Climate Emergency Legislation

Climate Emergency Bill available for Australians to sign

“Our neighbours are all of humanity”

[Dec 17]

New Zealand has announced a climate emergency including zero use of coal. 

China has reportedly this week banned Australian coal imports valued at around $10 billion.

G you are very awesome.

[Dec 21]

(Angels) are on the side of environmentalists – but we all knew that. There is no loss of life caused by removing coal electricity production.

Creating an abundant and beautiful place for generations to come – and that country is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Coal electricity production is simply too hazardous to all life to be continued – there are healthier and cost effective options. 

Peaceful petitions bring great results.



Ignore this – a required rebuttal

(in Australia we created the infrastructure for non coal electricity production ages ago – this is 2020 – switching deactivated coal power plants back on with freemason mates rates puts lives in danger)

(we have never dealt with this politician(s), different electorate. Love your work!)

A comment we sent is here