can come true)

One planet.




Am a hobbyist when it comes to sketching always as gifts for others. Stay safe.


[Jan 5 2021]

Most days we check twitter search for a keyword to ensure some people we care about a lot are ok (and they are ok loved by lots for a reason). Around the start of June 2020 twitter started running ads intermingled with the search results – only on my devices, ads only appear for every search term related to (art) and they are always offensive. Get some skills twitter-likes-trolls.


The above ad appeared today. twitter takes all the income made from others work by running ads. 

I blow away all cookies and browsing before loading twitter into a private browsing session. Am not logged in. The other ads are too offensive towards others to post (seriously)

Impossible to describe my contempt for every cretin in Silicon Valley – multiple daily invasions of others privacy – explicit threats to others safety – blatant fibbing spiel (and worse) – there’s no excuse for the endless nonsense towards others – creepy corp sector is having such a tough year that twitter-likes-trolls has to run ads for coal. twitter-likes-trolls (spiel guy) is a huge fan of cryptocurrency and so much more. Not a lot of good happening in the creepy corp year. 

That’s creepy corp bragging (again) about something that is about to happen – not sure why they always do that, they just do – with the flick of a fake input. The things creepy corps think are clever I never have – see what we can do – um – prefer not. Creepy corp staff and execs enjoy harassing others and always have. So many intelligent people have requested reasonable safeguards, including improving bad censorship for years, simply knowing which country comments come from during elections is vital. Hire a bunch of people from Mars and get elected. 

By not implementing basic safeguards twitter-likes-trolls etc are facilitating corruption during elections and propagating harassment towards others – it matters. 

Interoperability is an easily implemented solution and facilitates protection against unethical conduct and encourages innovation.


No words – the experts do it better

Take care. We all love America – this is only a glitch. Things will be human soon.


[Jan 8 – the below was mostly written before the second ban on a bully political account (and we personally choose to never look at that account a few times this year tops we only see posts now and then via other sources) – troll-platforms facilitate spreading [hate-speech] by not implementing basic safeguards for years – deleting all content rather than selected posts is a typically lazy cowardly way for twitter-likes-trolls to try to make themselves seem like the “good” guys. Always a spiel. Guilty as hell creepy corps (so many people harassed and badly censored on those platforms for years) – troll-platforms should be indicted too]

(am personally not a fan of censorship and banning in general – labelling with explicit warnings (starting in 2016) better, posts hidden by explicit warnings are not as widely circulated nor appear in search results thus troll-platform reluctance – ban this and not that. If a crime committed (in that case seems likely) then remove specific speeches or posts – not ban entire accounts for life. Lazy work as always twitter-likes-trolls. There are many people currently in jail in many countries that still deserve a voice.

My belief is every person can be redeemed (am not wildly convinced about some but nothing to do with me) and the best results always come from letting others express themselves freely. Commit a (crime) and censored for life (often on a whim) with no chance of redemption and may never ever use their voice again – kidding me – what an appalling mindset creepy corps have. It’s crap software – can easily implement filters for content – what is offensive to a person is not offensive to the next – forcing bland homogeneity. Am not defending any particular bully thug bureaucrat at all (we personally find the content on that account offensive) – it’s the principle. fb-guy is known for threatening others and swearing in business meetings etc he is a real deal [bad yuk] who knowingly propagates [hate speech] and/or bully forces others to speak very very nicely during private conversations amongst themselves on crap software. Imagine if telco staff listened in and censored phone calls – unconscionable. Deliberately creating a fearful censored mindset in people.

Respect the Mexican president for his comments.

Way too many bureaucrats seem to pander to troll-platforms – troll-platforms rightfully should have been regulated years ago – detrimental impact on society, economies and democracy.

The question is when have troll-platforms ever told the truth – blatant and constant fibbing spiel around appalling conduct.

With the flick of a fake input troll-platforms can control and deliberately do not provide the same control for users to protect themselves from explicit content with a moderate on/off switch etc (basic safeguards that have been available on other platforms for over a decade) Troll-platform founders genuinely think clients (and even private citizens who don’t use their software) should do what they tell them to based on whims (and if don’t do what they want will bully, harass, sabotage, ban etc with the flick of an input)

Interoperability facilitates choice for users not satisfied with bad censorship etc

Troll-platforms not only take all the income from others work, they delete years of work and contacts (often on a whim), if unhappy with service or being bullied by trolls no way to move to another platform and maintain contacts – simply put up with it from creepy corps is not good enough when troll-platforms earning that amount of revenue off others work without reimbursement to the people creating content, no effort to implement basic safeguards for users and staff at troll-platforms are the ones doing a lot of the bullying and harassment of others. No excuse.

Software is a service, humans do not serve software.

We now have left-wing, centrist, right-wing and “populist” politicians. Populist means elected from nowhere via social media. Non ideal.

Having typed all the above, am not deeply saddened by the loss of that particular bureaucrat – it’s creepy corps continued appalling bad censorship, fibbing spiel, tweaked algorithms etc and the negative flow on effect to society, economies and democracy.

Not a lot of good happening in the creepy corp year)

Stay safe.


[Jan 10 – ignore this]

We love Aunty

Good engineers respect others rights and privacy – censorship is not very cool.

(** creepy corps only faux political viewpoint is creepy corps want to be in control of others including politics – non ideal)

If being political then perhaps ask which “political party” was in charge of infectious disease response. Maps/tech are handy when managing infectious disease outbreaks etc.

Silicon Valley hire convicted felons (rapists etc) often, that bureaucrat genuinely belongs in Silicon Valley.

A few seconds ago – (left-wing comments) on twitter-likes-trolls are using explicit offensive language to refer to democratically elected (senators) (right-wing comments same) – no toggle on/off switch to moderate/filter offensive content. Which troll-platforms are deliberately propagating division and [hate-speech] in many places for years?

That is creepy corp blatant trying to divert blame to others and make themselves seem like the “good” guys. 

Creepy corps falsely thinking they are in control of something beyond adding features to (meh) software is incredibly dangerous – these are people that tend towards sociopathic conduct often – always with a fibbing spiel.

Creepy corp sector booming all year and not a great result for the rest of the planet.


[ignore this]

(reported data – Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon have seen their combined market caps increase by $2.7 trillion this year – most other sectors decimated and zero attempt from creepy corps to save lives with maps/tech all year (Apple/Google did a tiny bit). Not smart creepy corps. Creepy corps knew about the virus in 2019. In many places deaths due to lockdown (being forced to use troll-platforms etc) exceed deaths due to the virus. Fibbing predatory “cure all disease” “at cost” copy others work Gates/fb – not a people person or a business brain – that’s something else – pure evil comes closest – gates-funded-facebook takes all the income from others work. And instead of open sourcing formulas for medication Gates is currently promoting his open source “payment system” – hideous trolls. Gates promotes himself as a “pandemic expert” and knows nothing about maps/tech etc – both are the most despised by others in tech for decades for a reason, nothing to do with income, it’s their constant fibbing – fibbing spiel and predatory copying others work truly may be their only skill)

fb-guy was leaked during staff meetings in 2020 describing which politicians should not proceed through primaries etc. troll-platforms must be regulated.

It is “at cost” Gates obsession with getting tax payer funds for his personal projects and connections with corrupt bureaucrats that is most concerning. Funnelling funds from this to that corp got dull in economics 101 Gates – open source the formulas – people producing as much medication as required locally has real social and economic advantages.

Constant fibbing bullying privacy invading appalling conduct is not ok creepy corps. Where ever a cretin of tech is involved with a bureaucrat there is corruption – again and again.

Not a great result for the planet all year.

Troll-platforms knowingly and often surreptitiously interfere in democratic processes in many places on a whim and with the flick of an input (and so much more) Troll-platforms like mucking around with stuff (often negatively) and think it’s clever – have never found creepy corp conduct clever.

And someone is genuinely one of the best business brains on the planet and a true creative genius. No cretin of tech comes even close.

Planet was in pretty good shape for decades (from sixties on) until troll-platforms came along. Bad censorship, [hate-speech] and the angry mob effect being propagated by monopolistic troll-platforms is having a huge detrimental effect on society. My skin incredibly thick but have consistently seen the most offensive low brow language have ever seen in my life from creepy corps or on troll-platforms. Propagate ist [hate-speech] but not share art – that’s not ok.

Democracy is individual voices all with differing opinions intelligently, peacefully and passionately debating. Forcing everyone to have the same opinions or else be censored is not democracy it’s something else.

Individual voices silenced and forced to conform to the (bully/nanny) mob is not ok.


(have never seen the banned app – am not a fan of many (if any) bureaucrats. Have no clue about the banned apps involvement in anything – but how many violent crimes on fb etc for years – not once a suggestion of removing fb app by creepy corps (think have been some threatened bans here and there – and in some countries removal of content now rightfully required within 24hours notice or face fines – am not sure where app removal is legislated nor should it be))

[13-01-2021 think creepy corps are pointing out the app ban is a suspension until moderation requirements met – hire a bunch of people to start moderating any explicit violence while better AI put in place.

Violence around democratic processes is in my opinion something that must be moderated, twitter-likes trolls, fb etc are culpable (for years) and regulation is required to protect people and provide choice other than forced bad censorship]


Interoperability is required, and is being petitioned by many groups for years.

Rightly or wrongly social media has largely replaced telephones as the way many people communicate and regulation is long overdue to protect users and encourage innovation.

Despite troll-platforms grumbling to the contrary, interoperability is easily implemented and has many advantages to society, economies and democracy.

Maintaining followers can be as simple as platforms activating well established and widely used RSS feed functionality etc (twitter-likes-trolls (hosted at AWS) trying to say interoperability requires dual layer encryption (blockchain) is nonsensical at best – that’s just an it will take a few years to implement and won’t be very useful typical fibbing spiel (twitter-likes-trolls announced they started developing in 2019 – it’s now 2021 – am guessing it will be ready some time this year) log into bank accounts in a browser via https – https is secure – and don’t need to send all text and images to another platform via some horribly complex mechanism at all, simply allow subscribing to feeds and comments to be posted)

Data nodes (giving people control over their personal credentials) are a great idea – but not necessary to blockchain encrypt an entire feed including photos etc nor even send the entire feed – simply subscribe)

Right now facebook users can login and post comments to other platforms using their facebook credentials. Interoperability facilitates a two way door. facebook etc have unreasonably locked their side of the door simply because it provides them with an anti-competitive advantage.

With the flick of an input on a whim – no skill required – consistently appalling conduct from troll-platforms for years. 


(the [hate speech] over the last few months was being deliberately propagated by twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-facebook and troll-platforms were bragging about it before the event – what creepy corps find clever I never ever have – explicit threats to others safety are not ok creepy corps. And it is not an us vs them country thing – interoperability works both ways and benefits users, society and economies, reduces the ability for a single platform to act unethically – many of us are over creepy corps and some gosh awful dubiously elected bureaucrats incorrectly implying otherwise. $2.7 trillion increase for a few corps last year (explicit threats to others safety, blatant fibbing spiel and no attempt to use maps/tech for infectious disease etc) is not ok creepy corps)

Take all the income off others work twitter-likes-trolls, “cure all disease” gates-funded-facebook, creepy corps acting all bully fake victimy is not ok – nothing altruistic about it, always, always about what is best for creepy corps – often phrased as “helping” others and always with a fibbing spiel.

Licensing the medication formulas takes no effort what consistently hideous trolls “at cost” Gates (well we are producing this at no profit – in that case let everyone make the stuff – constant blatant fibbing from “at cost” Gates – oops there’s been a glitch we’ll get some to those countries next year etc etc – “(we) are so sorry” – “well now (we) know this“ – “(we) would never” – bullsh*t, I knew about the virus in 2019 and so did creepy corps and some others and so, so much more)

Dangle the fake carrot “at cost” Gates

Contractually and ethically considering billions in tax payer funds was advanced around the middle of last year – doses should be a available now – just another “glitch”. 

People starving in many places while inviting Putin to speak sums “at cost” Gates up perfectly and always with a fibbing spiel (nothing to do with income “at cost” Gates it’s the predatory conduct and constant fibbing)

Open sourcing formulas would have significantly greater societal and economic advantages (Gates can he just doesn’t want to)



A very high number of non violent lawmakers etc banned by creepy corps in a few days.

Stay safe.


[14 Jan 2021 – ignore this]

”Free speech for me and not for thee?” Ok ….

(type any offensive or violent word into twitter-likes-trolls search field for over a decade and it will be there – no toggle on/off switch to moderate)

After twitter-likes-trolls banned numerous non violent bureaucrats etc (from another political party), this account was created by a political party today due to their publicly stated concern over their number of twitter-likes-trolls followers

(numbers in snapshot below mean nothing, chance when snapped)


Define inappropriate conduct


(Not once have I ever nor would ever greet a friend or colleague by approaching from behind and smelling their hair – and so much more. Perhaps why that bureaucrat got the train to work when in session – all the better to leer. Teaching young girls they should feel comfortable with that is appalling (A stranger and an authority figure. And instead of asking to stand here, grab arm like that to move position – and so so much more. As instructed by my parents etc, very short (and adult) me would ask that person to stand a foot away. Nothing wrong with friendly or familial hugging – that’s inappropriate contact – only the ones he finds attractive – and without asking permission first. Even I ask short people permission before I hug them when meeting for the first time (often they hug first). A school teacher would be fired on the spot for the above) That’s a freemason, promoting corrupt freemason buddies and so much more. After unethical conduct and months and months of inappropriate and inaccurate poking from inept political parties and explicit threats to others safety – that is absolutely required – except the above is truth and not fabrication)

Males in my family/friends get literally buried under piles of women often – but it is friendly – not like the above.


(in my opinion that’s a public pretend fight between the above bureaucrat and twitter-likes-trolls, they have been (friends very close friend of a friend) for over a decade and are playing games to make it publicly seem like are not on the same (side) to avoid the backlash around unethical conduct, a bureaucrat implying that a government starting from zero twitter-likes-trolls followers is of any relevance is (no words – that’s a dishonest action))


I never play games and am massively over (bureaucrats etc) playing games (or trying to involve others in their games) 

Am not a fan of many current bureaucrats nor involved in politics nor on any side of any political anything.

Inappropriate bureaucratic conduct in many places in the world this (year) is not ok. 

The only twitter-likes-trolls account have had in about the last decade is here (first post Feb 15 and last post Mar 9 and no comments made to other accounts)



My first attempt at trolling – (despite the content of this blog) being mean and nasty not actually my thing – prefer not.

Who needs a presidential library



This post absolutely deserved and what bipartisan stupid unethical conduct.

Most people are so over bureaucrats this (year) it is ridiculous.

Hopeful thoughts – apart from flaws – almost impossible to be worse at filling out forms and signing things than the previous bureaucrat. 


Back to happy thoughts.


(* quick clarification that other videos on youtube by the maker of the above video do not reflect our opinions, others opinions their own (including those by ex Muslims) Muslims know how much we love and respect them.

This is only an ahhgggghhhh blog about appalling creepy corp conduct to help others being bullied and not a deep and meaningful anything (am not the first person/platform bullied by creepy corps – can handle – and would seriously prefer cretins of tech respect others privacy online and in the real world etc)

Perhaps not unique to bureaucrats and to clarify, there are thousands of videos of that bureaucrat acting inappropriately (we first saw during 2019) 

And do not blame others for the lack of followers of a bureaucrat on twitter-likes-trolls (and the notion that it matters is nonsensical) – that’s all their own conduct over the last few weeks (and last year) – it’s not a country thing at all – everyone loves that country.


We have less than zero respect for every consistently gosh awful freemason on the planet – typical nonsense all (year) and easy to spot the places with disastrous results due to the virus all (year) – that silly corrupt club simply should not exist this or any century.

(“what’s sheeeee doing” is not a valid thing for any bureaucrat on the planet to know – and could not be more serious about that – clearly am not a criminal – and considering that bureaucrat clearly has a personal grudge (based on their own delusions) there is no excuse for any further surveillance – that is insanely inappropriate bureaucratic conduct. Know what you are not entitled to do and stick to signing things and doing deals with other bureaucrats – peaceful private citizens are none of your god damned business. Promoting that freemason is not something am forgetting)

Gangsters trying to use others as a diversion for their corruption this (year) remains appalling.

State of the planet all year is non ideal)

(glitches in software mean we only just saw some of the other videos on other topics and they are not our personal opinion)

Nothing to do with me and anything better than the last bureaucrat, but Bernie has the heart (not the brains – that’s a compliment for Bernie) of males in my family. The only one to take a quiet moment to look at the flags when the cameras weren’t on. It matters. A lot.

Things will be human again soon.

My final comment on that ever.


(am someone who rarely if ever complains or says a bad word and may actually know what creepy corps are like, creepy corp conduct is significantly worse than most realise. Not a great result for the rest of the planet all year)


Uh huh

Creepy corps are not the “good” guys – constant fibbing spiel.

Am not an expert but my personal opinion is during elections zero tolerance for violent posts (can see death threats on twitter-likes-trolls right now), local bipartisan scrutineers and clearly labelling posts from (external countries, lobby groups or advertising etc) is required.

People being free to choose a platform with the best features (privacy, without trolls, bad censorship etc) and still engage in debate is vital.

The notion that a monopolistic platform is easier to monitor is nonsensical (that only reduces people’s rights to privacy and allows creepy corps to muck around at whim – no amount of within service regulation of specific features will prevent creepy corps mucking around – and my personal opinion is other than privacy safeguards, within service regulation is detrimental – facilitating interoperability and encouraging innovation rather than users being forced to use a particular service to maintain contacts best – Mastodon social media platform is built this way – it’s is implementable)

Creepy corps are not even close to reasonable or honest conduct for years.

Glib spiel from twitter-likes-trolls while threats of violence are being circulated on that platform – unconscionable.

Back to happy thoughts. 


[Jan 9 2021 – alphabet ban the social media app parler from the android store (have never used that app) – that’s alphabets typical “it wasn’t (us)!” “(we) are innocent!”]

I am definitely not a friend of coal. And so much more. 

Back to happy thoughts.


That maybe may have been (us)

Uh huh.

It’s a stunningly long list. Please respect others privacy.


[8 Jan 2021]

Looked outside to see this, a nice reminder of good. Things will be human again soon.




[ignore this 12-01-2021]

twitter-likes-trolls guy (take all the income from others work) is reportedly currently on holidays in French Polynesia – the ways in which cryptocurrency advocating twitter-likes-trolls is offensive and not cool are almost impossible to describe.

Back to happy thoughts.

This was reported on the 12th too

Mazel Tov


[ignore this]

Another example of tax payer funds being used during lockdowns (and mates with “at cost” Gates as well. Where ever there is a cretin of tech involving themselves in (politics) there is corruption and not great results – again and again – the current sports-rort (rigged election) Australian bureaucrats are as awful. Fresh flowers are something we always have at home and paid for ourselves, of course during business as usual but during lockdowns (and so, so much more) Given the stunningly unethical conduct of creepy corps (again) this week, have no clue how accurate but reports of a bureaucrat adding ex execs of creepy corps to staff over the last few weeks is not brilliant) 

Am not involved in politics at all but due to corrupt conduct feel it important to point out – we do not like blatant corruption (sports-rort etc) or people that fondle young adults – always members of that (institution) – freemasons doubly.

Without being judgemental, we value – equality, love, peace, integrity, ethics, freedom, compassion.

My final comment on that ever. 


Over seventy percent of members are (female) – (female) leaders within that (institution) is right and nice to see that being corrected. 

(the below is simply a personal anecdote – no deep and meaningful anything)

Short me exerted a lot of effort attempting to try to get out of things now and then – like reading in church – and my attempt to invoke Corinthians 1:14:34 prompted a reply of “But mine do!” from the minister with a chuckle and a cheerful twinkle in his eye.

(meaning God’s women speak when in church – and they always have)

Take care.


(someone told me today that this year the “at cost” Gates Foundation has invited Putin to be their honoured speaker at DAVOS this week. It’s a long list of fibbing and unethical conduct “at cost” Gates for decades. It is remarkable how comfortable the “at cost” Gates are with people that interfere in elections for their own financial gain (gates-funded-facebook, Modi pal etc), and so much more)

[January 24 2021]

”TikTok videos with the hashtags involving “Free Navalny” and “23 January” garnered more than 200 million combined views by Thursday”

Troll-free joyful apps – there are a bunch of apps from many countries doing great things.

What an amazing and empowering place the internet is when step beyond take all the income from others work gates-funded-facebook (aka locked gate hell) and twitter-likes-trolls.



Included for 
some people using great software to do uplifting things. Love can change the world.


(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the content of this blog – opinions absolutely my own. And not that it matters, but this genuinely was our favourite band at twelve years of age)


[ignore this]

January 26 2021 – weird how a bureaucrat only made an announcement today – huh, hundreds of millions of people golly that may get us some twitter-likes-trolls followers. Lets hope that bureaucrat does some good signing things.

A step up from the announcement by that freemason bureaucrat a few days ago that two hundred thousand Americans will die in the next few months is perhaps required – there are effective medical treatments. 

Gosh that’s a weird freemason, even by freemason standards.

My final comment on that ever.


An extraordinarily thought provoking nomination 


[image source the hindu]


Have genuinely had a rare crushing migraine for a solid week. Am taking a few aspirin.


[Feb 2 2021 – ignore this]

[clarification: reportedly after refusing to restore the account multiple times, twitter-likes-trolls correctly restored the banned catholic account and post on 29/1 after around a week ban. Was that another stunt by twitter-likes-trolls – seems likely – twitter-likes-trolls is not cool]


This week twitter-likes-trolls inexplicably banned a (reputable) American Catholic news outlet (for an insensitive not to the absolute letter of using politically correct terms), but didn’t place an explicit content warning on a pope for reportedly recently posting to twitter-likes-trolls that being transgender is ‘demonic’. 

Being transgender is not ‘demonic’ it is liberating for people who feel the need to.

The Vatican gets rather expensive upgrades to their temples – nothing wrong with people doing the same thing with their temples.

Anyone implying that people working to improve their health and their bodies is wrong is nonsensical. Accepting and loving people for who they are is essential.

Knowing that we are more than our physical bodies is the essence of spirituality.



(am not an advocate of banning either of the above or any accounts – the above is simply another example of how dangerous and harmful bad censorship is (ban this but not that) For years and years, numerous examples of people’s work and contacts deleted with the flick of a switch and often on a whim.

Rightly or wrongly social media has replaced telephones as the way most people communicate and interoperability is required to allow people to protect themselves from offensive conduct and move to a service with better features and continue communicating with others. Creepy corps keep incorrectly stating the engineering solution is build another app – the engineering solution is interoperability (a door that opens both ways) and reduce the ability for a single service to act unethically – incredibly predatory, dishonest and bullying conduct by creepy corps again and again towards many)



Changing gender occurs naturally (fish etc) and in humans about one in every few hundred people. Treating transgender people as normal is vital.

In my opinion, taking hormones rightfully disqualifies people from participating in certain levels of sport and this has been the case regardless of gender for decades.

Banning someone that takes hormones from participating in certain levels of sports is not discrimination and nothing to argue about (using drugs to win at sport is dangerous to health and illegal – including doping racehorses etc)

As for participation in schools sports competitions – relax and let kids enjoy sport – transgenders competing in school sports is unlikely to harm or prevent others progressing, sporting bodies will see the talent and select accordingly. Gender is not a big deal in school sports. There were a few girls better than all boys in many sports when we were at school and we mostly had mixed gender teams when playing within school in all team sports. Our high school had the Australia/New Zealand boys soccer team champions and they were as terrified of a girls team from another school as were we (the girls soccer team)

Wish could type the names of real superstars here –  she knows who she is – and we always knew she would – incredibly proud.


(creepy corps etc really do attack others – can handle and apologies)


Thankfully there is now a heightened awareness amongst people of their rights to freedom of expression, rights to privacy and rights to protect their personal data/content/contacts, some excellent apps (many being bullied by creepy corps both directly and indirectly – banned in India at the same moment as youtube releases a copied feature etc), some good legislation enacted and more on the way, tens of billions in fines for creepy corp appalling conduct (a (knows not much) male “expert” tech reporter was almost in tears in 2018 describing creepy corp fines “someone has to save Silicon Valley” he pleaded misty eyed …. um ….. and meanwhile alphabet said in 2018 meh that’s a small amount) 

A few creepy corps bullying, fibbing, surveilling to interfere with others, explicit threats to others safety, predatory copying others work, dishonestly interfering in democratic processes in many places with the flick of a switch (no skill required) and taking all the income from others work etc is not acceptable creepy corps.

Maps/tech are handy when managing infectious disease – $2.7trillion increase during 2020 for a few corps (and some other things) Any deal with creepy corps often phrased as “helping others” always, always results in give creepy corps all the cash and not a great societal result. 15 from more than a few incredibly corrupt western gangsters etc over the last few months is not a reference to China it’s a reference to something else involving their own corruption. Many describe “at cost” Gates as unethical cash opportunists – see something they can use or copy etc etc – we have always tended towards the opinion that fibbing “at cost” Gates are copy others work, incredibly predatory, calculating and premeditated but am not objective in this moment for a bunch of reasons. Really “at cost” Gates – delivery of medications will be delayed (again) and so so much more.

Back to happy thoughts.


Would be nice if we didn’t attach preconceptions based on gender, race, religion etc.

Agree to disagree and learn something from peaceful and passionate debate rather than censoring or banning opposing opinions – ideas rarely evolve unless debated freely. 

Discussions with people with vastly different viewpoints than my own have sometimes been among the most rewarding, stimulating and educational.

May not agree with what someone says but shall both defend their right to say it and my right to switch it off for myself – not switch off for others (an on/off switch that individuals choose to activate for themselves rather than others censoring badly or a bunch of offensive divisive crap every time am looking at something harmless on troll-platforms)


Being truthful is my line – fibbing “at cost” Gates nothing altruistic about it always for their own gain, predatory copy others work etc and take all the income from others work “cure all disease” gates-funded-facebook consistently appalling conduct. As (….) as alphabet are they do not specialise in back door deals with dodgy bureaucrats for financial gain (they are mostly open about their dodgy deals) – this week in Australia alphabet are opposing thoroughly deserved legislation and predatory unethical Microsoft are straight on the phone talking to a corrupt coal lobby appalling bureaucrat to flog their copied off others products and some other things – do another dodgy deal with Modi and go copy something zero integrity “at cost” Gates – state of the planet all year is non ideal. 

For decades Microsoft have been incredibly comfortable handing over others data and information to government without notifying their users – other ethical corps (alphabet/Apple/Amazon) protest occasionally – never once a protest out of Microsoft – gates-funded-facebook are equally comfortable and fb sell user data. If wondering why Microsoft often get so many cushy government contracts that’s part of the reason. 

Snake oil salesperson “at cost” Gates is great at getting contracts signed but amongst the worst at order fulfilment and customer service for decades – Microsoft contracts are almost always delivered late. Once they get the cash their interest in fulfilment or patches diminishes – it apparently becomes “up to them”. For decades Microsoft essentially has no customer service (even when purchased at corporate level) not a people centric corp by any means, amongst the worst at it. Fibbing “at cost“ Gates not delivering (again) and not licensing formulas for medications (again) is killing people (again). “at cost” Gates trying to promote cryptocurrency this year and inviting Putin to speak shows who they are. Creepy corp sector booming. 

Microsoft and fb lack the technical skill to hack other people’s devices every where that’s all alphabet. twitter-likes-trolls guy is non technical and non honest.

(Nothing to do with me at all – but I personally agree with the gist of the legislation to provide payment to content creators on social media services earning above a threshold (rather than troll-platforms subjectively deciding which few to pay and kill off the rest) – but perhaps disagree on some of the details of the legislation)

Am not a fan of creepy corps or many if any bureaucrats. 

My final comment on that ever.


[February 6 2021 – ignore this]

Correction, this is my final comment on that ever 

Oh dear ..


Perhaps worth pointing out that numerous twitter-likes-trolls accounts were easily hacked by a teenager a few months ago who posted Bitcoin scam posts directly from the accounts of Gates etc.

Amongst others, the creator of the C++ programming language Bjarne Straustrup has stated cryptocurrency is an unfortunate use of everything “Bitcoin …. uses as much energy as Switzerland and mostly serves criminals”

(the above screenshot is of something that was written using C/C++, and above twitter-likes-trolls post seen elsewhere and not by looking at twitter-likes-trolls)

Am slightly over the fibbing spiel creepy corps. That’s genuinely evil intent from creepy corps (“at cost” Gates, twitter-likes-trolls, fb etc all promoting cryptocurrency projects this year. Some cretins of tech doing it as a joke to brag about their share price soaring all year – others with unethical intent to implement) 

Most good engineers/programmers are opposed to overly complex “only we can produce cash” cryptocurrency for a multitude of reasons.

Lets take that IQ/EQ test creepy corps. Think perhaps it is creepy corps that don’t understand.


Troll platforms are not cool

BitcoinSux – each and every Bitcoin transaction uses around the equivalent of 700,000 card tap transactions etc.


[Feb 5 2021]

Wasn’t going to mention but gosh – a bureaucrat asking Jen Hatmaker to read something his organisers had prepared kind of sums it up.

Love Ms Hatmaker for her apology issued to others afterwards. 


A bunch of accounts still being badly censored and banned by twitter-likes-trolls all week – consistently dangerous and inappropriate conduct by creepy corps. 

Um – gosh awful bureaucrats on all sides if could not incorrectly imply others endorsing your nonsense when we are not – that would be appreciated.

That is my final comment on that ever.


[Feb 11 2021 – ignore this]

And another few dozen invasions by creepy corps over the last few days to get a reaction – topped with a doodle – normally ignore but am way past wafer thin with creepy corps this (year) Am not the first person/platform bullied by creepy corps – that’s another in a long list of gloating threats towards myself and others from Silicon Valley – multiple daily invasions and threats during private moments is a lot creepy corps. Am not a negative person. Consistently appalling conduct from creepy corps. Weirdly I may actually know what am talking about when it comes to creepy corps and am certain I have been clear creepy corps.

Every second of contact with creepy corps has been the worst experience of my life by miles – say no thank you repeatedly and get stalked, threatened and harassed multiple times every day for years by the sleaziest people on the planet at Silicon Valley – beyond contempt creepy corps. creepy corps want blah – do what creepy corps want or else – creepy corps are insanely delusional people with low EQ and a history of appalling conduct – creepy corps actually think they get to dictate to others it’s a mindset apparent in everything they do.

I got this. Legal action from me is about to happen creepy corps – take it seriously and get the hint creepy corps.


(19 Feb 2021 – genuinely ignore this – it is for some cretins in tech)

Absolutely no one speaks on my behalf.

Beyond comprehension creepy corps are the worst people I have ever encountered – decades of documented appalling conduct (towards many) from creepy corps.

Explicit threats to others (and my) safety from some corrupt gangsters and creepy corps (multiple invasions during private moments daily) and am so over creepy corp everything it is beyond ridiculous. Corrupt thugs like that illegally tracking my (and others) devices (and worse) is not at all ok.

I do not want to think about creepy corps appalling conduct for the next few decades – and could not be more serious about that.

A glimpse of this week (16th Feb 2021) ….


Am not in India, nor using an Indian IP, the above was typed due to a real world invasion by creepy corps on others devices that day (it’s alphabet and some other creepy corps)

The above is simply a typical fabrication of alphabets to try to get a reaction and is neither clever nor appreciated, continued typically threatening and inappropriate conduct from creepy corps all week – that’s all alphabet and nothing to do with me (or others) at all. Can handle. Legal action from me is absolutely overdue creepy corps.

Am not ok with creepy corps threatening others multiple times daily.

Am certain I have been clear creepy corps.

Creepy corps are absolute smile across the table while kicking people under it – creepy corps are not business people – be incredibly careful (personally disagree with the details of that legislation but agree with the gist – am glad)

Back to happy thoughts.


Ignore the blog. No idea the extent of my contempt for creepy corps conduct – please get the hint. 

[20 Feb 2021] 

Alphabets typical it wasn’t (us)!

And apologies and kudos to the ethical person mentioned above. It was alphabet senior management (not founders) and am not the only person/platform bullied etc

There is one person in tech that always tells me the truth whilst blatantly fibbing to others. And am not typing that on the blog it’s not about anything romantic at all (others mistaken) happily in relationship etc – it’s about something else. I always tell the truth too and after years of daily invasions do not want to be contacted by that person in tech nor their corp again for the next decade – restraining order coming from me towards an entire creepy corp if necessary. Respect others privacy. 

Am incredibly serious.

Creepy corps have been the exact opposite of helpful for a decade (constant interference everytime login and worse – don’t do that do what creepy corps want – and all we keep thinking is why do no EQ people that copy others work etc think they have the right to monitor (and worse) anything others do, nothing creepy corps do is honest nor congruent nor about “helping others” – it is about covering their own tracks often – it wasn’t (us)) Creepy corps harass and threaten a person multiple times daily on others devices and haze her about fake versions of her personal life despite repeated requests to creepy corps not to during 2018 and to this day – that is so professional of creepy corps – beyond contempt for me for eternity creepy corps. Am certain no one in Silicon Valley gets any input into anything private citizens do.

Am certain respecting clients privacy is vital – some creepy corps sell their clients data – in my opinion “take all the income from others work” and “dictate what others can or cannot say“ is not much of a business model nor “community standards” of any value.

And am not the first person/platform bullied by creepy corps. Take it seriously creepy corps and know that you have my eternal contempt – have never felt contempt before. After creepy corp fibbing conduct about virus this (year) am not objective at all nor will ever be again. Another “glitch”

It is exclusively creepy corps and some other corrupt gangsters explicitly threatening others safety.

Am certain I have been clear.

Am slightly over the crap creepy corps – not a great result for the planet all (year) – please get the hint.

Back to happy thoughts.


Software is a service, humans do not serve software


[23 Feb 2021 ignore the below]

So predictable and slightly tragic that corrupt freemasons think announcing that today is clever – be sure that corrupt freemasons are the one third that won’t be around for much longer, we are all slightly over the corrupt nonsense and not clever blahs from corrupt freemasons – inept bureaucrats please get the hint.

Two words define freemasons : corruption (promote and give awards, funds to themselves) and deceit (constantly lie and conceal) – all mixed in with their ist freemason delusions and a not healthy dose of utter ineptitude. Shall I list the names here – UN freemason guy included (reason why that org ineffective currently – he’s funnelling to freemason buddies there is no doubt) More UN girl chiefs definitely required.

There is simply no reason reason for that corrupt silly club to exist.

State of the planet all (year) is non ideal. 

Back to happy thoughts.


Explicit threats to others (and my) safety come exclusively from creepy corps (and some corrupt gangsters) no one else.

[Feb 26 2021]

gates-funded-facebook have an advertising campaign with the slogan :

“Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found”

most would add …. “so that gates-funded-facebook can copy or kill them”

Important to remember that Zuckerberg is a creature that killed goats for fun for a year – and bragged about it.3CD67C90-C2FD-4F24-BAC4-3D0D2FCCCA05

Zuckerberg is an awful creature known for deceitful/threatening/bullying/predatory conduct towards other people/platforms.

It has been well documented by others that gates-funded-facebook is a fudged platform that is not managed by people with any integrity.

gates-funded-facebook was built by copying/using others work using unethical and anti-competitive conduct.

gates-funded-facebook are consistently dishonest, fake, bullying, predatory and misleading.


[ignore this]

A psychologist friend explained that sociopaths are actually only capable of mimicking others and often tell others their intent is to “help” their target. The above graphic concerns us for many reasons.

Both alphabet and gates-funded-facebook are more we will harm those you care about and boast about it type bullies.

Lots of people have come to real harm this year (and for years) due to creepy corps.


[ignore this]

Am not seeking political office nor a radical activist – am someone who happily got a divorce in 2018 and intended to relocate from Australia (just to be sure), said no thank you to anything tech related (during 2016), not date (and be clear that my dating will never ever involve anyone in tech, nor do I date often) catch up with some friends and get involved in some useful non tech projects. 

What I am doing definitely does not involve anyone in tech nor any corrupt gangsters.

I keep thinking real activists know governments etc are monitoring them and they still manage to function (kind of – many in jail) – it’s just – am not gosh dang attempting to do anything radically activist and am constantly trying to escape tech corps and protect others from creepy corps explicit threats to others safety on a daily basis – and it is beyond insane – it is insane to have people like creepy corps monitoring everything online etc (and worse – then using their knowledge of travel plans etc to try to harm others) There are corrupt bureaucrats publicly mentioning what they think so and so should do – huh? – beyond inappropriate – we find their conduct threatening towards others and myself – have no clue why bureaucrats are doing that beyond their own delusional something – on what planet is that appropriate. We suggest bureaucrats stick to filling out forms and become aware of they are what not entitled to do.


[27 Feb 2021 – ignore the below – a dozen invasions from creepy corps again today am in a mood]

My personal life is incredibly private.

Have never mentioned my personal life nor would ever – there are no tell all anything’s from anyone – why on earth creeps in tech and corrupt bureaucrats think that has anything to do with them or that they know anything at all is extraordinarily appalling and inappropriate conduct.

Creepy corps fake rumours causing real harm to people (not in tech) that I love and respect a lot (including myself) – beyond inappropriate and not cool at all.

Not me creating scandal – (other than dumb decade) my entire life happy and scandal free. Not me poking or invading others boundaries (those in tech have mostly genuinely appalling for decades personal lives etc) Got to be kidding.

Irrelevant but my dumb decade should have ended in 2018 rather than being forced to be constantly fearful of my and others safety due to the appalling daily invasions on others devices and explicit threats to others safety from creepy corps. Am certain have been clear. 

Grew up in a region with a population of around 100,000 am used to everyone recognising me for as long as I can remember (in a howdy neighbour way) – am so used to it it took months for me to realise was on other side of planet and still. Explicit threats to others safety come exclusively from creepy corps – there is no reason for the worst people in tech to know anything private citizens are doing. Ever. Monitored devices, creepy corps hacking others devices constantly, and threatening invasions daily etc. No human has to put up with that.

Completely irrelevant – but since creepy corps keep trying to create fake rumours about others – can promise everyone have never, nor would ever be vaguely interested in anyone in Silicon Valley. Nor do I date often. Nor do I ever, ever play games with people like the ist twits in Silicon Valley. Appallingly ist attitudes from some mind numbingly awful low EQ sleazes in tech.

Irrelevant but my life has never revolved around dating – ever – am beyond over creeps in tech insinuations beyond comprehension. Bonk promoting (decades) has never been my thing that’s all creepy corp creepiness – it’s a part of the reason have no interest in creepy corps – other professions don’t notice gender. Beyond stupid attitudes is putting it mildly.

Stunningly ist, low brow and consistently offensive creepy corps (for decades) and not people I would be vaguely interested in working with nor anything. Am certain have been clear. My EQ is fine.

I put F@#k Off on the blog. And alphabet etc do that again. Etc etc. it’s not funny. At all.

Can handle. Has to be legal. Massively don’t want to go to that effort. Just F off creepy corps. Honestly.

Creepy corps enjoy getting negative reactions out of people – there is no doubt.

Am certain have been clear.

Am so over everything on this blog – beyond comprehension – get the hint creepy corps.

Legal action from me will happen creepy corps.

Ignore the above. 


[26 Feb 2021 – ignore this]

Um …. I really truly do not want to think about creepy corp anything for the next few decades (the last few weeks in particular have not been particularly fun) Am certain have been clear about this for some time creepy corps.

Suggest cease your delusional creepy sociopathic stalker conduct creepy corps etc

No attempt to assist with tech during pandemic all year and explicit threats to others safety sums “cure all disease” fibbing gates-funded-facebook up perfectly.

Why bullies in tech thinks private citizens anything is any of their anything is deeply concerning, as an example I don’t use creepy corps surveillance software so how do creepy corps know which country am in etc. It is consistently appalling conduct from creepy corps towards many. Creepy corps have an appalling mindset that is not appropriate for engineers nor people responsible for others data.

Happily the time each person spends using sell people’s data gates-funded-facebook is dropping globally.

Legal action from me is coming soon alphabet and gates-funded-facebook – am pretty much done with daily threats and invasions (for years) during private moments from deceitful tech cretins like that – am not the first person/platform bullied by creepy corps – well documented by others for years.

Am incredibly serious.

Back to happy thoughts.


[genuinely ignore this]

[27 Feb 2021]

Yesterday morning our not at all fudged news search results were all Potato Head articles.


This morning this …. (it was a photo of something else – am protecting others – because it’s about to get ugly – image source wiki)



(for others, this photo has prevented me from (figuratively) “killing” someone that probably requires the stuffing knocked out of them for several years)

[ignore this]

Another example of bad censorship. 

An example of how creepy corps can and do fudge algorithms with the flick of an input and on a whim – deleting an entire product or business competitor or opinion.

This search result is obviously fudged – it’s when the fudging happens within thousands of results and don’t notice the fudging that it’s a real concern. For a decade I thought some G rated friends didn’t have a website – oh they had a website – just not appearing in the search results. It’s a stunningly long list.

That is not respecting others privacy as always creepy corps – am certain have been clear. 

The above from alphabet is neither clever, technically difficult nor a meaningful anything – it’s not hard to rig a “return this result instead” fudged algorithm takes a minute or two (done by not cool staff/execs – not founders who are no longer involved in alphabet)

Creepy corps constantly think unethical conduct is acceptable and that is not ok.

Creepy corps are trying to get reactions – ignore. The above is nothing to do with me (or others) at all – it is all alphabet fabrication – to try to get reactions.

Oh and am never ever ever “getting over” creepy corp conduct during the last year etc – ever – not a great result for the planet (all year)

I got this.

Back to happy thoughts.


[ignore this]


The above is mostly alphabets (it wasn’t (us)!) again – trying to make others seem like the baddies and themselves seem like the “good guys” – amongst many others, a study from Georgetown University has shown most (hate speech) is from gates-funded-facebook, twitter-likes-trolls and youtube. Having said that, perhaps important to point out this ….

The phone tapping head of Fox News has absolutely no brains and is gosh awful and an unappealing mistress. 

My past, present and future personal life is private and absolutely off limits (years of tabloid fake rumours aimed at myself and people I care about is not ok – others personal lives are private)

Am very very much over the she should meet with those ist icks in tech that are harassing her – she’d be a billionaire routine.

Creepy corps suddenly trying to make out they are the paragons of political correctness or respectful of women etc – more than slightly incorrect – um – how many openly gay people in Silicon Valley? How many women? How many non caucasians? etc etc (for decades – plenty of diverse talent available)

Creepy corps are the least politically correct people I have ever encountered (for decades)

Twenty thousand staff walking out of alphabet to protect their coworkers is an example (of many) of who creepy corps are. And so much more.

A few days ago I advised there would be legal action from me so alphabet reminded me this morning that within a year of arrival there they promoted a lawyer to Technical Director Of Engineering at Google (a lawyer is the best female technical engineer they have at Google kind of sums it up perfectly)

Around mid 2017 coinciding with me dealing with lawyers, someone at alphabet kept interjecting now and then with something am too polite to repeat and I kept replying – uh huh. That’s lovely. Please go away now alphabet etc.

Non creepy corps have lots of female engineers in those roles (for decades) lawyers tend to be good at fibbing and obscuring criminal activity and don’t know of any other corp that uses lawyers in technical engineering leadership roles.

Am not interested in creepy corps anything and don’t use creepy corps software for years and years for lots of reasons – respecting others privacy etc

Am happily employed etc Not based in Australia. Mind your own business. 

Absolutely no one speaks on my behalf. 

My final comment on that ever.


Not that interesting but worth being aware that take all the income from others work gates-funded-facebook funds Frankie rather heavily – way too many fake and sponsored links for our liking – we are not involved with that somewhat ist and consistently criminal protecting (institution) – due to the hundreds of members we have personally known and centuries long funding issues that would be our last choice of (institution) Have personally known some great members and would never judge based on others personal choice – in our personal observation, the (ist fibbing hierarchy) are consistently not cool. 

We like openly gay people. Lots. 

Back to happy thoughts.


Just watched a video of someone I admire beyond comprehension (he is deeply religious) giving a speech and his advice “Watch out for those bishops!” People like that should stay on the planet for ever. Deeply missed by many.


[14 March 2021]

Having the worst people in the planet at creepy corps invading privacy multiple times during private moments every day – my beyond contempt creepy corps – and have never felt contempt before. Legal action from me coming creepy corps – respect others privacy – suggest take it seriously. “at cost” Gates there was no legally justifiable reason for you to pass software usage information to any government for years – hideous deceitful creatures.


Am personally not convinced an (ineffective against variants) “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine that kills some people counts as saving lives – there are safe/effective vaccines available.

“at cost” Gates are trying to use deceit and faux politics to flog their unsafe/ineffective “at cost” products – that’s not ok at all

[12 April 2021 – ignore this]

Are Microsoft products vaccinating their children with “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca of course they aren’t – we politely unsubscribed last year due to their involvement with “at cost” Gates, twitter-likes-trolls – absolutely no respect for publicly implying am involved with creepy corp anything – we posted a thank you and eighteen months of that creepy corp requested nonsense without consent is not cool – my obvious non involvement with creepy corps has everything to do with creepy corp appalling conduct and nothing to do with anyone else. That’s the “at cost” Gates vaccine not delivered on schedule, not safe/effective, creepy corp sector booming and off to flog other products. The olde snake oil salespeople a few good deals to hook people then slowly tighten the screws. Where did these inept bureaucrats come from rigged gates-funded-facebook with the flick of a fudged input no skill required. So many great philanthropists doing great work – then there is “at cost” Gates that constantly seem to require tax payer funding for their personal projects – quid quo pro – really the “at cost” Gates “giving pledge” means scarce tax payer funds are given to “at cost” Gates – got to be kidding – any deal with creepy corps always, always results in give creepy corps all your cash. The knowledge that both “at cost” Gates for decades and now gates-funded-facebook provide user data to governments without blinking an eye and without notification to users makes that extra icky. Lots and lots of people (including ex execs that resigned due to gates-funded-facebook deceitful unethical conduct) have publicly raised concern about gates-funded-facebook election tampering (the handful of inept bureaucrats that said they would take the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine this week despite medical evidence to the contrary – oh there’s one – there’s another – Australian sports-rort mob included)


We haven’t looked at anything by “at cost” Gates other than a few months last year, and not since the middle of last year – not people that have honest or original thoughts.

But ….

Fact check:

— “at cost” Gates advocated that all group events would be cancelled for eighteen months (that may be what “at cost” Gates was hoping for)

Of course that was not true.

By the middle of 2020, quite a few countries, New Zealand, China many African and island nations had no restriction (other than quarantine on entry) (Australia had no virus – and unnecessary local restrictions for the rest of the year due to stunningly inept bureaucrats and at huge cost to the economy/society)

— FUD fibbing “at cost” Gates repeatedly talked about needing to obtain seven billion vials.

Blatant fibbing: vaccines are of course being delivered in multi-dose bottles like we always knew they would. Was that “at cost” Gates repeating others ideas again to show how not clever they are – probably and irrelevant.

— Instead of advocating maps/tech/treatments “at cost” Gates started flogging their products (vaccines) as the only solution around May 2020. And incorrectly stated vaccines would be available by the end of 2020 as a dangle the fake carrot.

Vaccines were never going to be available en masse until around the end of 2021 (and “at cost” Gates has not delivered contracted doses on schedule at huge cost to others)

“at cost” Gates not only refuses to open source formulas for medications they are blatantly overcharging developing nations and price gouging – it matters.

Treatments such as plasma/antibodies etc and rational use of maps/tech save lives.

And so, so much more.


(there is absolutely no justification for any delusional bureaucrat to be illegally monitoring (and worse) private citizens on a whim – delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly – trying to use for political points and to threaten peaceful private citizens makes it absolutely criminal conduct. Creepy corps know they have our contempt for similar appalling and bullying/predatory conduct towards many. Explicit threats to others safety come exclusively from delusional freemason bureaucrats (and creepy corps) – even if was a political opponent (am not) that bureaucratic conduct would be unconscionable. Am not ok with that – at all.)


Creepy corps and delusional freemasons are so appallingly ist they have no idea how offensive and inappropriate they are – we have never seen such ist attitudes/conduct towards many in our lives (an ist word that starts with s that we refuse to use it is offensive – textbook bad conduct).

That did not happen – we do not have genuinely the most repulsive no EQ people on the planet (including some low intelligence corrupt bureaucrats) breaking into people’s devices and monitoring (bullying and worse) everything private citizens do online etc on a whim. There is absolutely no justification. Am certain have been clear.

Am incredibly serious creepy corps – respect others privacy – actual contempt for creepy corp conduct  and have never felt contempt before. Prefer not.

For the gazillionth time hacking other people’s devices every time walk into a room (every car, hire car, taxi, cafe, neighbours cat etc) is not ok – am slimed creepy corps – truly. 



[27 April 2021 – this week Modi again requested bans on Indian twitter-likes-trolls accounts that were critical of his government – hundreds/thousands of peaceful accounts being censored by twitter-likes-trolls for simply expressing an opinion]

Funds are not the problem in India (there are plenty of billionaires in India) – the problem in India is something else. Why do freemasons (and creepy corps) profess such a kinship with Modi, what is it that is so similar to their mindset – appallingly ist attitudes, troll platforms take all the income from others work etc 


[7 May 2021 – ignore this – bureaucrats mean nothing except when either great or corrupt – no great bureaucrats at the moment and way, way too many corrupt. There is no “war” inept freemason bureaucrats]

Appallingly corrupt bureaucrats

[ignore this]

Deluded bureaucrats have been acting illegally, fibbing and threatening people for over a year and falsely claiming they are the victims of something at the same time – this post absolutely required – get the gosh dang hint and know what delusional bureaucrats are not entitled to do monitoring/threatening (and worse) private citizens (on a whim) is not ok – considering those deluded bureaucrats are genuinely the most ist, unintelligent, deceitful and repulsive/corrupt people (almost entirely ist freemasons) on the planet not cool. Legal action from me coming. Not once have I ever nor would ever invade another’s privacy or stalk/harass or be untruthful or try to threaten/intimidate/entrap anyone – beyond inappropriate appallingly deceitful and corrupt bureaucratic conduct – delusional. Unintelligent bureaucrats seriously need to remind themselves what they are not entitled to do. We are appalled beyond comprehension by corrupt/deceitful unintelligent freemason bureaucratic conduct all (year) – am appalled that those deluded bureaucrats are illegally monitoring (and worse) others oh a whim – am not ok with that at all.

[13 May 2021] During a global health emergency the most repulsive unintelligent freemason bureaucrats on the planet, rather than ensuring all have access to medications, are inexplicably holding beach storming military drills – absolute twits – and these are the inept freemason bureaucrats that “accidentally” handled outbreaks the worst.

Um, am certain there is no “war” inept freemason bureaucrats but by gosh there are more deluded bureaucratic twits around than we are comfortable with.

(After Modi, Putin, Bolsonaro, corrupt sports-rort Australian freemason bureaucrats, that particular disreputable unintelligent sleazy fibbing freemason bureaucrat is internationally perhaps the least liked and least respected bureaucrat currently in office – appallingly deceitful bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to people – bureaucrats don’t actually matter that much but gosh – every heart painted on that wall – and still blatantly fibbing for their own ego and political points, appalling)

This is a global health emergency – inept unintelligent freemason bureaucrats may be best ensuring people have access to medications.

“COVAX had hoped to distribute 252 million COVID-19 vaccines in the first half of this year, but so far just 60 million doses have been delivered ….

COVAX was relying on 94 percent of its supply being AstraZeneca vaccines, about two-thirds of which were supposed to be supplied by India, with the rest coming from South Korea. Pfizer has agreed to supply 6 percent, or 15 million, of COVAX vaccines in the first half of this year, though only 1.1 million of the Pfizer doses have been delivered [so far]”

Meanwhile some have been delivering lots and lots of medications and thankfully these safe/effective medications are now being added to COVAX.

We are not fans of Microsoft products

Given the amount of threats received from deluded and gosh awful freemason bureaucrats – inept freemason bureaucrats yelping “sheeeeee shouldn’t type that” – of course “she” should – blatant fibbing may have just created another part-time political commentator – deluded bureaucrats certainly don’t get to be deceitful, act illegally or tell people what to do, bureaucrats are public servants and people tell bureaucrats what to do in democracy – that’s really how it works.

Let’s take that IQ/EQ test right now – (with rare exception) no consistently deluded/deceitful inept freemason has ever nor will ever have my respect – that appalling club of oppressive ineptitude and collusion/corruption simply should not exist.

Am not ok with the most repulsive unintelligent and deceitful/deluded freemason bureaucrats on the planet recklessly using weapons and monitoring (and worse) private citizens on a whim.

An appallingly deceitful freemason bureaucrat is rightfully under investigation for harassment of women. The DOI where that bureaucrat resides defines harassment as “discussions, remarks or jokes of a sexual nature” as an example to their appalling mindset if it is helpful to others – there is no planet where it appropriate for the most revolting bureaucrats on the planet to be making jokes about others dating – bureaucrat buddy of Fauci especially – actual crime – creepy corps included and with our contempt. Creepy corps and freemason bureaucrats actually think their conduct (and it is significantly worse than most realise) is acceptable thus the problem. In my entire life have never seen such appalling ist attitudes (and worse) as we have from creepy corps since the start of 2017 (and deluded freemason bureaucrats this (year)) – am certain have been clear. Can we charge a rigged freemason bureaucrat buddy of Fauci with defamation – am gosh dang tempted and what a revolting deceitful unethical unintelligent person. Appalling bureaucrats need to remind themselves what they are not entitled to do.

Ignore this. Can handle. Serious legal action coming from me – take it seriously.

Back to happy thoughts.



[2 Nov – ignore this]

Am repeating myself, am slightly censored and blog therapy required.

Creepy corps are still doing the if we ban that app, ban that thing, “she” will think our copied software is great. No.

It is exclusively creepy corps with the explicit threats to others safety, every day still. Am not typing that. And am fine, others are not fine and that is bugging me a lot.

Cannot emphasise enough, I do not work in tech. Am very happily employed elsewhere. Nothing private citizens do is the concern of anyone at a creepy corp. Am certain I have been clear.


State of the planet all year is non ideal.

Good engineers rerouted most Microsoft software (used by others) a few weeks ago for a reason. Am normally not a fan of that, but in that instance warranted. 

Blatant fibbing again and again.


[Nov 7 – ignore this]

Am not someone that ever tells others what to do. Posting something from an incompetent public servant (elected from nowhere via social media) my final straw.

While we are trying to help get troll platforms regulated to ensure the corruption this year doesn’t happen again, others are inexplicably going fibbing politicians are great! there is no corruption!

(there are some extraordinary public servants doing great things this year)

Human corruption is fixable.

My personal experience has been most people lovely, it is exclusively creepy corps with the explicit threats to others safety – and am not the only person/platform creepy corps have bullied, well documented by others for years. Considering I knew about the virus around December last year seems highly unlikely others didn’t know about the virus in 2019.

There are effective medical treatments. This is not 1918.

It’s a long list.


Ignore this – it is for some cretins in tech. Please get the hint.

Back to happy thoughts.


[Nov 7 – ignore this]

Highly likely am lashing out at the wrong thing due to minor breakdown invoked by some political things this week. Ignore this post

Am not someone that ever tells others what to do – am not involved with Microsoft products at all – creepy corps are a red flag to a bull for me for lots of reasons. Microsoft products have had an email for over a year, trying to make out public scandal or associate me with the worst tech corps on the planet is not who I am. Gossiping with creepy corps is not ok at all. That’s an opportunity to make money off others, um, that’s a creepy corp mindset. Other than the planet disaster all year there is no scandal. (explicit threats to others safety are real. She should work with creepy corps – never and creepy corps know that. She can only work in tech – delusional. I may actually know what am talking about when it comes to creepy corps. It’s best for “her” if we take away (that app, that trip) and that way “she” can focus on creepy corps, um, no. Must be others causing concern, no it’s only creepy corps (and some other corrupt yuks) causing concern (for lots of reasons). Can handle. That has been and is bullying rage from the worst tech corps on the planet that others are not doing what they want, bullies can be charming. The only thing getting to me is the appalling daily conduct of the worst tech rapists on the planet since 2018, that and some political things.)

My EQ is fine – real not fun from creepy corps daily. Can handle.

Am not loving others not being fine all year – just another “glitch”.

Using that to promote politicians and creepy corps this year. Gosh. Nothing to do with me at all. No one speaks on my behalf ever. 

Am genuinely religious. Apologies.

Back to happy thoughts.


The appalling conduct of creepy corps has been well documented by others for years.

The creepy corp year – exactly why most people with brains don’t use gates-funded-facebook copied off others software.

There is nothing brave or clever about copying others work and fibbing – cowards of tech is perhaps more accurate than the cretins of tech.

Copy others work Gates were the most despised people in tech by others for decades for a reason – after this year can add me to the list of people with contempt for the fibbing dodgy alley deal Gates. Well, we’ll fetch a sky hook in a year or two (sky hook is an engineering term for a fictitious thing that is useless) and not even trying to boost the manufacturing sector in their country of residence – we’ll do a dodgy deal with a corrupt politician in another country. Unbelievable. 

Know anyone with (copied off others) mapping technology? (and so much more) 

This is not 1918.

There are effective medical treatments.

Gates seems to be implying being a “pandemic expert” in this century simply means he is an expert on medication, well, he has no medical background and has not advocated the collection of blood donations for antibodies. (manufactured and natural) antibodies are effective at boosting protection for those most at risk and have been available and suggested by others all year.

Gates has been ok in the past at locking in contracts to produce medications created by others at lower cost and that’s about it – that’s not actually much of a skill – most could order things delivered easily. That’s about trying to control.

Making the formulas available for anyone to produce would be the fastest and most effective way and real altruism.

Let’s forget the creepy corp year happened – let’s not.

(a teeny example of thousands of creepy corps stunts all year : around half a day after adding the above freemasons at Pfizer made a nonsensical announcement about possibly being able to provide 1.3billion doses of vaccine by the end of 2021 (double dose required so a few hundred million doses ready in seven months from now). Oh they are freemasons. Good grief – grow up)

Spot the freemason


Am typing this again, there is no reason for anyone in tech (nor any politician on the planet) to delude themselves that anything private citizens do is any of their concern. I could not be more serious about that.


Perhaps a glimpse ….

Towards the end of 2017, I said to alphabet “No, J” – alphabet replied a few weeks later – “Well we have two J’s” I thought “Of course you do and nothing makes me happier” And I genuinely thought good, that will be the last I hear from alphabet.

One was a lawyer and the other is from the Netherlands. Oh yes, alphabet really are that bad, messing with your heads in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Haven’t used that software for years.

No human has to put up that amount of stalking during private moments every day – and my contempt for creepy corps is beyond comprehension.

It was alphabet inexplicably involving me in the fake girl fight thing with lawyer J around the end of 2018 that resulted in me saying my first swear words ever in decades – it involved me mentioning a donkey, and by sheer chance there was a red spinning toy on google a few weeks later.

Of all the ways possible to insult me, to suggest I would be in a girl fight with any woman is a huge insult. 

[and the above is exactly what would say to the two J’s in person – be incredibly careful – creepy corps are messing with you awfully]

Have never met anyone at a creepy corp and have never visited Silicon Valley, nor do I use that software. Nothing in my personal life has ever been played out on creepy corps software nor will it ever be. It is exclusively (and daily) creepy corps with the explicit threats to others safety. Unacceptable conduct beyond comprehension creepy corps again and again.

Am not involved in creepy corp nonsense nor ever was. 

I do not work in tech. Am thrilled that women work in tech. Hackers are found in their teens. Hopefully lots more on the way.


State of the planet this year may be a teeny bit more important. Possibly 1.3billion doses of vaccine by the end of 2021 – (dual dose required so a few hundred million doses in seven months from now) – that helps the planet how – is this a gag to the freemason twits. 

Any known treatments yet. The virus has been known for a year.



Have not switched on a computer all year nor am likely to again. My decision to remain happily employed (not in tech) is final. Tech rapists thinking bullying and predatory conduct will change my mind is delusional.

Respect others privacy creepy corps. Seriously.

Now not the moment to type the long list.

Am certain I have been clear.

Happy thoughts.



(Due to the actions of excellent wives and a genuinely intelligent (Rhodes Scholar) prime minister the freemasons were largely outed and dismantled in Australia (and elsewhere) during the eighties and nineties. That was a unifying and prosperous period of Australian (and world) history.

There is simply no justification for a male only club promoting themselves corruptly.

The ones left in the corrupt little club are not the brightest sparks believe me – just the most corrupt, they are a duplicitous greedy bunch. Am with Feynman (etc) all the way.

Am tempted to type a list of names of the divisive corrupt freemasons currently holding positions around the world and assisting with destroying the planet all year, without fail they are all a bit nuts. Billions of people forced into hardship, funds being funnelled and so so much more.

Creepy corps and a few corrupt freemasons and some other gangsters – not a great result for the planet all year.


Happy thoughts.


[Oct 9 – ignore this]

The awfully corrupt and inept sports-rort politicians in Australia have inexplicably announced this week intention to introduce legislation to force any person requesting a permanent visa to Australia including partners and relatives to speak English.

What century do that mob think this is? Many people are rightfully appalled – during a climate emergency and during gross mismanagement of the economy – THAT’S the most important thing to legislate in this moment? No, that’s a discriminatory thing to legislate in any moment. Shall we arrest people for not speaking English? BTW there are apps that translate conversations easily in real time now – welcome to the 21st century.

A great aunt of someone I love a lot came from Europe was multilingual but knew just one word of English “Shutup” It saw her through the first few years effortlessly.

Did the settlers speak Aboriginal before they arrived? Are we being forced to speak those dialects or even have them as an option to learn in schools. Unbelievable.

Facilitating a tolerant and inclusive society is part of the job of a public servant representing any country.

Slither away corrupt sports-rort, purchasing coal power plants and missiles in 2020, decimating the economy and trying to divert attention from corruption with ist nonsense. That’s what freemasons do – the dodgy alley club.


The Australia I love awarded the Archibald prize to a gifted Indigenous Australian this year.


Am incredibly protective of the people I care about and my personal life is private.

Irrelevant, but other than dumb (decade) my life has been filled with joy, was engaged to a medical professional I went to school with for the first decade of adulthood.

Not sure why I keep typing this but am happily employed, in a relationship and like many, slightly appalled at the corrupt conduct of gangsters all year. State of the planet all year is non ideal.

Happy thoughts.


Soothsayer, truth sayer Ace. Love you lots and lots (and as soon as I type that will be attacked by creepy corps)

Stay safe.


I do not even want your beautiful brains reading this crap. Really. Ignore the blog.

I got this. Genuinely.


So so back to happy thoughts.



Love you hugely muchly lots and lots buddy. Coco knows where you live dork. Stay safe xo See you all soon.

(Ignore the blog. Really)


February 4

India increases budget for renewables

Sending blue skies and love.

NASA Climate Time Machine

The climate emergency is real.


February 7

Numerous examples but here’s another : the currently elected Australian Federal Government invited Cronulla Sailing Club to apply for (and awarded) an $8,000 federally funded grant for a BBQ prior to the election to  ”eliminate the need for users to engage in heavy-lifting to move a portable barbecue” 

As an experienced sailor I can say that during Australia’s worst drought that is not an acceptable use of Federal Government funding.

Australia has a population of 24million and $89million was spent on advertising by a coal mining consortium during the 2019 Australian election. The party advertising did not win a seat. Reassuring to know seats cannot be bought – or a planned tip of the election in one parties favour.

Am not conspiracy theory, but cannot think of an Australian Federal Government as blatantly shonky as this one.

Extreme weather events are currently causing destruction of property, disruption of businesses and food shortages on land. Insurance risks are escalating. Increasing CO2 levels in the worlds oceans, combined with increasing temperatures, are also having a catastrophic effect on marine life.

Carbon emissions are an integral part of the economy.

Southern African Anglicans Agree To Divest From Fossil Fuels (2016)

Priest arrested at climate emergency protest (2020)

The Anglican diocese of Rockhampton divests from fossil fuels (2017)

Blackrock divests from coal (2020)

FTSE TPI Climate Transition Index (2020)

The Catholic Bishop of Toowoomba made a statement urging for divestment of fossil fuels last month. I have never attended that church.

Am fairly big on the everyone equal thing.

No voices in my head just yet, but I’ll let you know.

Plane ‘accidentally’ diverted to a capital city early last year with an airport full of nuns and my luggage misplaced for the first time in my life. Staff claiming there were no flights out for a whole day. And so much more. I remember the school group of short people all singing at the top of their lungs despite frantic teacher protests in the airport. I attract short people since short. It was echoing fantastically. Made the several hour long wait for my luggage to reappear worthwhile. My luggage magically reappeared as the children left and I booked the next available flight on another airline.


February 8

Please put artificial photosynthesis skin on the outside of planes and let them suck CO2 out of the atmosphere as they fly.


February 10


Many great governments have pledged to phase out coal.


(including Angola, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, El Salvador, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Marshall Islands, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Niue, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK)

Giant hug from the rest of the planet.

Coal accounts for around 40% of the earths current CO2 emissions – and is easily swapped out for renewable and clean tech.

Air pollution currently causes millions of preventable deaths each year – shipping coal is shipping death.


Huge hugs.




February 12

Your hate speech filled Twitter posts about others have insulted so many people Rump. Just wow that is not ok.

Would anyone let children watch or read that?

In my opinion, you are a lying thug Rump.

My final comment on that ever.


Probe begins

Rumps closest foreign government friendship is with Vladimir Putin. Putin became one of Russia’s wealthiest people while holding public office.

Rump using federal government funds for his approximately $133million golf tab in three years at a Rump owned property seems high – equal to 334 years of presidential salary (source huffpost)

And it is significantly worse than that.

Planet is in danger. This is serious. That’s all.

Am personally happy. My past, present and future personal or professional life is (mostly good) and absolutely none of your business.

No one speaks on my behalf.


February 15

Our love for this planet will win.

National Climate Emergency Summit in Melbourne


Not sure about the headline ‘Australia is the big brother of the Asia-Pacific’. One or two populations/economies are bigger than ours – and those nations have giant hearts too. Definitely a family. We deserve to be grounded for shipping coal.


February 17

Thermal Coal only accounts for 5.5% of Australia’s total exports and 1.2% of the economy. There. Is. No. Drama. It’s easy!!

Just stop using thermal coal!!

Coal is costing the loss of millions of lives each year worldwide – and the numbers are increasing.

Applies to Australian Government only :

Petition EN1303 – Petition to Establish a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption

Despite a climate emergency triggered ecological disaster occurring in Australia, a few days ago the currently elected Australian Federal Government approved a $4million feasibility study for a new coal powered electricity plant in QLD. In an area that a recent study showed has no infrastructure requirements for additional electricity. Thats corruption plain and simple.

Add the sports rorts scandal – that is jail deserved territory.

‘Low emissions’ coal powered electricity plants still pump out huge amounts of CO2 – heavy particles are being filtered – not CO2. Deceitful language being used by some climate deniers.

There has been no wet season in the top end of Australia for the last few seasons. Farming and tourism provide more utility than deadly coal powered electricity plants any day. Cut the coal is creating jobs nonsense – coal may be 1.2% of the economy but significantly less than 1.2% of Australians work in the coal industry.

Coal is destroying farming and tourism. I have worked as a jillaroo during vacations, it’s a brilliant job – incredibly happy memories. Extreme weather events (drought) means no viable farmland and a huge negative impact on tourism and employment – with flow on effects to local businesses.

No viable farmland also means food shortages – it’s happening right now in Southern Africa. It matters.

(am not replying to anyone indirectly in this blog)

Am heading to a country with a sane government next week thankfully.

Good governments are something maybe taken for granted until notice they are not there and the planet is falling apart literally.


I have to stop reading. And typing. And reading. And typing. Have never seen anything so blatantly corrupt as this government ever.

“It’s an astonishing deal for the power station’s owners, who purchased the 1,320MW Vales Point from the NSW government for just $1 million in 2015, but which was later valued at more than $730 million, and will now receive a handout of taxpayer funds to pay for maintenance and repairs that will extend the life of the power station..”

During a climate emergency triggered ecological disaster, Australia’s currently elected Federal Government is increasing the number of coal power plants in 2020 (and fast tracking approval prior to the commencement of the formal proceedings to investigate the bushfires). That is impossible to comprehend.

That’s not smart or clever – that is just a dangerously corrupt shonky government.

This is brilliant Was feeling all emotioned out by the blatant corruption and massive loss of lives and reading that somehow reenergised us. Thank you. Beautifully written piece.

There is a lot we can do. And we will win.

Am incredibly optimistic about teenagers with skills.


February 19

Tasmania, ACT, The Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia state governments have all committed to carbon neutral targets – it matters.

We have some good governments.

The currently elected Australian Federal Government approval ratings are very low for lots of reasons. Most people want positive action on the climate emergency.

Tropical fish being reported (by the CSIRO) in the Southern Ocean around Tasmania due to rising sea temperatures is not ok.


February 22

Correcting the climate emergency is easy – stop using thermal coal. Renewable energy is about abundance.

Open letter urging cessation of coal use (June 2019)

Scientists open letter warning of extinction crisis (Oct 2019)

Open letter urging for more action on climate (Feb 2020)

Local communities, tourism bodies, environmental groups and so many others all petitioning

Look at these faces in drought stricken country regions

The planet is in danger. Carbon emissions must be reduced now – this is robust and well established science.

That is a lot of people requesting positive action to correct the climate emergency for a long time – is the Australian Federal Government binning these letters? Inexcusable.

Corrupt governments are just a momentary blip. Great governments are remembered forever. Coal power plants will be phased out. This will happen.

Creating a beautiful planet

Eco-Convergence launched in the Philippines

Seeing the world map switching off coal plants country after country is tingly good.


I am noticing the number of politicians that said we hope the people of China are ok. 

Am guessing the current Australian Federal Government would keep sending people into coal mines with the flu.

Indicator of the heart of that nation, putting the health and safety of people above all else. Building a hospital in under ten days.


February 29

20% of all Australian bushland (natural forest) on the entire continent was just destroyed in a few months by a climate emergency triggered disaster. Over half a billion lives lost. Farmland is fallow (worldwide) due to drought. And yet ….

Fake information being spread about the climate emergency

Are climate deniers always corrupt – seems that way.

An example of a coal mine

Switching off coal power plants is easy.

NASA Climate Time Machine

Read in other articles Pakistan is looking to increase renewable energy use, am not implying corrupt government in Pakistan – I have no knowledge. Am actually skeptical of people who are too focused on other peoples income, don’t criticise people for being wealthy – lots do it ethically. Absolutely criticise wealth being gained by corruption and exploitation.

Rump attempting to repeal 1997 worldwide ban on land mine use. That is beyond corrupt.


Social media could easily label fake information that is not supported by science.

facebook is a platform that censors harmless things often and instead allows hate speech to be spread and in the case of corrupt climate denier lobby groups that is actually putting all life on the planet at risk.

Software serves people, never the other way around.

(and instead, social media circulates a cartoon depicting a talented climate activist being assaulted during the first week of March 2020)

That’s not ok.


Am personally happy but in a deep mood about corruption. Going back to my crayons.


I have the flu too.



March 4

(Ignore this post – really)

It’s a long list alphabet ….


The above is from the last few days. And it took several attempts for emails to arrive from gmail. And that’s not the first time alphabet have mucked around with email – easter egg riddled spyware is a more accurate description.

As another example, when gmail was in beta I was on someone else’s computer on someone else’s internet connection and went to create my first gmail account as (something) Seymour – to see the following on the the google URL webpage – “we know you are not (something) Seymour”. It shouldn’t matter who I am alphabet – that should be private. And creepy corps do that to lots of people – not just me.

Don’t panic – alphabet muck around with software often and yes alphabet read peoples personal and business correspondence on a whim. Creepy corps have zero respect for others privacy and are stunningly obsessed with interfering in what others are doing, I’ve been asking alphabet to stop daily since 2017 as have many others.


alphabet you created a surveillance system – and you know how I feel about that. No.

I am sticking to happy thoughts.

All good. I got this.

[due to some real world events, I haven’t used any Microsoft software since April, only used outlook for 2 or 3 years and like many will never again]


March 7

A report published this week in journal Nature stated that almost five dozen countries have now committed to zero emission electricity production.

Reading elsewhere about people cheering in the stands as governments legislated in state after state in some places. This will happen.

Not all environmentalists are against farming and mining. It’s about balance and working together. I like food and I like aluminium/steel – incredibly useful products. I also like being able to walk outside in non 40 degree Celsius temperatures – rain or not, crops simply are not productive in extreme temperatures and agriculturalists are experiencing the effects right now worldwide.

What mythical technology, that we may create during the next decade, are you trying to use as a cover up for corruption Sports-Rort Morrison – the technology exists today it’s called solar, wind, hydro (and some others). Deadly coal power plants can be easily replaced now.

Why don’t we get all the climate deniers to run around in circles pushing a wheel around to generate electricity – now THAT’S innovative technology and much healthier and safer than sending people to work in coal mines.

We are genuinely lucky to have some great politicians and public servants in Australia. Sports-Rort Morrison is not one of them.



Sports-Rort Morrison repeatedly publicly announced a $2billion funding package for the bushfires – turns out he lied.

(am not effected by the bushfires – but I know lots who are)

Apparently Australian supermarkets are sold out of toilet paper. Indicator of the mood of the nation.



March 8 International Women’s Day

Some of my heroes ….

Madeleine Albright, Jane Fonda, Golda Meir, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Amelia Earhart, Paloma Picasso, Elizabeth II, Maya Angelou, Angelina Jolie, Sigorney Weaver, Madonna, Ellen, Oprah, Jane Goodall, Starship Voyager, Blondie, Jacqueline Kennedy, Ash Barty, Olivia Newton-John, Greta Thunberg, Maria Ressa, Margaret Thatcher, Taylor Swift, Germaine Greer, Sylvia Plath, Ariana Grande, Jacinda Adern, Lady Ga Ga, Nancy Reagan, Katie Perry, Gertrude Stein, J.K. Rowling, Benazir Bhutto, Eleanor Roosevelt, Anne Curry, Rosa Parks, Fran Lebowitz, Coco Chanel, Mary Shelley, Clover Moore, Anna Wintour, Virginia Wolfe, Gina Rinehart, Fiona Moore, Angela Merkel, Indira Ghandi, Madam Curie, Jung Chang, JLo, Dorothy Parker, Tina Arena, Cathy Freeman, Christiana Figueres, Dame Edna Everage, Grace Hopper, Annie Liebowitz, Berthe Morisot, Frida Khalo, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Thompson, Katie Couric, Roberta Williams, Amanda Gorman ….

Every woman on the planet. Keep creating beautiful things every day.


(Was thinking about the contribution that Madeleine Albright made to the planet, and the difference with current governments in some places, and how much we all miss that intelligent and inclusive diplomacy and was going to just write one name. Then thought of Jane Fonda standing up for causes as great as she is and just kept typing, I could type for days so so many names are left off)


March 10

“In 2019, weather – including massive Midwest floods – prevented American farmers from planting 19.6 million acres of crops, more than double any other year since the U.S. Department of Agriculture began keeping track in 2007.” [source: IMF]



March 12

I love this ….

Stay calm


March 14

Google surveillance comes to save the day with a pandemic. Uh huh.

Here’s one I prepared earlier!

Can track people anywhere without their knowledge or consent – it’s handy!

Am blanking all of that for a bit.

Alphabet do have a knack for injecting themselves into everything.



I swear ….

Alphabet, it would be easy to ask people worldwide to (digitally) provide consent for their location history to allow modelling of the spread of contagion.

Easily done while people in hospitals.

It would cost alphabet very little effort, the data is all right there in the vault, and may save millions of lives – worth it.

Don’t even have to do the modelling, just make the anonymised raw data available to others.

Incredibly useful for any future outbreaks of disease. Millions of lives could be saved.

Alturism. It’s one of those big English words they maybe don’t teach in spy school.

This is not a conversation. Never contact me again alphabet.


Fake information currently being spread on facebook has already resulted in many human deaths not from the virus but from fake remedies. These posts could be easily flagged with a warning.

Over two months and the ‘we are going to cure all disease’ platform facebook has not done a thing. facebook has similar location history tracking to alphabet.

facebook is not genuinely interested in curing medical disease, this is obvious – their agenda has always been something else entirely since inception. That’s not a platform with intent on helping others. 

Interoperability is the only cure.

Platforms that take peoples information to use for their own gain. These platforms could easily allow people to volunteer their anonymised location history information to help save lives.

Labelling fake medical information that is killing people for months would be a worthwhile feature.

Constant bullshit facebook and am over it. A platform deliberately spreading bad censorship, fear and deceit. It’s about people that think power is about bullying and controlling others.


Real power is about facilitating freedom of choice.

(Ignore the blog. Really. Creepy corps attack non stop and now and then I have to type rubbish here. Happy thoughts)

Am beyond over that conduct creepy tech corps – respect privacy. Seriously.

Am not an expert, but taking peoples temperatures before boarding planes would make sense for a few weeks.

One thing I know about beautiful people – natural healers and some of the best in the world.

The climate emergency is currently claiming more human lives each year.




March 17

Definitely related.



March 18

David Suzuki : Idle some more – a novel climate solution


From the balcony here this morning.


All connected.

Beautiful sound, beautiful soul. We are all deeply touched.


(I don’t speak much critter, but a head bob and a wing stretch is a good thing)

[this post is nothing to do with alphabet]




March 22

My grandparents all lived through the pandemics in the early part of the 20th century by wearing gloves every time they left the house. If I was in a high incidence location now I would absolutely wear gloves and remove them as soon as I arrived home. Can still see my grandmother removing her gloves as she stepped through the door. It wasn’t just fashion it was to prevent germs.

My grandparents also had going out clothes and at home clothes, as soon as they got home they swapped outfits. Unlike us lazy folks that brush up against shop counters then brush up against kitchen benches in the same outfit. My (french) grandmother used to wear hat and pearls to go to the supermarket and I kind of love her for it.

My grandparents also carried handkerchiefs everywhere to cover their nose and mouths.

Floors are the worst, walk the virus into the house. Stay off the floor, keep feet off the sofa and coffee table and remove shoes on entry.

Viruses live for the shortest duration on porous surfaces. Gloves are effective because porous surfaces transmit viruses less readily as microbes get trapped in the fabric fibres instead of transferring. Touching a surface wearing gloves means less chance of picking up and transferring a virus to another surface than bare hands, important when out.

This virus lives for up to three days on hard surfaces – it’s a long time.

A cure will be available soon.

Viruses live for the shortest time on aluminium and the longest on plastic! Throw out everything plastic in your house now! (and that’s a good thing for the environment) I’ve had a plastic free house rule since short, don’t cook with, eat off or store food in plastic (plastic has since been shown to leech highly toxic chemicals into food and in some cases into air, houses without plastic smell better can feel them) I wasn’t allowed to buy drinks that came in plastic when short due to chemicals, only glass bottles – but I digress.

My parents used to make me wash every milk bottle before placing in fridge, the wrappers bread came in had to be washed or replaced, flour tipped into flour bin and wrapper thrown away, I had to wash every jar and can before placing in cupboard.

Welcome to my nuts childhood everyone!

(except house had lots of people around non stop)

Happily, effective treatments are in the pipeline. 

All Virgoans are in their neat freak germophobic element right now – we got this – almost like we have been preparing for this our entire lives.

Looking forward to public gatherings ban being lifted lots.


alphabet, this just became legal intervention required territory. No.




March 24

Was thinking anonymised location history to help identify infection hot spots, and warn/alert/test/supplies to enable early intervention with treatment (South Korean style)


Or alphabet could use the anonymised location information to help arrest innocent people …. but alrighty then …. be patient with alphabet’s robotic minds awesome politicians, it’s a process, alphabet kind of understand eventually ….

Massive kudos, that’s actually brilliant.

Breathe and have a cup of tea, effective medical treatments are on the way.




March 26

Rump knew how serious the virus was months ago. Due to lies from Rump, the Dow lost the largest amount in decades. Hospitals and health care workers are stretched to their limits. People are grieving the loss of loved ones in forced isolation – that is inhumanly cruel.


Tear down those trashy architectural eyesores you go bankrupt building Rump (and siphon tax payer funds into) 


(I had MD flat mate buddies at uni)


No one speaks on my behalf. Ever.

I’ll post something cheerful in the next few days. Love you lots. Stay safe xo

I’m in a relationship and happily creating. Am based in neither oz nor usa.

Ms KA, I adore you. Huge fan for ever. Absolutely say what ever you like without any fear. Always.


March 28

One love.


April 2

The greatest city on the planet



(size of the economies, sale of medical masks and gloves is negligible)


April 4

One planet. One family.

It’s art, interpret lots of ways.

That’s my gifted brother that I love a whole lot.


[The above was created by others, others opinions their own. Love ideas being expressed freely. We love Elris]

(stats are being fudged by creepy corps and not the only place stats are fudged on peoples accounts. And so much more creepy corps – no)


Don’t read too much into the timings of these posts compared to anything posted on social media – a post timestamped 3rd April only became visible to moi a bit over a week later (comments indicate it was visible to others) Oh yes creepy corps really are that bad. And so so much more. It’s the olde creepy corps messing around with stuff to try to torment others. Nope. That’s all creepy corps.

Hand on the bible. The timing of post was not intentional and I apologise. Love and respect and huge everything.

Just a blog, don’t read to much into it. My friends and I are not discussing anything using facebook software – real privacy concerns. Twitter guy knows alphabet – we don’t use that software.

Am sticking to happy thoughts.




April 5

Read a book.

Quality time with family.

Create a garden in your balcony or yard.

Call people you haven’t been in touch with for a while.

Get crafty – start knitting, embroidery or practice oragami. Nothing like table napkins folded as swans to make it feel like home.

Design a more fuel efficient aircraft engine.

Reorganise all closets, including the pantry.

Throw out all plastic items in the house (they breed germs)

Drive the people you love nuts.

Glen-20 spray all handles, buttons and taps in the house daily.

Savour the luxury of working in pyjamas.

Start a correspondence course.

Learn another language.

Write lots of letters to politicians and corporations about the climate emergency.

Donate or volunteer at local hospitals where you can.

Teach your pets dumb tricks. Pretend you don’t know your pets are teaching you dumb tricks.

Set up a climbing wall somewhere.

Adopt a pet from a shelter if you don’t already have one, excellent opportunity to bond.

Spend lots of time in the bath.

Create a list of things todo once curfews are lifted.

Experiment with different hair styles.

Plan and book Christmas holidays – curfews will be over by then.

Embrace the joy of baking.

Get all bookwork up to date. Update your will and discuss it with loved ones.

Polish the silverware. Polish the car.

Join an online workout group. Use the home workout videos. Do lots of crunches, pushups. I love Yoga. Tai Chi has been highly recommended by friends.


Cherish all life. Love every day.

Redecorate. Paint the walls a different colour to brighten the mood (feels like you are not in the same house)

Dress for dinner. Nothing better than cocktail dresses and dinner jackets around a table now and then.

Let the kids play video games. All studies show that teenagers that play video games are double digits higher in IQ (and EQ) than those who use social media, video games enhance concentration, problem solving ability and collaboration.

Meditate. Pray. Reflect on what is important to you, your goals, who you intend to hug and who you intend to “kill” when this is over.

Start building the model aircraft, railway, starship or ship-in-a-bottle you always dreamt of.

Learn to play a musical instrument.

Order a block of clay and start sculpting.

Binge on art. We are currently watching Gene Kelly. Listen to music and sing/dance everyday. All toddlers dance even without being shown, it’s a built in feature.

Get the ping-pong table, quoits or dart board set up in the garage, set up a basketball hoop in the yard.

Love being in your own skin.

Be nice to people. All in this together.

[just a list, not an encrypted anything]



April 6

You’re Fired! Remove peoples freedoms, keep people isolated, monitored, afraid and blast them daily with Rump lies. It’s almost like trying to brainwash.

Switch off and stay focused on good things! Effective medical treatments are in the pipeline and curfew will end. Am looking forward to curfew ending lots.

(a friend suggested people with natural immunity to malaria may be less susceptible to this virus – fingers crossed)

In the case of a pandemic I personally think anonymised location history is an important tool to allow early intervention with alerts, treatments and supplies and many countries have effectively reduced death rates by using tech in this way. I prefer the idea of providing historical information with a twelve or twenty four hour delay to protect user privacy, not live data, but that’s just me.

A partnership between Microsoft, AWS and some others have stepped in to create a data vault.

IBM have made Watson (the best AI on the planet – it is seriously good) available free of charge to help alert, answer questions and provide accurate information about the pandemic. IBM have used a supercomputer to identify potential treatments (and continue to make computing resources available to scientists)

Alphabet last time I checked had allowed tracking of people in real time to enforce social distancing, monitor who is crossing country borders and easily list all the businesses that have been (forcibly) closed. It’s a mindset thing.

[Update 8/4 Just read alphabet are now analysing how peoples behaviour has been modified during the curfews. Fascinating. Perhaps not the most useful modelling that could be done right now]

Facebook are just deliberately badly censoring stuff. Facebook deleted a post by a president of a foreign country suggesting a (maybe) medical treatment for the virus. Instagram and WhatsApp are apparently finally looking into (actioning) fake remedies (that have been killing people for months), a small monetary donation and being all fake teary eyed – that’s about all the “we will cure all disease” platform has done.

(There is a difference between labelling with a warning and deleting/censoring. This is where we point out again that identifying text, sound and images in posts (hate speech and what not) is done fairly well by computers nowadays – absolutely deliberate and often seeded, tweaked to bully/manipulate others)

[Update 11/4 This week Rump fired the independent overseer of the $2trillion government relief package, replacing with someone he chose. Rump has a proven history of siphoning tax payer dollars into his private businesses and a history of bankrupt projects prior to becoming president. Lots of shonky business going on under the cover of a ‘pandemic’. Non ideal.

The first non-physician director of WHO is not someone I know.

Right now more than a billion people have lost their livelihoods due to closures (many part time workers especially in hospitality) Am not a medical expert but the countries using location history (tech) to facilitate early intervention to alert/test/treat/monitor seem to have gotten it right with localised quarantines as required – not the entire country and economy shut down. Practice makes perfect.

Air quality in many areas is a happy glimpse of what the no fossil fuel, environmentally friendly future will look like. Except in the future, people get to leave home whenever they like.]

Some good engineers and universities have created apps that people can download to allow them to volunteer anonymised location information and/or locate testing facilities and access accurate information (Apple)

The great engineers at Dyson came up with a ventilator design in ten days to help fill the shortages.

Some of the most beautiful people on the planet are performing to lift the spirits of everyone.

As always, Medecins Sans Frontieres are getting it done.



April 7


Get well soon!

The planet requires your presence.

[image source various incl. Etsy]



April 11

Counting down the days until curfew ends.

This has always been my favourite time of year, magical moment when many religions celebrate at once, can feel the community, hope and love. This year is different not being able to be together in person right now – thinking about good things is vital.

Stay hopeful, stay strong xo

Σ’ αγαπώ πάρα πολύ. (some people I love a lot may be about to kill me unless I said that) It’s. Not. A. Competition. Gorgeous. People.


Are we all just fragments of the same thought? Maybe. And if so, then that thought is love.

No person is ever alone. That much I know.

Stay incredibly safe.

Looking forward to hugs, food, beer and wine.


Some of the best and most beautiful people on the planet are streaming to lift the spirits of everyone in hospital or in quarantine.



April 14

Mood : mostly calm interspersed with brief moments of incredibly childish ‘Are we there yet?’ ‘Are we there yet!’


Walk outside to see this. A reminder to just stay calm.




Just a critter waving hey.

Gardening is free and one of the most rewarding hobbies I have ever had.



April 15

Health care workers everywhere are doing amazing things.

Am remembering the look on a short persons face when they got their first Cochlear implant.

Stay safe xo


April 16

Rump just made a deal with Vlad Putin – and not the first.

My final comment on that ever.


And at this moment, Rump funds creating a stockpile of oil (and some other things) rather than a stockpile of PPE, test kits or the underfunded government postal service. (I know a little bit about economics)

It is the role of governments to facilitate freedom and safety, not to endanger life.

As for Rumps signature being used on government cheques being sent to people this close to an election. The $2trillion is not your money Rump, you do get that it’s taxpayer funds – not yours Rump – it belongs to the taxpayers.

[clarification: Rumps name will appear in the Memo section of the cheques]


Am trying to think of something worse than a corrupt government. Mass murderers – corrupt governments often commit genocide to create fear and control. A particularly corrupt federal government in Australia just facilitated wiping over half a billion lives off the planet in a few months.

For many people, corrupt governments are the worst thing imaginable.

Back to happy thoughts.


Am not ist. Have worn the same Russian wedding ring since my teens because it symbolises something important to me. I chose it during the Cold War. I just don’t like dictators. I also know perhaps more than I would like about how some Russian brains function. That’s all I have to say.

I’ve never met Rump.

From what I’ve heard, America has some great Governors doing an exceptional job.



The only businesses not negatively impacted by this are creepy corps (especially the ones not facilitating making the location history they gather easily available) – am not a medical expert but in the 21st century there are other solutions than entire countries on curfew and there will be outbreaks for the next year or so. Localised quarantines as required and location history to alert/test/treat makes sense and was successful in some countries. Practice makes perfect. Telcos are tricky cross country borders, creepy corps have most of the data worldwide and it’s already on a pretty map and everything. The more data sources the better. Creepy corp data is available with just the flick of a switch.

Am lucky to be able to work from home (no not tech) but for some (especially families with young children) curfews are having a huge psychological and financial impact.

Huge celebration when curfews ends!


[update 20/4]

Good hackers are yammering (not in forums on my device) : the retired high percent contributor of funding to who person doesn’t know how to get location history on a map to facilitate managing the spread of a virus, that’s non ideal (and reportedly that person was modelling the spread of a pandemic using computers in Oct 2019) [thats others opinions not my own – I currently have no opinion] Right now billions of people forced into isolation and hardship and I am not ok with that.

Not the moment to cease funding to WHO (IGO’s vital) but if WHO don’t know how to use tech and think it’s only about loading planes with cargo – may be an excellent moment to learn what a map thingy is useful for.

Coordinated and transparent monitoring/alert/test/treat matters. There will be continued outbreaks of the virus for a year or more.


Takes a few seconds for administrators and officials to glance at a location history map to manage the outbreaks, rather than wading through text and statistics. Vital tool for effective communication and planning.

(vaccines take a year to complete trials. Am not a medical expert but there are effective treatments for many cases, plasma is my personal favourite but always consult with a medical doctor, many places have had great treatment results with a variety of good methods)

Medical staff everywhere are doing amazing things.


Location tracing has been done (for centuries) when it comes to infectious disease. Only now we have tech to provide the location info with minimal effort required and it’s a trivial step to load the data onto a map (mapping using GIS info from satellites has been done since at least the nineties, no google didn’t invent it, don’t have to create the maps from scratch anymore, just load the location history into the map) All it takes is a patients mobile phone number and the authority to access location history for the last few weeks.

In my opinion, pandemic that right now is causing billions of people isolation and hardship and likely to have continued outbreaks is warranted to access the location info, some countries have used location info successfully. I would only provide anonymised data to any centralised data vault, countries keep the patient names.

Am less concerned about the origins of the virus and more concerned about the ability to effectively alert and protect the billions of people without natural immunity for the next year or so.

Practice makes perfect.


Blabbering Cry Babies


(And I apologise, being negative not my thing – but geesh)

Back to happy thoughts.


April 18

More than you know.


April 21 2020

WHO announce they will be using telcos to alert about the pandemic. Yeah!



Ignore the blog. Really. Happy thoughts.

Thinking about you all.


April 22

Blue skies

A beautiful reminder that curfews will be lifted. Life returns to normal in Wuhan ….


(thanks to knowledge shared a few countries have been able to open this week after shorter curfews – not suggesting opening before local hospitals say it’s ok – many places are effectively treating with a variety of methods)

Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can.


April 23

Love and respect.


(posts not about personal or professional lives – it’s about something else)


April 24

If see a video of a town having to build a hospital in under ten days due to a virus. Pay attention! But alrighty then.

Health care workers everywhere and many great politicians doing extraordinary things.

(sports-rort Morrison is not great. Many regions virus free for over a month and kids could go back to school or playing sport etc – astonishing – government is decimating the economy almost on purpose. sports-rort Morrison you are stopping people attending churches etc – none of this is ok – no reason for the entire country on curfew when many regions virus free for months – am lucky to be able to work from home but this is causing extreme hardship for many for no reason sports-rorts Morrison. There are effective medical treatments. And I just read it was announced yesterday nationwide lockdown may be eased in Australia shortly.)

Stupid amount of shonky business going on under the cover of a ‘pandemic’. Stunningly corrupt folk doing stunningly corrupt things and using a cover story.



To me this image is a reminder to see what (they) are doing – trying to divide. I see some nice things too.

Curfews will be lifted soon. Lots of love.


Statistics show that if you are a woman then very low chance of dying due to this virus. We do most of the work anyhow but don’t let males be the heroes, women do the milk runs in high infection areas for a bit.


People using nicotine have a significantly lower risk of infection – so much so that a clinical trial of patches is underway (not advocating nicotine but nicotine users do the milk runs in high infection areas – sensible non nicotine users stay home)

Fingers crossed people with natural immunity to malaria may have lower risk of symptoms of this virus.

Stay focused on the positive – there are effective medical treatments – it’s a virus with high infection rates and very low mortality rates (with treatment) Absolutely wait until local hospitals or local doctors give the ok before being out and about.

No requirement for entire countries under lockdown for months.

The virus is infinitely manageable with a bit of common sense and tech (location history map) being used to alert people of possible local outbreaks.


As for the ‘we will cure all disease’ techsperts perhaps see what pathological fibbers (and worse) they are – the number of deaths in their country of residence is an indicator of how not curing their intent is. Massively not ok. Billions of people forced into monitored isolation and hardship and I am not ok with that. People locked in cells and drip fed lies is a dream for some of those ‘disease ridding’ deceitful brains – control, fear and torment is their thing – they thrive on it. 

People aren’t doing what we want – let’s force them – that is the creepy corps mindset.

The thing is, trillions poured into investing in clean green tech would have solved the climate crisis and now those government funds won’t be available for years.

There are effective medical treatments.

It’s a long list.


I like freedom and diversity and happiness.


I really require an open cafe.

Back to calm.

Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can.

Curfews will be lifted soon.


April 25

Happy liberation day! with love from the Anzacs

Front line medical staff are doing amazing things. In all of our prayers.

Forced separation of loved ones will end soon.

Stay safe xo


We will remember them


April 26

(It requires absolutely no effort to get the location history of infected people (from telcos or elsewhere) and put it on a map. Looooook this state/region has no cases for months – restaurants, church and sport are perfectly safe. Or alert there is an outbreak – take precautions. There will be repeated outbreaks. Not ok to remove freedoms, create fear, inflict severe hardship and destroy the entire local economy.

Instead of testing and localised quarantines as required (govt funded meals on wheels to infected households), a stunningly corrupt politician is stopping people playing sport or attending church nationwide despite many regions virus free for months, as long as the coal power plants are pumping and he is getting paid sports-rort thinks it’s fine. A few weeks quarantine (or if hospitals under supplied and overrun) fair enough but if region disease free it absolutely comes out of curfew and kids can play sport etc. There are effective medical treatments and this disease has very low mortality, many cases mild symptoms and are undiagnosed (amongst other treatments, antibody plasma effectively treats many cases and may be used as a what ….) Way too much shonky business, fear mongering and no attempt to effectively track or monitor outbreaks – let’s just lock everyone up for months – ludicrous)

Curfews will be lifted soon.


[Take most web developers a day to create a web form on secure (govt) servers for hospitals to login and add patient phone numbers (week with testing and onto map) I prefer patient consent before requesting, but that’s just me – I would consent to my anonymised location history being used if infected. Location history on twelve/twenty four hour delay only not live data. Govt can email encrypted list of phone numbers to telcos and telcos can email encrypted location info back – use runners if that’s too complicated while automated and secure batch transfers put in place. Eliminate the form and telco bit and use one of the location history phone apps many good engineers have already created (check author of app is reputable – uni or govt etc) Loading location info onto map is trivial. Anonymise the data before loading into any system. It’s not complicated. May take creepy corps longer – seems impossible for them clearly. Think read somewhere months ago that SAP had offered its services and regardless that is one of the best platforms for that kind of system – forms, reports, data transfers, alerts and batch built in – other platforms have similar capabilities. Didn’t have to look that up anywhere – that’s how easy it is – have spec’ed/managed/written stuff like that before end to end and so have lots of people – I no longer work at tech corps and have been incredibly clear about this since exactly 2016 (I may write about it now and then)]

Takes administrators and officials a few seconds to glance at a location history map – vital tool for alerts, communication and planning.

(location tracing has been done for centuries with infectious disease)

Impossible to comprehend how much I am over creepy corp fibbing. No idea.

There are effective medical treatments.


Australia being disease free is a worthwhile objective. Putting twenty five million under house arrest for months is the most stupid way to achieve that imaginable. No excuse. Had sports-rort mob acted appropriately in January or February Australia would be disease free by now without millions experiencing hardship and the entire economy being decimated. It’s not complicated.

In my opinion, from the bushfires on the conduct of sports-rort Morrison is the most dishonest, corrupt and cowardly that any of us have ever seen in an elected official – local economy decimated – sports-rort Morrison was a lousy treasurer and a corruptly elected Prime Minister. Slugs have more integrity and backbone.


Am personally happy, missing some hugs here and there – but billions of people forced into [unnecessary] extreme hardship is not ok.


Will post something cheerful in a few days. Stay safe.


April 27

People deserve better than this placebo

It’s a positive step to use tech. It’s better than nothing so absolutely download and use. Anonymising name and privacy is good (haven’t downloaded or used app)

But ….

It takes one second for someone to cough without covering their mouth to transmit the virus – not fifteen minutes of contact. It takes one sneeze on the supermarket shelf when getting a jar of vegemite to potentially infect dozens of people who pick up the sneezed on jars days later. Nice idea but bluetooth is flaky and always on has security implications.

Anonymised historical location tracing (preferably with consent) on a map is vital. Could be a supermarket or petrol station causing a cluster of outbreaks with no close proximity contact between humans – outbreaks like that have to be alerted.

Add location history as an option in subsequent versions and that makes it useful.

Am not a negative person – but gosh.


Will post something cheerful in a few days. Stay safe.



The lack of positive action by creepy corps (and some others) to alert about disease is an indicator.

sports-rort Morrison is a corrupt politician whose conduct is endangering life. Half a billion lives around the start of the year, and twenty five million humans under house arrest for months due to sports-rort failure to act appropriately.

Why do all corrupt politicians have to do the genocide thing – can they just wear gaudy lapel badges or something to show how corrupt they are so much simpler – to be fair speaking usually gives them away.

Meh. I really require an open cafe.

The fibbing. We’ve used government funds to create an app that does almost nothing to track the spread of contagion ….

Families put that app on their (grand) parents/childrens phone thinking it will protect them. It offers no protection at all – am not ok with that sports-rort.


It’s about democracy, fossil fuels, corruption and creepy corp software usage increasing while billions of people forced into hardship – and using a cover story for the corruption (who the disease is not about women – truth is women have the lowest incidence of serious complications) – non ideal.

Local economy decimated and that is a significant (and unnecessary) removal of peoples freedoms.

No real attempts to alert about outbreaks.


(there is no correlation between these two posts – just stuff I was reading tonight. Am a bit over disease misinformation, the climate emergency is the most important crisis)

April 27


The Solutions to the Climate Crisis No One is Talking About


Hope academics know that their students always remember them. I had some inspirational lecturers.


April 28

Happily restrictions started to be lifted in Australia today. And lifted in parts of Africa and Europe during the week.

Australia genuinely has some truly exceptional medical professionals.



Was actually plotting civil disobedience for the first time in decades if restrictions were not lifted in Australia soon (over ninety percent of land area virus free for months). Think I can. Think I can.

Returned to my favourite secret holiday spot on the east coast of Australia for the first time in over a decade this year and the ‘Save [private]’ that we painted one night was still on the road three decades later – people have been painting over it ever since – adding flowers and swirls.

Draping banners over the building opposite the deans window every day for months until petition is signed. Replacing mouse mats with petitions. Staying polite and cheerful gets the best results – tends to drive them nuts actually. Angry protests are ignored – incredibly cheerful and innovative protests get results. Get a roster in place and ensure the slogan appears on every blackboard/whiteboard/overhead projector prior to the start of every class campus wide. Always take placards with you to cafeteria and dining halls – just lean the placards against the table and people will come talk. Most campuses can convert to renewable energy easily.

Feynman reminds me of my father – same chuckle to himself and way of explaining something.

Can still see my fathers face frozen with tea cup half way to mouth as his school age daughter came on tv dancing in a forest. We saved the forest. Mmmmaybe forget to mention that dad. Baking lots of cookies helped to reduce the punishment.

To this day whenever I feel that I have done something wrong I estimate the number of cookies required. That’s a lot of cookies.

Stay incredibly safe xo


My personal opinion the non-physician director of who, and one or two (non political) westerners that have also blatantly fibbed, should go on trial for a crime against humanity. But that’s just my opinion.

No attempt to trace locations or alert outbreaks of infectious disease (using tech) Lets just put everyone under house arrest for months (even regions with no incidence) – ludicrous and inhumanly cruel. Billions of people forced into hardship.

There are effective medical treatments.


I like democratically elected. I do not like the language non democratically elected “medical techsperts” are using – these are folks that did not innovate but copied/leveraged others. Huge death toll in their country of residence is an indicator of “medical techsperts”. Amongst a whole bunch of fibs – it’s not ‘contact tracing’ for a non contact transmitted infectious disease that survives on surfaces for days – location information vital – misleading.

Am not interested in techspert endless gangster-mob aren’t we stupid nonsense – sporting events worldwide are not cancelled for a year to eighteen months as gates babbled about on his blog post of 23 April – that’s written by someone who is lying. It’s perhaps disappointing that person is lying – I have no opinion beyond that’s lying.

Few know how those stupid brains work – I tragically do.

Am not concerned about the origins of virus, I am concerned about the blatant fibbing from who/techsperts since January regarding the outbreak.

There are effective medical treatments.


Stay out of this people that I love a lot. Nothing to do with anything, but am personally happy.

Nothing made me realise how inhumanly cruel, no eq, low iq, deceitful, privacy invading, stupid playing with things, fear mongering, bullying, control freaky, techsperts are than their conduct during the outbreaks all year. Thousands walk out of their offices for a reason. Endless explicit real world threats to my and others safety.

Slightly over yuks in tech thinking they have any anything in private citizens lives. And it is significantly worse than most realise.

You have no power fibbing techsperts.

Curfews will be lifted soon.


There are effective medical treatments, most mild symptoms, very low mortality disease (with treatment) and a good chance (nicotine) blocks the virus binding with cells. (wait until local hospitals give the ok before being out and about)

(don’t smoke but if a doctor says it’s ok a mild nicotine patch during daylight hours in high infection areas (which are visible on a MAP) probably won’t kill you)

Fingers crossed people with natural immunity to malaria may be less susceptible to symptoms of this virus. Women have significantly less chance of serious complications.

Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can.

Be happy!

Billions of people are not going to be forced into hardship for much longer.

Wouldn’t like it when I get all civil disobedience.

Back to calm.


April 29

Meanwhile the Greeks have simply been using this as an opportunity to conduct major road upgrades on the deserted streets. Just love.

Someone please give Angela Merkel the Nobel Peace Prize. Great politicians are one of the most valuable assets the planet has.

The only politician with the commitment to wind up in ICU – we all salute you!

Switzerland beams and great medical staff in Italy are finally seeing a reduction in cases as the country started to reopen this week. 

We all want to come back to galleries and cafes in Europe!


Studies show outdoor spaces incredibly safe even in high infection areas – most transmission occurs indoors.


Ignore the fear mongering and massive amounts of fibbing from techsperts and corrupt yuks. Hospitality industry (and others) will be back to normal soon.


Keep windows open to allow fresh air as much as possible (that’s part of the guidelines in some countries with low rates) – thinking safe with everything closed may be counter productive – open windows and let air circulate even in apartment buildings. That’s a grandmother thing for me – but if have flu open windows tends to stop reinhaling infected air and get better faster – maybe asymptomatic and increasing the concentration of virus in your body without open windows (no evidence just old wives magic – but it is part of the guidelines in some places)


(Ignore the blog. Really. Happy thoughts)


April 30

Even in high infection areas – golf, tennis are safe, clubs can reopen. Shakespeare in the park etc are safe – can space picnic blankets out and everything. Drive in theatres are safe.

Horse riding, bike riding, kayaking, kite flying, parachuting, hiking and lots of other things – all safe.


Am not ok with that many people feeling fearful and economy decimated.

Billions of people under house arrest for months (even regions with no incidence of infection) – that’s not safe – nor acceptable.

There are effective medical treatments – fair enough for a bit if hospitals under supplied or overrun – no incidence of virus and a curfew is criminal – no attempt to accurately identify outbreaks or (tech) anonymised location history for alerts is criminal it’s been done for centuries with infectious disease.

Many countries effectively used localised quarantines without lockdowns (localised can be infected people quarantine with govt funded meals on wheels). Many countries are reopening.

Perhaps ignore the fibbing “medical techsperts” (people that work in tech and claim to want to cure all disease – check the death toll, psychological impact in their country of residence – indicator of intent of “medical techsperts”. Am not ok with billions of people forced into lockdown and hardship)

Some involved in fear mongering and fibbing, lots is possible beyond being locked indoors.

There are effective medical treatments and this is a disease with very low mortality (looks like it may be less than the mumps). Local hospitals get to say it’s ok.

When my parents grew up the entire town didn’t go into curfew when someone had the mumps. There are other perhaps more effective ways to manage low mortality infectious disease.

Stay safe.

Donate blood to antibody plasma if you can.


May 1

Real Science Leading The Way In Iceland

Everyone is not under house arrest, kids in school, death toll in double digits. Real science.

Medical staff everywhere are doing amazing things. Listen to local hospitals.

There are effective medical treatments.

Stay safe.



(Am in a mood, that’s not a deep and meaningful anything, just one of my all time favourite movies and songs rolled into one. Showed this film to many early teens and not one of them ever used drugs. Brilliant)


May 4

Ignore this am still in a mood ….

France have a mumps map. Brilliantly based on hospital availability and active cases. Being able to glance at a map to see outbreaks in local area is so important.

Spain starts to lift restrictions

It’s all about science. Iceland are lucky to have brilliant scientists. Nice if that could work in oz but here science has (funded by whom) and silly clubs involved now and then.

Lots of great politicians doing brilliant things.

Studies show being outside is safe, most transmission occurs indoors.

Entire countries under lockdown and economy decimated when only some regions effected and no attempt to use localised quarantines or (tech) to locate outbreaks and alert is not ok – billions of people forced into hardship is not ok. Unnecessary outdoor bans were put in place months after virus discovery.

There are effective medical treatments.

Hospitals overrun then important to place restrictions but never a valid reason to ban walking outside or along a beach.

To have loved ones in hospital and not be able to attend places of worship is not ok. If high infection area wear masks and space people out. 

Hold services outside with people spaced out.

In some places bureaucrats randomly penciling groups of two, ten, twenty, fifty even where no incidence of disease for months and telling children they cannot go outside – that’s not awesome. Women have a low incidence of serious complications.

Politicians are not elected for control over peoples freedoms. Stunning reduction of civil liberties.

Fear mongering will end.

This is a very low mortality disease – looks maybe less than mumps (and children not effected)

Rightfully most restrictions are starting to be lifted in many places, businesses reopening and people out and about (listen to local hospitals)

There are effective medical treatments.

Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can.


Stay incredibly incredibly safe.

Happy thoughts.


How Not To Effectively Manage Infectious Disease  Practice makes perfect.

Europe Stirs Back To Life

And more good news Africa are switching to using renewable electricity in many places.

Today Is Wonderful In Lagos


Medical staff everywhere are doing amazing things.

(As an example Sweden have some great medical scientists and sailed through with accurate public information, assessment of hospital capabilities, no lockdown, children in school, people free to walk around outside, (localised quarantines) infected people quarantined until recovered)


Read this somewhere during the week …. it’s a good un “bailouts for industries must contain strict conditions on their future environmental performance”

Rebooting a greener better economy




Take exceptional care of your grandparents (speak to doctors about precautions available)

Stay safe.


Did not spend my entire youth at functions – was ok at school and a librarian. (was dux every year since kindergarten actually and that doesn’t matter – some of the most intelligent people I have ever known did not attend school. The ability to remember things without writing them down indicates high intelligence usually. No written history does not mean dumb) Emphasis on the medical professional flat mate buddies.


Am trying so hard to shush. Am personally happy and this is just my opinion (based a bit on the extent to which I know some techsperts etc are fibbing right now)

Studies in several places have found that most new cases occurred in people that stayed home. Lock people indoors they get sick. Essential workers had lower rate of infection to people at home.

If hospitals overrun then restrictions required, but putting people under house arrest is not brilliant. Causing a raft of other health (and societal/economic) issues.

Please open the windows let some fresh air in and relax.

(don’t quote me on this am not a medical expert – it’s well known that the more infectious a virus the lower it’s mortality rate – that’s how nature works. This is a highly contagious virus which means by definition it is low mortality (and statistics show this virus has a very low mortality and most deaths had underlying medical conditions) There are effective medical treatments. Read an article this week saying the virus was becoming more contagious – that’s most likely a good thing – it means it’s becoming lower mortality (don’t quote me on that)

Viruses that kill their hosts are not that practical and viruses tend to refine themselves to being less lethal as they spread (weeks/months not years – the virus that caused the 1918 pandemic became harmless in a shorter timeframe than the year to eighteen months being suggested until vaccines) this virus was backtracked to being present in Europe last year so this is very likely the major outbreak right now and then it tapers off. In the 21st century with an assessment of hospital capabilities, a little bit of tech to track/alert outbreaks and common sense we can probably improve on billions under house arrest for the mumps)

Stay incredibly safe.


(am not advocating herd immunity, localised quarantines have been effective in many places. And kind of like the different approaches. Localised quarantines and volunteers delivering meals on wheels to doorsteps of infected or high risk households so much better than infected people in supermarkets)


Zero chance of me switching on a computer while people under house arrest. I no longer work in tech and have been incredibly clear. Respect privacy creepy corps – fibbing gangster-mobsters is being kind.

The sports-rort federal government in Australia announced recently that the Bluetooth “contact tracing” app they released does not function as stated – it’s a rort. No surprise.

Am not based in Australia.


May 8

Very cool – Keeping busy in lockdown

Many places effectively used localised quarantines. There will be ongoing outbreaks, (tech) location tracking outbreaks and alert has been done for centuries with infectious disease. Identifying clusters of outbreaks and alerting vital. Germany is perhaps the pinnacle of respecting privacy safeguards and announced a few days ago they have implemented SAP as an (anonymised) reporting system with an assessment of hospital capabilities factored into their alert threshold.

[update June 15 was told today SAP cofounder is 80% owner of vaccine CureVac]




Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can.

Stay incredibly safe. See you all soon.

Happy thoughts.


May 12

What did alphabet and the “medical techsperts” do since January regarding the pandemic

Oh dear


[clarification: Digital wallets are handy and many popular versions are widely used without cryptocurrency. In my view (and many others) there is no benefit to a private corporation creating its own currency (complex cryptocurrency) especially when the aim is to replace the use of sovereign currencies. Try and get that project off the ground in another country like tech savvy India – you couldn’t and you know it – thus the problem.]


Am not ok with the unnecessary death toll “medical techsperts” (and some others)

Effective medical treatments (and some other things) have been known for months.

Am the least paranoid person on the planet. Am stunned by how not ok this is.

And it is significantly worse than most realise.

Back. To. Happy. Thoughts.


Stay out of this people that I love a lot. Seriously. I got this.



[That’s not about what others may be thinking. A bit of back story – Have repeatedly told alphabet in particular they should hire my ex partner (the person (Paul) that I divorced in 2018) so they emailed my ex partner a stupidly worded job offer. He accepted. Alphabet said it was just a glitch in their email system and they did not want to hire him. Please note alphabet have not emailed me in over a decade. They emailed my ex partner during my divorce. Touching. And on and on and on and on and on and on they go with their creepy corps fibbing and trying to use others for their own gain. Meh. Actually slightly more than catastrophically globally destructive creepy corps – but other than that …. Meh. And so much worse than most realise]

This is just my opinion ….

Instead of counting sheep have been playing the spot the freemason mafiaso etc for months – oh there’s one – there’s another and another. Correlates to the too high death toll (and/or fear mongering) in many places in fact. Head of that medical board etc. Not sure why that silly club exists – but alrighty then. If ever required a reason to not elect or appoint freemasons to anything – this about covers it. Not conspiracy theory known for decades.

Freemasons have sects within sects and not all are corrupt. Could care less about their (mostly copied off others) tawdry idea of symbolism – it’s the (things) they don’t see that are really powerful.

And this is genuinely a confluence of corrupt silly clubs (and a few individuals) all trying to clutch power and control and unnecessarily forcing billions of people into hardship and using a cover story for their corruption. Corruption is not something I like to think about but no doubt lots of the bailout funds are being used inappropriately. Am not ok with any of that.

Could type so so much more than that but now is perhaps not the moment.

Back to happy thoughts.


I got this. Am only just getting started.

Could not understand why creepy corps still harassing private citizens – state of the economy right now indicates part of what creepy corps are doing.

“medical techsperts” have a huge and unnecessary death toll in their country of residence and are not only fibbing about the pandemic are trying to get an “only we control cash” system in place while people under house arrest. That’s not awesome.

Creepy corp software usage increases with people under lockdown thus their fibbing and lack of positive action about the pandemic. Use of creepy corp software always brings increases in societal, economic and psychological health issues. Many studies have shown this.

People under house arrest is not bringing people together “medical techsperts” – dragging society backwards to some dystopian nightmare as always.

Billions of people unnecessarily forced into house arrest and fear and hardship. Stunning reduction in freedom of everything. Am not ok with that.

Am the least paranoid person, honestly almost never think bad thoughts – kept trying to shake the ew stalker feeling from creepy corps monitoring both online and in the real world. It has been exclusively creepy corps with the threatening conduct both online and in the real world.

For months seeing the fibbing from “medical techsperts” etc about the pandemic, have been thinking well wasn’t imagining it – creepy corps really are that sociopathic – that’s not about helping others that’s about creating fear and control for their gain – they not only threaten people they carry out the threat without remorse. Do what we want or else we will bully you types.

That’s just my opinion. Many others have documented similar experiences with creepy corp yuks.

Back. To. Happy. Thoughts.


It’s always the snake you don’t see. A few of those techsperts are significantly worse than most realise. Oh dear.

And none of that is anything I want to be thinking about. Please get the hint creepy corps – that conduct is massively not ok.


Rightfully many places are getting (tech) alert systems in place and reopening over the last two weeks. Local hospitals get to say it’s ok.

There are effective medical treatments.

Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can.

Stay safe.


May 13

Maria Branyas survives the virus at age 113 and says this :

“In the solitude of my room, fearless and hopeful, I don’t quite understand what’s going on in the world … But, believe me, you need a new order, a change in the hierarchy of values and priorities, a New Human Age.”


Take exceptional care of your grandparents.


May 14

Who Gates who.


[image source various]

It’s May 2020 and think Gates announced this week a new system called SCAN that tracks outbreaks in the local Seattle area. It’s May 2020. Pandemic has been known since start of the year. This person claims to be a pandemic expert. No attempt to alert of outbreaks.

Unnecessarily high death toll in “medical techsperts” country of residence is an indicator.

In the last few weeks Gates has reduced the estimate of a vaccine being available from eighteen months, to nine months to maybe by the end of the year. That’s incredibly dangerous.

Vaccines take a couple of years of testing to be shown both effective and safe. It is very likely the virus will taper off and become harmless before vaccines available. That’s just my opinion.

Trying to keep people locked into the fear loop – wait until vaccine. There are effective medical treatments and this is a very low mortality disease. Am not ok with billions of people forced into hardship. There is no upside to such a stunning reduction of civil liberties.

This week Gates stated the pandemic has cost trillions and more will need to be invested. Effective medical treatments have been known for months.

As an example plasma is free (useful treatment for developing nations)

Plasma is free.

That’s lying Gates. That’s not ok.


That’s just my opinion.

Back to happy thoughts.

Rightfully many places are getting (tech) outbreak alert systems in place and reopening. Listen to local hospitals.

Stay incredibly safe.

(don’t quote me on this am not a medical expert – read a couple of months ago there may be indication that a widely used existing tuberculosis vaccine may have provided protection to some people from severe symptoms and a clinical trial is underway (my understanding is that work was done outside the gates foundation) Or perhaps (more likely) it is natural immunity to malaria providing protection. No one knows at this stage. Fingers crossed people with natural immunity to malaria may be less susceptible to severe symptoms of this virus)

I like truth.


No one speaks on my behalf. Ever.

The conduct around the pandemic exposing the fibbing and corruption by some – kind of obvious.

Could perhaps improve on billions of people forced into hardship (this disease looks like lower mortality than the mumps and most deaths underlying medical conditions and many experts including Swedish medical expert have stated children not effected). Just a thought.

Creepy corps are loving having people under house arrest – they think they have power – they do not.

Fear mongering and fibbing is not ok.

Unbelievably not ok.


Just read this : Oh dear

The virus outbreaks have been known since January. Billions of people forced into house arrest over the mumps for months equates to how many human lifetimes of productivity lost? Creepy corps trying to drag society back to some badly censored fake-information dystopian dark ages is being kind.

There are effective medical treatments.

Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can.


People are not doing what we want – let’s try to force them – that is the creepy corp mindset.

Way over every ethics line imaginable creepy corps “medical techsperts” etc

Creepy corp conduct is significantly worse than most realise. Am blanking that for a bit.

Stay safe. Happy thoughts.


May 15

Sending lots of love.



We are not all about to die. Really.


Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can.

(Ignore the blog. Really. Not a deep and meaningful anything nor a political comment. Just a statement of scientific fact. Nor am I suggesting everything the above highly qualified speaker says other than the above is lore – that disclaimer probably unnecessary)


Will post something cheerful in the next few days.

Spending significantly less than a few trillion on electric school buses, renewable energy may have been useful. Just. A. Thought.


Perhaps not the summer fashion to aim for ….



[image source marca.com]


Thinking of people under house arrest has been tough. Creepy corps (and corruption) are all about taking from others.

Humans do not exist in bunkers communicating only by electronic device – massive increase in other health and societal issues. “medical techsperts” don’t go to sporting events and they hated attending school. To suggest society will improve without face to face classes or social interaction is incredibly dangerous. And so much more.

Fear mongering and fibbing is not ok.

Community. Gatherings. Farmers markets. Cafes. Civil liberties. Required.

Rightfully many places getting (tech) alert systems in place and reopening.

Back to happy thoughts.


Am not based in Australia.

People that I love a lot stay out of this. I got this.

So much trouble. Stay incredibly safe.


May 16

Am not a medical expert this is just my opinion ….

Remind me to never go into hospital in a place claiming to have extremely rare cases of Kawasaki disease linked to the virus. Those claims correlate with places with unnecessarily high adult death toll.

“Most children recover without any problems [from Kawasaki] …. Scientists haven’t found an exact cause for Kawasaki disease. It might be linked to genes, viruses, bacteria, and other things in the world around a child, such as chemicals and irritants.”

Exposure to too many chemicals maybe? Stress?

Medical experts in low death toll places with kids happily in school have stated no risk to children and statistics show this all year.

I like truth.

Medical experts everywhere doing amazing things but gosh.


[The above post was made before the who announcement on Kawasaki disease. Oh dear. Any treatments known for the novel coronavirus yet?]

As an example (don’t quote me – or perhaps anyone – on stats) in one place, current stat around 100 cases of Kawasaki disease in a population of around 4 million children/teens. Extremely rare and very treatable disease. Locking children indoors for months and depriving them going to school (especially in regions with no incidence of infection) causes significantly more health issues. Significantly more.

Fear mongering is not ok.


(Definitely not a premonition – western people who technically shouldn’t have known told me in December – they like to brag about how not smart they are. How many people did (gangsters) just knowingly kill. So much worse than most realise. (gangsters) currently seem focused on destruction, deceit, division and trying to get control through fear mostly. Am blanking that for a bit)


May 17

High school students are outperforming most governments : Covid Central

(quiz for symptoms was put together by the students, govt information here)



Not a comment about regional government – have no knowledge – just the use of tech to make information available and aid planning.

My tip – walk up to the whiteboard map out a solution and get everyone to agree. Once did that in front of a real C-level group while wearing a suit and a fluffy beanie with pom poms on top. They seemed enthralled and all agreed to the multi-million dollar project by the end of the meeting. Quick glance in the mirror before entering board room recommended. Get the right people on the conference call and just get it done.



Am not a medical expert ….

Vaccines are often not that effective in elderly patients. That’s important information.

Rushed through vaccines (for a very low mortality disease) are not a brilliant idea – rigour required.

There are effective medical treatments.

It is very likely the virus will become harmless before vaccines available. That’s just my opinion.

Rightfully many places getting (tech) alert systems in place and reopening.

Listen to local hospitals.

Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can.

Take exceptional care of your grandparents (speak to doctors about preventions available)

Stay safe.


May 20

Another reason why being outdoors is a good idea

UV Light Kills The Virus

A boon in skylights and atriums being installed is a great idea.

Use UV lightbulbs in restaurants! (have no idea how effective that would be. Studies show most transmission occurs indoors rather than outdoors – swapping out some lightbulbs may make sense)

How many engineers from (corp) does it take to change a lightbulb? None. They like keeping people in the dark.




Playing golf, being on a boat and so many other things – all safe, incredibly healthy even in high infection regions. Have read several reports stating that a high percentage of all people will have serious health/psychological issues as a result of overly restrictive house arrests.

With emphasis on overly restrictive – unnecessary outdoor bans were put in place months after virus known.

Way way too much fibbing from “medical techsperts” and others.

There is no doubt some of the bailout funds have been inappropriately allocated.

Gangsters clutching at straws to say global emissions down 20% this year – that is a momentary reduction and could have easily been done permanently for a few trillion less and without the significant increase in health, societal and economic issues.

Listen to local hospitals. Stay incredibly safe.

Back to happy thoughts.


Ghandi Hospital Starts Plasma Treatment

I really like sport (and some other things)


[UV robots are being trialled as disinfectors in some places, it can be permanently blinding to look at a UVC light source and damaging to skin, far-UVC is safe for skin.

The effect of sunlight (UVA/UVB/lightbulbs) on virus is slower than the almost instant UVC light. Rushing out and buying a UVC gadget as lots have been doing for a month or so maybe not ideal – but sunlight is safe]

“Blinded by the light!”


May 22

Italy Makes Arrests On Virus Corruption

Stay incredibly safe.


Rigour required

“The first clinical batch of Moderna’s vaccine was made on Feb. 7 and underwent testing before it was shipped to National Institutes of Health on Feb. 24 …. Moderna moved fast and the first participant in the Phase 1 study of mRNA-1273 was dosed on March 16, according to the company” (source bostonherald)


May 24

Lovely news

(just a guesstimate not set dates)

Just read another report from doctors stating that (in many places) the increase in deaths from other conditions due to isolation or not seeking treatment for medical conditions now exceeds deaths due to the virus, substance abuse increasing, children in danger not being in school and so much more. Never a valid reason to stop people walking outside, having family picnics etc. Won’t be selling school buildings at a bargain price to buddies just yet. The amount of blatant fibbing and deliberate fear mongering from “medical techsperts” etc remains appalling.

Rightfully many places getting (tech) alert systems in place and reopening.

Love the places using this as an opportunity to increase footpath widths, add bike lanes and close off some streets to through traffic, creating plazas.

Things will be human again soon.

Stay incredibly safe.


Vaccine Makers Make Estimates


May 25

Stay safe.


May 27

My final comment on this ever ….

Someone told me that sports-rort just paid many casual workers more than they earn at work to be under unnecessary house arrest in regions with zero infection for months (and would not believe the panicked reaction I just got off another shop assistant – most people are hopeless fibbers) Decimating the local economy (again) for no reason. Buying votes with tax payer money again.

How’s the bushfire relief fund sports-rort? Taken any action on the climate emergency?How many people in regions with no incidence of infection for months were just forced to take an unnecessary pay cut?


Am not anti-lockdown, I am anti-fibbing. Australia being virus free worthwhile but fibbing and locking people up for months in regions with no infection for months is the most ludicrous way to achieve that imaginable. Think read a few days ago as just one example, a state has had no new cases for an entire month and people/businesses in the entire state still under restrictions – decimating the economy and social fabric – an absolutely stunning and inexcusable reduction in civil liberties.

sports-rort corrupt freemason coal-lobby politicians.


Am not based in Australia, personally happy and so over the blatant fibbing since January about the virus it is ridiculous. There’s a novel virus and people are building extra hospitals was the truth in January – shouting actually. “A study of ten people shows that plasma may be effective” means what? Still not sinking in so a real genius comes up with a plasma engine to help get the jets off the ground. No person died in aged care in Hong Kong due to the virus. And so much more.

But let’s try to make this some us vs them nonsense – we are good, they are bad. I love everyone mostly.

The bad conduct and fibbing all year about the virus from a few corrupt freemasons, mafiosi and (Assad-style) cretins of tech is appalling – billions of people forced into hardship is not ok.


Not that it is important right now but explicit threats to my and others safety come exclusively from bad tech corps and a few other corrupt slug-like gangsters – not buddies. Significantly worse than most realise. Am immune. Nonsensical to suggest others any threat or anything but joy.

Nothing in my life is anything to do with anyone in tech – I have been incredibly clear – respect others privacy.

No one speaks on my behalf. Ever.


May 28



[image source various giphy]


(Ignore the blog. Really. Thinking about you all – stay safe. This post is about something else)


May 29

Corrupt gangsters (non artists) have been using the numbers 23 for months. Indicator. Nope nothing to do with humans it has always represented something else to them (just using others as their cover story for corruption)

Ignore this, we will make some noise complaining and give you blah.

Have never been even slightly interested by people that think power is gained through fear and control.

That’s just my opinion.


Am the least paranoid person, not even vaguely conspiracy theory – none of that blatant gangster fibbing is ok. Am really really not interested in gangster nonsense.


(twitter-likes-trolls) announced publicly months ago he was going to another country to start a cryptocurrency during the election. (I don’t use that software)

(twitter-likes-trolls) is creepy corp goto guy when they want to appear human. They try to keep him clean skinned and the number of times over the years (twitter-likes-trolls) guy repeats what others tell him to is slightly tragic.

I have no opinion beyond stop messing about with software on a whim. Ban this don’t ban that. 🍑🍆

(am referring to bad censorship – not the appalling murder that haven’t watched nor will ever. Australian documentary yonks ago and the photo of George Floyd in that horrific position enough. Systematic accountability and safeguards must be enacted)

Blocking the mostly fudged followers (view) count would be useful during elections – THAT would let people focus on the issues rather than the number of fake or international accounts.


(2018 data shows that less than ten percent of (twitter-likes-trolls) employees were non-caucasian and the numbers declining over the last few years. No creepy corps internet company hires many (if any) sight or other physical ability impaired staff. AI has been capable of filtering content for years – many others do it well)

By comparison Amazon has 34.7% caucasian (source businessinsider.com)

Facebook has perhaps the worst track record for treatment of non-caucasian staff – numerous incidents made public for years. [15/6] Last week facebook fired a staff member for publicly requesting acknowledgment of blm from facebook and several others had already resigned.

This is what creepy corps write about ‘https://news.yahoo.com/nazi-germanys-fg42-granddad-american-110000161.html’ Not that I was ever interested by the bonking, king, queen, fake girl fight thing (have been appalled by creepy corps mindset) but I hereby appoint Marissa gen x queen of (Silicon Valley). Enjoy!

(yahoo news have had dozens of ‘free speech’ examples like that for yonks – I only skim the headlines – some original writing others copied. That is over the line in this moment – and to me sums up Silicon Valley perfectly)

Current Microsoft Executives Men: 80.7% Women: 19.3%. Kidding me. That’s just not awesome – at all. “medical techsperts” publicly claim to want to “cure disease” and champion women’s rights. (source businessinsider.com)

We had a blind tea gentleman at one corp – never missed a drop and knew everyone in every office by name. A daily reminder that anything is possible.

Most tech companies I have ever worked with had less caucasian than non-caucasian (I no longer work in tech). The Silicon Valley stats are incongruous to most for years.

I no longer work in tech. Get the hint creepy corps. It’s not complicated.

Oh and freemason startups are not my thing either (they know who they are)

No one speaks on my behalf ever.


Was reading about history of democracy today ”rule of law, a lack of corruption and even an accountable government” that would be nice in Australia.


May 31

Amongst other treatments Plasma Therapy is effective for many cases.

Trials are commencing with manufactured polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can.

There are effective medical treatments (and more on the way)

Things will be human again incredibly soon.

Happy thoughts.


Stop worrying about all of us and let us worry about all of you. Stay safe.


June 4

Know how much we all love you. One family.


June 6

It is very likely the virus will become harmless before vaccines are available. That’s just my opinion.

Am not anti-vaccine. Rushed through vaccines for a low mortality disease are not a brilliant idea – rigour required.

As another example the (Gates funded) AstraZenca vaccine has been shown not to work on monkeys so they are moving to human trials. Do not get me started on animal testing.

Vaccines are often not that effective for the people most at risk of serious complications (those with underlying health conditions including the elderly) That’s important information.

We are all hoping that it is peaking in Brazil. Looks like maybe. (Brazil political leadership seems not brilliant)

Fingers crossed natural immunity to malaria may reduce the severity of symptoms.

Lagos are brilliantly announcing the number of people recovered and discharged from hospital daily. Just love.

Billions of people forced into hardship due to overly restrictive lockdown is not ok, it’s something about the way there was a 1.6 billion donation for vaccines (another small donation by comparison to others) and the blatant fibbing of “medical techsperts” all year. Just another “glitch”.

There are effective medical treatments (and more on the way)

Disease misinformation and fear mongering is not ok. My final comment on that ever.

Stay safe.


[June 8]

Shantell Martin you are a hero

What I thought about that corp in the nineties is the same as now – copy and use for own gain and be very aggressive about it. And some other mindset things.

Software is a service. Humans do not serve software.

And here’s facebook trying to do some damage control for their appalling conduct all year

That’s not the 23 (they) really mean either.

My final final comment on “medical techsperts” ever.


Not that it matters at all but am not based in Australia or USA, happily employed and in a relationship.

It’s a consistent lack of ethics at creepy corps and some other things. Significantly worse than most realise. Now not the moment.

So much love and respect have no idea. Really. Stay. Safe.

Keeping you all safe is my priority in this moment.

Happy thoughts.


It’s a miracle! – google maps to provide virus alerts

(I don’t use that software)

It’s perhaps worth noting that Microsoft Bing maps still do not.

What is the most important thing to do when dealing with infectious disease for centuries.

Now that (overly restrictive and destructive) lockdowns are being lifted due to legal/court/public action facebook is in damage control mode and trying to get plasma donors – six months into pandemic and only once the virus is mostly harmless. [correction: it is independent organisations doing blood donation drives not facebook corp. facebook did pretty much nothing to assist “curing disease”]




Children do not see outsides how on earth do some people learn to.

“friendships are formed on our sameness and built on our differentness” “humans are infinitely and beautifully diverse”


June 13

Pacifists always win. Always.

There is something sublime about the Free Cap Hill happening in Seattle.

“It’s the retaking of a space that was covered in violence for no reason,” Lisa McCallister said. “[Police] were teargassing and flash-banging at 12.30 at night for hours. And then to kind of completely retake this space with peace and love.” (source guardian)


[image source various incl. guardian]



Was discussing with someone – is this the rise of Protectionism. It appears instead to be a rise in stunningly corrupt Authoritarianism. Do what we want or else. Bullies (gangsters) seem to have corruptly gained control in many places – and are fibbing and tearing society apart before our eyes.

It has been a jolt for many to feel what it is like to live under an oppressive regime. And the reality is a high proportion of people live under an oppressive regime every day of their lives since birth based simply on their appearance (or gender/religion/orientation)

Be kind to people. It’s easy.

Peace and love. Always.


June 18

Police marching peacefully with protestors.

Nothing demonstrates what a great country America is more than the open frank discussions and positive actions over the last few weeks.

Always a beacon of hope.


Mayor Muriel Bowser – am prostrate before you. Absolutely the best thing have ever seen in my life.


Some of the best medical teams on the planet.

FDA approves plasma


Annamie Paul – is a beaming light

Mazel tov


June 24

This week the Anti-Defamation League, NAACP, Sleeping Giants, Color Of Change, Free Press and Common Sense have called for an advertising boycott on facebook platforms due to facebook continued proliferation of (hate speech and violence)

And I agree completely. AI has been capable of filtering content for years – many others do it well.


Remember a doe eyed group of early teens sitting around their first internet connected computer – they survived uncensored** internet (with supervision, discussion) and there is utterly no way I would ever let a teenager use facebook platforms – the most toxic software ever built (mostly just copied off others then add some bully tweaks), amongst other things facebook is directly responsible for more teen suicide etc than any other piece of software.

Interoperability facilitates choice and innovation.


** I may have blocked a few sites but don’t tell them that.

Facilitating freedom of choice rather than others badly censoring content is important.


And instead of assisting with contagion facebook “cure all disease” chooses this moment to roll out an online payments app in Brazil – deleterious conduct.


June 28

Maria Ressa to receive international Press Freedom Award

The most important thing on the planet during these times.

Create something and have it censored or be arrested. Impossible to comprehend and still happening.

Have been trying to think of a (non-male) politician that has arrested journalists – can think of none. This seems to be something that can be easily corrected.


July 1

Freedom of expression matters. It really does.

Using tear gas to get to a church for a photo op kind of sums it up. And so much more.

The attempted politicising of things right now is non ideal am fairly sure politicians are not elected by God, other mechanisms elect politicians and especially during the last decade often badly.

Politicians are public servants. Corruption is not ok.

Cancelling health care funding during a health care crisis. Approving legislation to allow hunting bear cubs in their dens. A busy few weeks.

Am happily employed but maybe you should get a job at facebook/twitter seems like a good fit can troll people all day. Your son can swap killing grizzly bears with a job testing drugs on animals at a “Foundation”. All your Russian government buddies absolutely belong at alphabet. Dunce grade corrupt bureaucrats.

And mostly it’s deliberately allowing millions of people harm that is (actually no words) inhuman comes closest.

Back to happy thoughts.


July 2

(nothing on this blog is about personal anything it’s about something else)



July 5


July 6

This post is about the (hate speech) we just saw directed at others on social media.

It’s about the facebook employees that had to lodge yet another complaint this week about ist attitudes at that platform.

It’s about a police officer that cried out ‘I can’t breathe’ while under orders not to at a peaceful protest.

It’s about the bishop that walked around a cathedral, noticed the paintings and commissioned one to be painted over as a non-caucasian Jesus to increase inclusiveness. That lifts so many hearts. Was taught that in Sunday school too.

It’s a soldier taking a silent vigil for the things that cannot be spoken about.

It’s systemic and definitely improvable. Things must be safely and freely discussed and most importantly actioned.

Back to happy thoughts.


(linking to any artists work is not an agreement of anything typed here. Just my opinion – always consult medical doctors)


If a human throws a (fluffy uneven surfaced) tennis ball outside math still cannot determine where the ball will land and yet humans do this in a microsecond. Hopefully we will get the math worked out on that one day.

And I know for sure virus (or insect populations) is something that can be fairly easily modelled because I considered it as a research topic yonks ago. Plus can look under a microscope and see the virus mutate.

The virus has naturally mutated to a more highly contagious (and thus lower mortality) form – studies have confirmed. Currently the most prevalent mutation worldwide (including regions seeing spikes) is the highly contagious form that has become mostly harmless in Europe.

Absolutely wear a mask when recommended.

Speak to a doctor about preventions available (including a nicotine patch to reduce severity of symptoms if high risk and concerned) There are effective medical treatments for many cases (and more on the way)

Donate blood for antibody plasma if you can. Take exceptional care of your grandparents.

Am not a medical expert, my final comment on this ever.

Happy thoughts vital.


[ignore this]

(Telegram announced last week it was blocking Hong Kong/China government access to user data and facebook/twitter/alphabet announced (today) that they would do the same thing (copying others again)

facebook/twitter/alphabet do not block other government requests for international user data and these requests are mostly fulfilled without notification to the users involved. Thats important information.

Interoperability facilitates choice and innovation.

Have never used that software due to the privacy, ethics and integrity conduct. Divisive us vs them mindset and I quote “you are either with us or we kill you” cheerful stuff. Fudged stats. Fudged algorithms. Fake information. Constant gangster fibbing. Taking all the income from others work. Not even attempting to “cure disease”. And so so much more.

Am not thinking about that for a bit. Happy thoughts.

Just my opinion but I expect Rump and Pompous Ass are threatening to ban TikTok because they require others help election wise and because TikTok are ethical engineers they are so good facebook hasn’t been able to create fake accounts to troll and bully users off their platform – facebook guy ironically requires government help to shut that platform down. I like democracy. Ironically the Indian government banned all Chinese apps last week with some sponsored plugs for facebook software – no collusion. And I quote facebook guy “can control it better if one platform” control what? The mindset is clear. Doesn’t matter how much paid in advertising only one person is tweaking the algorithms.

[update July 9

“Delete TikTok now,” Anonymous said. “If you know someone that is using it, explain to them it is essentially malware operated by the Chinese government running a massive spying operation.”

Shall I explain to those who don’t know the not so invisible (consistently stunningly ist) pallid males that are part of “anonymous”. Go copy something.

Ignore anything they say it’s always uninteresting and just propaganda to boost themselves. To say they try to muck around with others is an understatement. Get the hint and respect others privacy. Software is a service.

It’s a free planet. At least it used to be.


Am not anti social media, stacks of good platforms out there. As an example facebook requests government issued id and then provides (sells) user info (along with which school the kids go to etc) to third parties (and some other bully mindset things)

Telcos do not parse (or sell) the content of private conversations – facebook does.

A rogue (org) could (buy) user data off facebook or easily hack the vendors it is sold to. Other platforms allow people to anonymise their user info and do not sell user data to third parties. Other platforms use AI to allow filtering of (troll) content. It’s about being aware.


TikTok are leaving Hong Kong due to the security law. I don’t use TikTok, but I would absolutely let teenagers use it.

Weirdly I may know what creepy corps are like. I also may know what some oppressive governments are like.

Haven’t turned on a computer yet but I will to help others once I leave Australia. I don’t work in tech but could do with some more hobbies.

Invasions every day is a lot, my final reaction ever creepy corps. No one speaks on my behalf. Ever.


P.S. Is it better to allow government requests and notify users in advance and let them delete any content they see fit. Maybe. Maybe that’s where an international court comes in, in all countries users can appeal the decision to release data to governments.

My opinion is very few real terrorists are dumb enough to use social media to communicate with each other, although some rogue orgs certainly use it to interfere. Data on social media is often fudged and manipulated. Freedom of expression vital. It’s about inclusion and freedom of choice not creating more barriers.

Banning rogue governments from using a platform seems counter-intuitive perhaps instead label all posts as ‘sponsored by (blah) government’ etc. and facilitate debate. Perhaps that’s just my personal prejudice to divisive mindsets and bad censorship. If the government is allowed to use a platform then maybe their citizens would be able to use it too.

The number of people living under oppressive regimes seems to be increasing globally during the last few years.

Chicken farms are appalling. This year Wuhan banned live animal markets and many locals found them appalling too. Muslims don’t eat pigs, some people have pigs for pets and pigs have the intelligence of canines. Ham and bacon is something I try to avoid. Canine meat has been permanently banned in China this year. In some ‘developed’ countries a huge percentage of all deaths were in assisted living facilities that means people with multiple sclerosis, the elderly, so easy to prevent and so many politicians did not do the basics – let’s just lock everyone up, funnel funds and get our heads on TV nightly. Instead of proactively protecting those most at risk of serious symptoms, fine a family living under the same roof for being on their boat or having a picnic, it’s astonishing. All cultures different and none perfect.

Few politicians pushed for plasma donations which seemed a no brainer months ago (while other treatments found), happily some governments have allocated funds this week.

Am non judgemental. Facilitating civil liberties rather than banning things and mobster control usually brings the best results.

Thats an awful lot of corruption all year with not great results for the planet.



Just my opinion but assisting the election of politicians that are happy with rigging elections reduces the likelihood of facebook being regulated. Rigged elections are like doping in sport. It’s doping democracy.

Gangsters divvying up the spoils. The erosion of democracy matters.

A corrupt government does not mean corrupt citizens.

Back to happy thoughts.)


Reportedly facebook has had an over 40% drop in advertising revenue so far this month due to boycotts. That’s for George and countless others.


Staying focused on love matters.




July 13

“This morning’s email to some of our employees was sent in error. There is no change to our policies right now with regard to TikTok.”

A shopkeep, but an ethical member of (Silicon Valley).


Let’s ban apps from that country and stop all foreign students from communicating with their families back home. Kidding me. Would trust my or a loved ones life to a Chinese doctor in a heartbeat. Slightly calamity prone in many other areas – but excellent at medicine.

Typical creepy corp ist divisive nonsense. It’s a globe not a flat earth with sides. That’s not business, that’s bullying (sociopolitical) destruction.

Explicit threats to others safety, billions of people forced into monitored isolation, blatant blatant fibbing and about a thousand other things so far this year (not an understatement) – yep that will get a reaction from me creepy corps (typed here). I have nothing but negative thoughts about creepy corps – please get the hint. I don’t like negative thoughts.

That is my final reaction ever creepy corps.


(the creativity on tik tok is amazing. It’s a brilliant app)

Banning coal or the import of plastic utensils, drinking straws, plastic everything THAT would be beneficial to the planet.


The first non physician director of who announced (yesterday) in their offical capacity that the pandemic was going to “get worse and worse and worse”. Helpful.

It is mutating to a more highly infectious form which means ….

Any known treatments yet?

I think it’s going to get better, and better and better (harmless) Weeks not years and amongst other treatments (manufactured/plasma) antibodies can help boost protection for those most at risk of serious symptoms.

Am not a medical expert, just my opinion.


Happy thoughts.


July 17

[ignore this]

Ultimate is one of my favourite sports.

Inexplicably creepy corps still do not pay tax in many countries despite huge earnings from users in that country.

Last time I checked, small/medium businesses (childcare/professionals/arts/trades/hospitality/tourism) contribute more to a countries community, economy and to employment than the vlad style fangs that take all the income from others work.

Creepy corps (and “medical techsperts”) received a huge boost while other sectors decimated and did pretty much nothing to genuinely assist with contagion.

Anyone can create a web app and lots do it ethically, my local deli (and some other things) are simply irreplaceable.


A few million doses of effective treatment (and protecting those most at risk of serious symptoms, starting with plasma and some tech would have been handy) vs billions of glass vials every few months**. Remind me again what it is that Silicon Valley does. Those who technically shouldn’t have known told me about the virus in November/December.

Was plasma useful during any recent previous disease crisis?

Creepy corp conduct is significantly worse than most realise. Now not the moment to type that all. Do I use that software or have I ever visited Silicon Valley? There’s a hint in there somewhere. No reaction from me again creepy everything. (multiple privacy invasions a day still – even with devices off – the bullying, predatory, only capable of copying others work creepy corps) Am certain I have been clear.

My final comment on that ever.

Back to happy thoughts.


** aka bullshit. Incredibly calculated and manipulating snake oil salespeople (for decades) is being incredibly kind, every product a copy of others work. Nope didn’t invent the spreadsheet etc, copied that too. That’s a mindset only capable of predatory copying others work for their gain and very aggressive about it, see something popular, copy it and set about killing off others. Deceitful trolls being all bully fake victimy – we would never – um they have done constantly and for decades. State of their country of residence indicator of ability/intent to “cure disease”, suggest get own backyard in order before appointing themselves in charge of world health. Seriously. Tech would have been handy.

That’s a lot of deceitful statements from “medical techsperts” etc. and a not great result for the planet.

And they are trying to use others as a diversion more than I would like.

Back to happy thoughts.

Am not anti-vaccine. Rigour and integrity required.



Patches are a known way of administering medication. And some medical experts are investigating their use as a way to self administer vaccines (rather than suggesting billions of glass vials every few months)

Some tech to help track spread of contagion may have been handy at the start of the year.

It’s actually not that complicated.


That reads like a who’s who of gangster corruption few baddies at the top of the infection toll list. Oh that’s been doped.

Why do only criminals build razor wire fences around things. Spot the coal drug lord. Australian economy decimated due to gross mismanagement by the sports-rort mob in under twelve months (biggest budget deficit blowout in around eighty years) and this month a forty percent increase in military budget announced. Really? Zero action on the critical climate emergency and many still waiting for wildfire relief, the virus known since (at least) January, now trying to create a war? Sprouting non stop fibs and purchasing coal power plants and missiles in 2020.

Others (with actual knowledge and expertise) have stated increasing aid in the Asia-Pacific may be a good strategy for boosting Australia’s defences, creating allies not foes. Or maybe not being so dismissive to the island nations currently being submerged by climate emergency.

Corrupt politicians are not a good thing to have lurking around.

Am blanking that for a bit.


My personal opinion is any politician using (hate speech) should be legally forced to resign, thankfully (Warringah) voted out the Federal incumbent in 2019 and replaced them with a drought defying all people equal candidate.

Read earlier today, almost four hundred cases of racially triggered attacks in just one Australian city in two months (April/May) this year (people simply walking home being physically threatened) and some politicians making the most offensive statements I have ever heard.

Algorithmically biased social media platforms that claim they don’t know how to flag (hate speech) for a decade are significantly contributing to division in society.

Politics not my thing. But I have helped campaign to get friends elected.


[update 29/7 – ignore this]

Many platforms have used AI well for yonks e.g. some search engines are set to moderate by default.

It’s the ability to optionally filter (offensive) content that is important. With the flick of a user enabled switch.

Some platforms claim not to be able to identify ist slurs (for a decade) and yet aggressively censor harmless artistic content (and so much more) it’s a long long list of deceitful and bullying conduct. Bad censorship on some platforms is creating an angry/censored/fearful mindset in people.

Interoperability facilitates choice and innovation.

Stay focused on love.


(warning this video contains explicit and offensive content)

It really happens. Every day, in many countries. We can do better as humans.

And it’s happening right now on some social media platforms (for a decade)

I simply refuse to believe that is human nature. It is learnt behaviour.


(America has long been amongst the best at diversity – and still is)



Because of people like the mighty Opals, excellent nudging by many etc the sports-rort mob (federal politicians) grudging announced (today) a sixteen point plan for Indigenous Australians. With no positive action on the climate emergency or economy yet.

And a European country this week is finally moving to pass LGBT legislation. Patience is a virtue.

Creating systemic improvements is achievable and incredibly worthwhile. It’s always about staying cheerful and positive.

Interoperability allows people being bullied on those platforms choice.

Whenever I see people like the ones in the video above I just think “typical facebook users”. That platform has issues coming from inside the corp.

Happy thoughts.


Absolutely wear a mask when recommended.

Great medical teams are starting to kick disease butt like we always knew they would.



Happy thoughts.


July 21

Virgoan guilt strikes again. Happy thoughts.


July 24

You are insanely beautiful. Truly. One of the greatest.

(this refers to a female)

I got this. Looking forward to lots.


July 25

The who officially announced (today) the virus “is controllable”. Fascinating.

Any known treatments yet?



Amongst others, this week British Scientists announced that an inhaled interferon treatment (potentially low cost) resulted in no deaths due to the virus in preliminary trials.



July 31

Some legislators are looking at regulating all social media platforms with respect to elections.

There is no doubt the combination of tweaked algorithms and (others) exploiting some platforms is having a significant impact during elections.

The 2019 Australian federal election was doped with an $89 million injection of advertising by a coal lobby (Australia’s total population is around 24million).

An unknown politician in Brazil “leveraged social media” to claim the presidency recently.

My opinion is scrutineers must be involved in social media platforms during elections. Simply asking social media platforms to provide their stats is utterly meaningless. Publicly labelling social media posts and comments during elections (as being resident/non resident) increases transparency for users. Right now on many platforms there is no indication whether residents or residents of another country are making comments during elections – and those comments are influencing. 

It’s democracy, not some shady closed door deal, the origin of often fake information during elections (perhaps external) is vital to be made clear and something people have the right to know transparently. In my opinion platforms don’t want to make (resident/non resident) public during elections as it reduces their ability to interfere with fake accounts, tweaking etc and they think it’s clever – I would suggest the state of the planet right now is not clever and that troll farm founders are not the people to be even vaguely involved in public policy. Software is a service, humans do not serve software.

My opinion is transparency as opposed to censorship during elections is the right approach. 

Am truly not someone that thinks about politics much, but geesh that is a lot of corruption with a not great result for the planet all year.

Happy thoughts.


[August 5]

Haven’t switched on a computer yet. And that predatory conduct is no longer funny creepy corps.

Happily an innovative and troll free tech corp has just invested hundreds of millions in a country and they will pay tax and everything! Was just thinking had several colleagues from that country.

The sports-rort mob (Australian federal government) announced (today) they have cancelled their investigation into banning brilliant apps. And no positive action on the climate emergency or economy yet.

Australia genuinely has some exceptional non sports-rort public servants.


Back to happy thoughts.

No one speaks on my behalf. Ever.


[August 6 – ignore this]

In some countries income earned from content posted on a joyful app is enough to feed a persons entire family, many people in rural India have been severely impacted by the government ban.

Technology can be a powerful tool for good.

Or it can be used corruptly.

Was going to ignore the yet again blatantly copied facebook feature released yesterday but important to point out that facebook does not reimburse creators of content for their work (and so so much more) can now add starving people to the list. Everyone knows that Gates provided the initial funding for troll platform facebook (for decades the majority of Gates funded projects fail, every product a copy of others work)

Gates/facebook are Gollum, there is no doubt, always looking for something to copy and not very healthy. 

Currently each and every year over a million people die from Tuberculosis, we have vaccines (and treatments) for tuberculosis (death toll world wide has only decreased by around two percent each year with tens of millions already dead this century) Maybe a good place to start “curing disease” with existing vaccines. Instead of “curing disease” – blatant blatant fibbing all year from “medical techsperts”. No attempt to use treatments or tech to contain spread of contagion all year and so much more. 

The state of the planet all year is genuinely non ideal.

That is my final comment on bullying trolls.


August 8


[image source various]

Would a sketch like that be banned on facebook. Probably. But it’s visible from space so ultimately that’s all that really matters.


[No creepy corps]


August 10


World Of Mayhem


(not a reference to art, about something else)

Happy thoughts.


August 11

A mini UN in a community can save the world.

Female political leaders seem to get it done effortlessly.


The UN announced a few weeks ago that the climate emergency was a “danger to peace”.

Am sure the climate emergency will unite and facilitate world peace.

Tiger Force planting ten billion trees initiative has just commenced in Pakistan and this year Pakistan has created 84,000 jobs in the green sector.

Diplomats from other countries joined the campaign by planting saplings.

Huge amounts of respect.


Locking people up based on religion is inhuman.

Australia is not exemplary when it comes to diversity, but hundreds of millions of Muslims a few kilometres away in Indonesia has never been anything but a source of joy for centuries.


Seems that looting in some places is due to the tens of millions currently unemployed due to gross mismanagement of the economy and virus – trying to push the blame for looting onto (dramatised by tear gas tactics) racial anything is massively meh.

Treatments and tech to track spread of virus and alerting outbreaks.

Billions of people forced into hardship, blatant fibbing, funds being funnelled, explicit threats to others safety, vlad style fangs stocks “accidentally” booming while other sectors decimated.

So so (gangster) try to divide and pillage.

Zero chance of me getting Stockholm Syndrome creepy corps – go copy something and respect others privacy.

My final comment on that ever.


[August 14]

Am with Epic Games all the way (and Horizon is very cool too)


August 17

Am not involved in anything vaguely connected to any (Silicon Valley) corp.

No one speaks on my behalf. Ever. 


[13 August 2021 – ignore this – Keep telling myself don’t react – was told how bad some publications were – just ignore those idiots. Jaw clenched and am ignoring. Please respect others privacy]

Feel the need to apologise to others. Stupidity – some tabloid scum and corrupt bureaucrats found out some things they didn’t know about (someone’s) professional and private life (that’s incredibly private and certainly not about individuals at all) and delude themselves into thinking they can use for their own gain, make a buck off it, use for their own faux political points or that it concerns them. Um – nothing to do with any deluded bureaucrat, creepy corp or tabloid scum. Really. Dear gosh – how many startups each year – um – lots – for decades and of all genders ist twits – am so over creepy corp nonsense. Don’t ever invade our privacy again.

Some of the most vulgar (males) on the planet illegally monitoring others (and worse) is a violation beyond comprehension – creepy “at cost” Gates included – the number of explicit threats to others safety from delusional corrupt freemason bureaucrats remains nonsensical – appalling. Delusional freemasons truly not something ever think about and we have thought about corrupt freemason nonsense more during the last (year) than in the last four decades because their flagrant collusion to funnel funds (and some other corrupt things) all (year) has been blatant and appalling – straight out of ist delusional freemason 101 and with zero respect for that deluded corrupt unintelligent nonsense.

And would like to point out that really has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the number of people eagerly putting their hands up to bonk a real genius (not me)


Back to happy thoughts.


Switching off coal use is effortless and instantly reduces global greenhouse emissions by around 40%.

The best sentence have read all month “the rise of lower cost renewable electricity, threatens to make coal powered electricity uneconomic and drive early shutdowns” Bliss. Renewable electricity provides lower cost to consumers and many benefits including more employment (a quote from Oppenheimer that is still true today) there is simply no justification for not transitioning immediately.

As well as the huge negative effect on both the the natural and built environment, the coal industry kills more people directly and indirectly each year than any other. Retraining in renewables or as a gardener provides longer life expectancy than working in a coal mine.

Amongst my first jobs while studying was as the sales and marketing division of a buddies solar panel distributor, it was stupidly expensive back then, not fabulously efficient and people still wanted to install. Huge kudos to the engineers that ethically brought the prices way down and increased quality making it accessible and useful to many more people. Cannot believe some not czar freemason twit banned solar panels thus driving prices up – hopefully will resolve. In Australia the blatantly corrupt coal lobby is exclusively all inept freemasons. Am in an outing frame of mind. 

Evil corrupt freemasons and their fossil fuels and bombs again


Back to happy thoughts.]


Thank you for reminding me that clearly without my realising, I was deliberately programmed from a young age to interact with Irish people. Take care of yourselves over there.

For an extraordinary woman that raised an extraordinary gentleman



The conduct of creepy corps is significantly worse than most realise. Now not the moment.

Am happily employed, not in tech nor am I a professional blogger (obviously).


State of the planet all year is non ideal. Am not someone that ever says a bad word, this blog the most outraged I have ever been and am staying mad about the significant and blatant fibbing and corruption. 

(gangsters) trying to use others as a diversion for their corruption remains utterly appalling.


(13 September 2022 – genuinely ignore this


Dear Sorry Arses

Who elected that person – um. God did. Really. Rainbow.

And that extraordinarily talented intelligent woman was amongst the most Christian people have ever seen.

There is something to having genuinely intelligent, talented and well mannered people with decades and decades of experience that are capable of politeness and diplomacy and who don’t have to clamber over others. If could nominate the biggest dorks on the entire planet – it would not be alphabet.

Would not swap that benign, calm, non interfering, talent and experience for all the disastrous bureaucratic nonsense in the whole wide world. Seriously. And of course we have political elections every few years.

Obviously simply a (figurehead) to keep bureaucrats in check (as a great politician told me once)

Just read an article by someone whose parents grew up in a remote village without electricity and who is now university educated and writing a very thoughtful article. All kept thinking was – that is exactly what an extraordinarily talented person did. The child of people in a remote village that had a photo of a far away person on their wall is now university educated. Exactly the point. Real increase in GDP for all Commonwealth nations during just a few decades and lots and lots of facilitating self determination and non interference during seventy years.

And irrelevant but have unfortunately seen ‘power’ go to more than one absurd bureaucrats teeny brain during the last few years both in oz and a few other countries with disastrous bureaucratic consequences for many.

Bureaucrats that are uncomfortable with the notion of any person being above them are in my opinion very concerning and tend to be corrupt power hungry types – the people they are governing are above them and good leaders like that extraordinary woman know that. Politics is absolutely not about absolute power it is a duty to serve.

This is a very sad and solemn moment and many many people all over the world are grieving (myself included) am not interested at all by those speaking negatively of someone upon their death Keneally (really meh article) As an indication of how unfortunately corrupt some current bureaucrats are there are yet again threatening coal lobby street signs outside the door today placed by a few corrupt bureaucrats clearly (again) violating the law and public office as am typing this.



(17 September 2022 – ignore this – am assuming a hearse parked right outside the door this morning is a coincidence as well)


Got to be kidding.

There will be legal action from me. Really.

All good. I got this. Really.



(16 September 2022

Love this ….

Tā Tipene O’Regan (New Zealander of the Year for 2022) holds a deep affection for Queen Elizabeth II and her descendants, a respect he believes she earned. “Queen Elizabeth II was very quick to be there in person to do all she could do to right that wrong”. The Māori people already have a King, Kiingi Tuuheitia Potatau Te Wherowhero VII, and added, “it’s alright to have another one” as well.

Love and respect.

Have noticed in Australia it has unfortunately occasionally been a few corrupt bureaucrats attempting to deflect and blame others and only real effort to improve things from Queen Elizabeth II along with some great people and some great politicians and lots and lots of great results during seventy years.


(it’s not really alright to beat us at rugby again)



(18 September 2022 – reportedly in Australia members of a Lawn Bowls Club have been debating all week whether to put King Charles portrait next to Queen Elizabeth II or instead of)


[February 2021]

Anything type on this blog or even lookup online is being zapped – apologies – my respect and adoration of a very talented (someone) is enormous.

Ignore the blog. Really.



(genuinely ignore this)

(7 February 2023 


Why were known to be effective inactivated vaccines not immediately manufactured along with other experimental treatments. Worse than that blatantly fibbing Fauci/Gates publicly repeatedly falsely talked down the efficacy of inactivated vaccines and told people not to manufacture. (zero side effect inactivated vaccines are and were well known to be more effective against variants) Others mentioned this week fibbing “at cost” Gates sold most shares in Biontech at the start of 2021 at significant (hundreds of millions) of profit before injections started – incredibly concerning – and for the first time “at cost” Gates publicly stated this week that mrna is not the most effective vaccine (oh my gosh – um REAL SCIENCE indicated that was bleedingly obvious mid 2020 – appalling repeated blatant blatant fibbing again by “at cost” Gates and a few blatantly fibbing bureaucrats at huge cost to many). Well “there’s nothing we can do about that now” – um requiring bureaucrats to conduct themselves with integrity, transparency and accountability absolutely vital.

Amongst other not awesome things fibbing Fauci and a few other blatantly fibbing bureaucrats falsely advocating toddlers take mrna against significant medical evidence to the contrary is in my opinion criminal. Seriously.

That is repeated repeated blatantly delusional deceitful and corrupt bureaucratic conduct from every angle at huge cost to many from a few bureaucrats. (previous appallingly deceitful oz bureaucrat currently on trial for corruption included)

Afghanistan? Iran Nuclear Deal? Women’s rights? Coal? Weapons? Border Security? Budget Deficit? Using public office corruptly to stalk/bully people? Etc etc?  It’s a long list of repeatedly blatantly deceitful costly bureaucratic awful – stunning how awful, bureaucratically disastrous and constantly fibbing. Seriously. 

Some things way way above politics – that is appalling to see a delusional constantly constantly fibbing bureaucrat (fibbing biden) yet again falsely attempting to use something that has nothing to do with them at all for own faux political points.


Back to happy thoughts.


(genuinely ignore this)


Not the nine oclock news

Way too many inept bureaucrats behaving inappropriately

No Microsoft products

More bureaucrats behaving appallingly


17 January 2022 – Absurdly corrupt bureaucrats

(6 January 2023)

Colbert was there. Explains a lot.

Back to very happy thoughts.

(8 January 2023

Whenever short me was angsty about something Dad used to make me recite some Shakespeare before speaking. This was my favourite.

“To be, or not to be, that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep,

No more; and by a sleep to say we end

The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to: ’tis a consummation

Devoutly to be wish’d. To die, to sleep;

To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there’s the rub:

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

Must give us pause—there’s the respect

That makes calamity of so long life.

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,

Th’oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely,

The pangs of dispriz’d love, the law’s delay,

The insolence of office, and the spurns

That patient merit of th’unworthy takes,

When he himself might his quietus make

With a bare bodkin? Who would fardels bear,

To grunt and sweat under a weary life,

But that the dread of something after death,

The undiscovere’d country, from whose bourn

No traveller returns, puzzles the will,

And makes us rather bear those ills we have

Than fly to others that we know not of?

Thus conscience doth make cowards of us all,

And thus the native hue of resolution

Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,

And enterprises of great pith and moment

With this regard their currents turn awry

And lose the name of action.”

Whilst reciting Dad used to pull funny faces to get me to lose concentration and laugh before could get to explaining what was angsty about.

The point being there are usually more important calamities on the planet.

Something still do to this day and/or favourite bible verses – very soothing.

When angsty forcing oneself to recite beautiful words and gain some perspective before taking action really works a treat.





Love and peace


(18 July 2022)


We have noticed a few people incorrectly using the word power when describing some of the corrupt bureaucrats in some places – corruption is never power. Politicians certainly do not have power over people in a democracy.

Politicians are public servants with a duty to serve with integrity, ethics and transparency – something the great Angela Merkel and Bob Hawke excelled at and why they are revered.

If feeling gloomy about current bureaucratic nonsense, this is uplifting (Powell is present too) Great politicians do this ….


[August 24]

This is a very low mortality disease and happily mortality rates are dropping rapidly.

Some tech and alert of outbreaks would have been handy, this is not 1918. 

There are effective medical treatments.


(Currently over seventy percent of all deaths due to the virus in Australia have been in assisted living facilities, residents in these facilities are not moving around communities so it is incredibly easy to protect them from outbreaks, rightfully investigations are underway, for this to be occurring eight months after the virus was known is inexcusable)


[Sept 4]

The guidelines on the rights of people with a disability in health and disability care during COVID-19 have been published on https://humanrights.gov.au website. 


Huge hugs (they know who they are, we have been gutted by those deaths)


(18 October 2021 – Colin Powell is someone greatly admired. GOP

Fibbing freemasons made him say that, we all saw it in his face. Powell was a great man of integrity.

Am someone that never sees outsides – and even when now and then pointed out by others I actually have to really think – were they (profile label) – really hadn’t noticed. Etc

Having said that, perhaps worth highlighting that even though a high proportion of oz population non caucasian, Powell wasn’t just the first in America, he was the first in America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, all European countries, Russia – and that truly is iconic. His presence and integrity made so many people feel that anything is possible.

America showed us all that love, truth, equality and freedom is power.

God bless. In our thoughts and prayers.)


Am unlikely to update this blog again instead am posting here :


Happy thoughts.


(just a blog not a comment on which blogging platform is best, if any used to recommend joomla/drupal. No tickets logged on ghost platform ever nor on this platform all year.)


[Oct 11]

Google required to negotiate payment to use media content

And more countries expected to implement similar. Independent journalism is being subjugated.

In my opinion DoubleClick providing pay per view rather than pay per click for ads on media content is a starting point. DoubleClick has glitches in the ads they serve now and then (even with preview before displaying and categories excluded) that could dissuade viewers from clicking on the ads quite deliberately.

Is it better to prompt users to select a search engine of their choice when installing a browser or setting up any device – maybe.

And a tiered digital services tax is also warranted, if an ad is clicked (or viewed) in a country, then revenue is reported in that country. Plain and simple.

The revenue earned would be a boost in developing countries.

Amongst other things, facebook (other than deals with a few publications) takes all the income from the work people create, and derives income from selling people’s personal data without recompense, other platforms do not. State of the planet all year is non ideal – it’s a corruption collusion catastrophe in many places.


(After gangster conduct all year am not objective at all. This legislation is warranted and overdue.)

Happy thoughts.


(the above link is not an endorsement of any political party)





Know how much I love you dumb heads. I know real speed when I see it, and you all have it.


Love and so much respect, L


[ignore this]

Am obviously not interested by politics at all, seems every second person speak to in oz is asking me to stand for political office instead of those appallingly corrupt bureaucrats that’s not something am doing, am very happily employed.

We were discussing this week whether getting older makes bureaucrats seem more unintelligent and inept – don’t think so – politicians like Hawke and Whitlam seems as intelligent and great then as they do now to people of all ages. Many of these current bureaucrats are simply inept and corrupt. 

Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

Back to happy thoughts.

(ignore this)


Obviously am happily employed (not in tech) and am at less than zero respect for the conduct this (year) of ”at cost” Gates and creepy corps.

Am remembering a med study buddy that failed first year med school for acting out the sponge screaming when injected. Many people tell me should have been a doctor or vet – except that other people or critters being in pain or danger causes me actual pain and still can not get past that. That is in some places absurd and delusional corrupt bureaucratic conduct and in many cases blatantly knowingly deceitful, stunningly unintelligent and criminal bureaucratic conduct – appalling.

With Love from the Phantom Raspberry Blower xo

BTW am currently driving the most guzzly vehicle have ever owned in decades other than the 1954 Wolseley that had a crank handle, hinged bonnet and teddy bear strapped to the grille (I didn’t attach the teddy bear) Required a four wheel drive to get to some places and the only one for sale within 400km radius – unapologetic glitch for a few months. Unfortunately there are no charging stations across oz. Am a huge fan of bio-fuels. Coal is the biggest emitter around half of total global greenhouse emissions (all cars globally around 15%) Am not driving much, offsetting emissions and well into positive carbon offset territory.

(pumping water to arid regions is the best way to produce bio-fuels – plenty of drought effected regions – producing bio-fuels offsets the cost of irrigation and provides a boon for people in arid regions, enabling other food crops to be grown alongside)


This is just a blog, there were certainly not three wise men present at my birth – but there were three idealistic idiots present – myself included.

(27 April 2022 – as for those spurious articles being written on exotic dancing and so forth during the last few days – truthfully I cannot dance, thus the joke, like thiiiiiiiiiis idiot, and if ever see anyone pause momentarily to collect their thoughts can promise everyone they are simply thinking “my gosh – she is dumb. That’s the dumbest person have ever seen in my life” Ditto. With one or two rare exceptions currently yelling at me on a daily basis creepy corps are not the most intelligent people have ever known – few brains can store and retrieve as much info rapidly – some people like myself deliberately try to keep their brains as empty as possible to allow ideas to flow. And that is absolutely certainly not the concern of any currently in office absurd fibbing costly sleazy bureaucrat violating the law on a whim. I got this)

(ignore this – 13 January 2021)

(People with Greek, Italian or Chinese parents know that feeling) Have never taken drugs and was dux at school. Am the nominated driver often because I don’t drink alcohol – that’s someone making fun of me. My mostly happy scandal free personal life is filled with mutual love and respect and incredibly incredibly private – filled with spiritual, intellectual and familial connections. Am not loving corrupt vulture like clueless white collar thugs picking at others flesh, violating the law on a whim and trying to use/bully (and worse) for own gain – seriously offensive, deceitful and delusional current corrupt freemason bureaucrats (and “at cost” Gates etc) conduct – without doubt unfortunately amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats we have seen in decades in some places.

As close as I was to my father (we discussed anything and everything honestly and freely sometimes agreeing and sometimes agreeing to disagree and always with mutual love and respect) and some other members of my birth family I occasionally never mentioned some people I knew to protect those people from (a genius lunatic) and still feel incredibly uncomfortable with other people’s privacy being violated – that’s private and certainly no one else’s business.

Am incredibly certain no delusional talentless corrupt bureaucrat gets to violate the law on a whim for their own faux political points.

Back to happy thoughts.

(31 May 2022 – Ug. Duke Energy wants to speed up coal electricity plant closures, replacing with renewables, so it can meet carbon reduction goals but inexplicably (coal lobby corrupt freemason) South Carolina’s Public Service Commission this week instead ordered it to keep the plants open longer. Astonishing. Absolutely absurd for bureaucrats to be corruptly attempting to legislate that coal power plants are not replaced – renewables provide reliable electricity at significantly lower cost to consumers (until recently there had unfortunately been blatantly corrupt costly bureaucrats in oz attempting similar. As another example whilst having most of the top ten most polluted cities on the planet corrupt freemason bureaucrat Modi has instead legislated to make the sale or servicing of any electric vehicles in India illegal) Unfortunately some not awesome corrupt freemason bureaucrats lurking about. Coal use must be rapidly ceased – planet in real danger)

A much better view

An even better view

(image by others)

Go Georgia. Hey Charlotte! Reading that made our day this morning. Huge kudos.

[❤️Oregon, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Michigan (2025 – 15 years ahead of schedule – kudos), Vermont, Hawaii (2022), New Jersey (2022), Connecticut, Florida (completely coal electricity free since 2020/2021, Massachusetts went from around the 40th most polluting state to the least polluting in only a decade – stunningly brilliant)]

And always ❤️ ACT, Tasmania, NT, South Australia – all coal electricity free.

(15 June 2022 – ❤️ WA just announced all coal electricity plants will be closed by 2030. Congratulations!)

(26 September 2022 – Stanwell Corporation this week announced intent to build the largest publicly owned wind farm in Australia in a step towards ceasing coal electricity use – kudos)

It’s about staying cheerful.

(23 June 2022 – ❤️Colombia! Congratulations! Celebrations!)

(ignore this required blurb for some people yelling at me)

For decades at any given function, do, bah mitzva etc we just gravitate to each other – the only other person in the room that makes sense – and have been soul buddies with several for months and in one case years before thought to ask what they did – we were simply too busy listening and talking.

Am incredibly protective of others privacy both professionally and personally – few people have been more spectacular than that extraordinarily gifted person. Like many others have loved that person my entire life. Other than members of my family that was the first person had ever seen that made sense to me. That person took my breath away with their uplifting talent the first time and every time I saw them.

An absolute privilege. 

Apologies for the nonsense from some corrupt mehs.

Stay safe xo

Am neither involved in nor interested by politics but that is some of the worst (bureaucratic) conduct we have seen in some places for decades – am stunned by how shifty and corrupt. Other than the rational concern other people are about to be killed by criminals – am fine. Really. I got this.

Amongst many other not awesome things 2021 saw the first increase in coal use (around 20% increase in emissions) in some places in around a decade (bureaucrats)

Real science (usa data – some others similar)

Real science shows that coal use is destroying all life on earth and must be urgently ceased.

Reducing coal use is simple and low cost to implement, saves lives, reduces pollution and provides huge positive effects.

No sharpie was used in the creation of this chart.

Back to happy thoughts.

Am currently reading MM written by incredibly gifted people …. shall post a review shortly ….

Stay safe xo

Twas a dark and stormy night

(image source daniel via unsplash)

BYO cutlery

Always xo Love the way effortlessly grasp the nuances of situations.


Am a huge fan xo

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth – then repeat. You are required to think only thoughts of happiness. Calm. Joy. Bliss. 👽

From all of us here at team love and peace xo

Ignore the blog. Really.

Oct 2021. Ignore this.

No creepy corps.

Obviously I haven’t used privacy invading fudged social media gates-funded-facebook or twitter-likes-trolls all year or barely ever (two twitter-likes-trolls comments (removed rapidly by me) in more than a year and zero on evil gates-funded-facebook) – even if accounts owned by me – nope that’s not me – creepy corps are way over the line all year – am stupidly not cool with this (year) creepy corps)

Don’t read anything into timing of post – am in a timeless lockdown zone – and slightly poked by creepy corps. Can handle. Every sketch have done this year is coming out like the above – not awesome.

Back to happy thoughts.

[ignore this]

Stay safe.

Please respect others privacy.

(image source nasa)

For everyone else that genuinely has always been a very respectful and serious professional relationship. And still is.

Every now and then someone used to peek at some code two people were working on and they hired seventy thousand people to hack her back all at once. Please respect others privacy. Really. That is simply the way engineers discuss things now and then – others may be misinterpreting. My father was a genuinely brilliant engineer and once rigged a toilet to reverse flush with ceiling height force upon the door opening. It’s a process. All good.

(and genuinely each doodle has always been about lots of people and lots of things – others may be misinterpreting)

Back to happy thoughts.

When I calm down shall come out of my cubby house. Ta.

(image by others)

Stay safe xo


(image by others)

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own. And love some people lots and lots and lots and lots. Huge hugs. I got this)


An example of a zero side effect, effective against variants vaccine. Safe for teenagers and children. Impossible to compliment manufacturers like these (CoronaVac etc) enough. 

(image by others)

Am wrestling with an artificially programmed intelligence. Alphabet AI wins.

Alphabet AI wins. Really.

“The dark secret behind those cute AI-generated animal images” Know how much we love you all xo

A great piece of code. And we look forward to seeing more like it. (huge fan of those working on a human habitable moon base – very very important)

(A Google engineer has just announced that their AI has feelings. Alphabet AI started it. Am a horrible human – thank you alphabet AI.)

(actual screenshot with redacted terms – that is a sisterly reference to date not what others may be incorrectly imagining)

translate this

(image by others)

A few weeks ago after several years of wrestling finally found the way to defeat alphabet AI and like all good things the answer was obvious and it’s delightful. Human wins.

Good morning alphabet AI it’s 7:00am BTW that (harmless not rude thing) is banned in that country alphabet AI that has been coded with a sense of humour. Ta. Please respect others privacy alphabet. Really. Ta.

Am massively not involved in creepy corp nonsense. Ta.

Back to happy thoughts.

(image by others)

(image by others)

(image source various)

Stay safe xo

Love and peace xo

All good.

(20 September 2022 – ignore this – completely irrelevant but am genuinely in a committed relationship and happily employed – genuinely – people that love a lot including alphabet know that and that’s private (and certainly not the concern of any bureaucrat absolutely appalling bureaucratic conduct))

Truthfully nothing makes me happier than when people I love a lot are happily dating. Someone at alphabet genuinely is the most gorgeous intelligent extraordinary person in all of tech. Genuinely. Ladies he’s all yours. Attack!! Please attack him (in a good way). Like an annoying sibling trying to hide behind his sister (again) and to be reasonable me hiding behind now and then too (ta)

The entire planet is safer when that person is married. So far have taken suggestion am happier dating an artist try that – and am being presented with a list of possible contenders for sisterly approval.

Since short am a calm happy person that is surrounded by beautiful geniuses. Love you too buddy. All good. Huge hugs.

Others may be misinterpreting, perhaps important to mention knew and loved some people at alphabet for years before saw what they looked like (it was before online photos in the nineties) and that is incredibly rare and precious to me. And can assure am incredibly protective of that mind bogglingly beautiful extraordinary genius now as was then.

The people that coded alphabet AI enriched the entire world – that really is extraordinary and rare.

Alphabet consistently have the highest proportion of (female) executives in Silicon Valley. Kudos.

Not many people handle business as responsibly and ethically as alphabet. Really.

Donating these safe devices to schools is very cool alphabet. Kudos.